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Piizzagate protesters join veterans and MAGA crowd at pro-Trump rally outside White House. A young boy carries this sign: ‘If you see me with John Podesta call the police.’ Others wear shirts calling for pizzagate investigation.





IDENTIFIED! Sean Patrick Keoughan – man arrested for making White House bomb threat Saturday night

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A bomb squad and Secret Service agents spent more than four hours searching the vehicle, at one point bringing in a robot to take out items from the truck


( Daily Mail ) The man who was arrested on Saturday for driving up to the White House claiming he had a bomb has been identified as Sean Patrick Keoughan, 29, of Roanoke, Virginia.

Officials stopped Keoughan’s car around 11pm Saturday, about a quarter-mile from President Trump‘s executive residence.

Keoughan was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Impala with an Indiana registration that had been reported stolen out of Roanoke, according to an incident report.

When Keoughan got out of the car, he told a White House security officer that he had a bomb in his trunk, police said.


No bomb or other weapon was found in his car.

He was arrested for making false bomb threats and unauthorized use of a vehicle, ABC News reports.

Keoughan was the only person inside the Chevrolet Impala, a White House official said.

Authorities have not given a possible motive, and they didn’t specify whether alcohol or drugs were a factor.

There is an ongoing criminal investigation, Secret Service told CNN.

Keoughan drove up to a guard post on the East side of the White House, near the Treasury building, and told a security guard he had a bomb, the network reported.

A bomb squad and Secret Service agents spent more than four hours searching the vehicle, at one point bringing in a robot to take out items from the truck.

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Authorities said they stopped a 'suspicious' 2017 Chevrolet Impala Saturday evening at a White House checkpoint and took in Sean Patrick Keoughan, 29, of Roanoke, Virginia, for questioning





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( Daily Mail ) A driver reportedly pulled up to the White House and claimed to have a bomb in their car early Sunday.

It is not clear if there was an actual explosive device in the vehicle. The driver was taken into custody and security was upgraded at the White House according to CNN.

Streets around the residence were also closed.

Saturday, a person jumped over a bike rack in a buffer zone in front of the White House on Saturday while President Trump was in Florida, but was not able to make it over the fence into the grounds.

Two Secret Service agents tackled the individual, who was arrested and questioned.

Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran, 26, who had two cans of mace and said he had an appointment with his ‘friend’ President Donald Trump, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for entering the grounds without permission.

The individual managed to climb over an outer perimeter fence, scale a vehicle gate and hop another fence near the southeast corner of the White House’s East Wing before he was captured after his 16 minute-plus jaunt, according to the Secret Service statement.

‘The Secret Service can confirm that at no time did the individual gain entry into the White House,’ the statement said.

Tran’s arrest came about a week after a more serious incident that called into question security outside the White House.

Just before midnight on March 10, a man scaled three barriers outside the White House — a perimeter fence, a vehicle gate and then another fence — and walked around the grounds of the executive mansion for 16 minutes before being arrested.

That time Trump was inside the building.


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( Daily Caller ) Press Secretary Sean Spicer has made a point of highlighting conservative and outsider outlets in his briefings, including The New York Post and The Daily Caller, often giving them the first question rather than mainstream outlets such as The Associated Press accustomed to getting priority.

“Historically, the way the briefing room has been organized is, the closer you are, the farther you’ve come,” CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett told The New Yorker. “And the person at the podium has tended to recognize that.”

Ignoring the press corps’ record of asking fawning questions during eight years of President Obama, Garrett adds that more experienced reporters ask better questions and deserve to be called on first. “We’re engaged in a grand experiment,” he said of the Trump administration’s decision to give other outlets more questions.

“I don’t mind them bringing in conservative voices that they feel have been underrepresented,” an unnamed D.C. reporter adds in the piece. “Personally, I don’t even mind them fucking with the front-row guys, the Jonathan Karls of the world. Those guys are a smug little cartel, and it’s fun to watch them squirm, at least for a little while. But at what point does it start to delegitimize the whole idea of what happens in that room? When does it cross the line into pure trolling?”

The shakeup has of course pleased many media critics and Trump supporters, who see nothing wrong with taking the established press corps down a peg or two, and is a matter of indifference to many others who see it as petty squabbling.


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( Daily Mail ) President Trump surprised the first White House tour group since he took office, popping out from behind a partition as they admired Hillary Clinton‘s First Lady portrait.

The group had come to a stop in the Cross Hall of the East Wing when he appeared suddenly, sparking loud applause and cheers from the shocked crowd.

He beckoned children in the group to come forward for a photograph but only one took him up on the offer, 10-year-old Jack Cornish from Birmingham, Alabama.

The pair posed for photographs and shared a tender hug beneath the portrait which Clinton received in 2004, three years after her husband left office.

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President Trump surprised the first White House tour group on Tuesday morning with a surprise appearance in the East Wing, emerging from behind a partition to greet them as they admired Hillary Clinton's First Lady portrait in the Cross Hall 



Jack Cornish, 10, from Birmingham, Alabama, joined the president for a photograph and a chatJack Cornish, 10, from Birmingham, Alabama, joined the president for a photograph and a chat



Don't be shy: Trump beckoned the children in the group forward to have their picture taken



Two children react in shock and delight as they are surprised by the president during a tour of the White House 



Jack gave an enthusiastic 'OK' while the president stood behind him pumping his fist 


The stunned group which consisted mostly of children burst into cheers and applause when he appeared



The stunned group snapped away on their cell phones and cameras from behind a velvet rop





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( Breitbart ) A visitor logs of the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency reveals Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak visited Obama or his operatives at least 22 times.

The visitor logs, which were put online for all to see, show that between 2009 and 2016, Ambassador Kislyak was a frequent visitor to the White House, the Daily Caller reported.

In fact, the visitor logs document that Russian officials met with Obama’s senior advisor, John Holdren, at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The logs show that others in the meeting were Marina W. Gross, Alexander Ermolaev, Alexey Lopatin, Vyacheslav Balakirev and Sergey Sarazhinskiy.

Ambassador Kislyak met with several of Obama’s top aides including National Security Council member Gary Samore, terrorism advisor Robert Malley, economic advisor Lawrence Summers, trade representative Michael Froman, and John Holdren.

Kislyak also visited the White House during several holiday events and other such meetings.

Since the left’s accusations against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a growing group of other Democrat leaders have also been revealed as having “met with Russians.”


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( Breitbart ) President Trump, in his third week in office, met with a class of Green Beret candidates and brought them into the Oval Office for the first time in the course’s history.

The 18 Army officers in the Special Forces Qualification Course, or “Q-course,” were visiting the National Security Council in early February, as a normal part of the course.

But this time, Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka, who was scheduled to speak to the students, had suggested that they meet the president.

The plan was to take them into the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, but Trump decided to invite them into the Oval Office, to take pictures with them for their families.

“Halfway through the discussion, [Trump] said, ‘Hey — we’re not supposed to do this but follow me, and he brought them all into the Oval Office, took a group photograph around the Resolute desk, and then — throwing the schedules into a bit of a tizzy, said OK that’s not good enough,’” Gorka told Breitbart News in an interview.

“He said, ‘everybody stand in the corner.’ They all stood in the corner, and one-by-one we took photographs they can take home to their family with each future Green Beret next to the president at the Oval Office desk,” Gorka said.

“That’s how much he loves our soldiers — our warriors,” he said. Gorka had earlier brought up the meeting during remarks on a panel at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. Under Obama, he said, they “wouldn’t have even gotten into the West Wing.”

The Feb. 7 meeting, which was announced a day in advance, was not covered at the time by any news outlet.


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