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David Hogg: “So when are we doing a die-in at Trump Hotel?”

After Whiny Hogg squad’s die-in protest inside a Florida-based grocery chain Publix last week, next location for the next “die-in” is the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.


Hogg wants to stay relevant so expect more crazy antics from his loony squad.



March for Our Lives DC Crowd Only Over 202,000, Organizers’ Claimed 850,000

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  • Organizers claimed 850,000 people attended, March for Our Lives peak crowd size was only 202,796  


Fox News By: Nicole Darrah

Organizers of the March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C. claimed Sunday that some 850,000 people attended the pro-gun control event, but an imaging company said the turnout was much less.

Virginia-based Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc., which uses aerial photos to calculate crowd sizes, reported the event’s peak crowd size was at 202,796 people around 1 p.m., CBS News reported. The firm said the number’s margin of error is 15 percent.

The January 2017 Women’s March turnout in Washington, for comparison, was estimated at 440,000 people.

The National Park Service stopped providing crowd estimates after the Million Man March on D.C. in 1995, and the Metropolitan Police Department has yet to release their own numbers.

Saturday’s demonstration down Pennsylvania Avenue was not allowed to be held on the National Mall because a “talent show” was being filmed, The Washington Post reported.

Many other cities outside of the nation’s capital, including Portland, Boise, New York City, Chicago and Dallas, held marches in solidarity of gun control reform.


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Internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom believes Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are running a shadow government against the Trump administration from their DC bunker.


Kim DotCom:  what’s obvious here is there is a hidden agenda there’s somebody driving the Senior Executive Service and it appears at this time that that’s parked about two miles down from the White House in that bunker that Barack Obama built  with Valerie Jarrett… The Senior Executive Service seems to have been put in place to stop any kind of effectiveness within the elected group of people that the people put in place. And it’s apparent with the current president that these people are pulling in another direction.


In 2017,  a Daily Mail exclusive report claims Obama is turning his new $8.1 million D.C. home- just two miles away from the White House – into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump. Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment. ( Read more:

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama’s close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his new DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump ) 


OBAMA MADE A VERY ODD, UNSAFE RENOVATION TO HIS 9-BEDROOM, 2-CAR GARAGE KALORAMA HOUSE IN D.C..For some reason, given there are nine bedrooms, Obama turned one garage into his bunker office.

“The garage transition is one of the worst return on investment projects an owner can make,” points out Rachel Valentino, a Washington, DC, real estate agent and owner of Valentino Associates Team at Keller Williams. “Plus, in the photos, it looks like it’s only a two-car garage, so taking away one of these will be very challenging for future residents of the house.

“If you’re paying over $5 million for a house, most buyers expect a two-plus-car garage,” she adds. “The future owners will eventually have to take space away from the parking area to add more garage space once the Obamas move out.”

This garage-turned-office may also be a bad idea from a safety perspective.

“The garage appears to be right off the street, which is something that I would have tried to avoid for security reasons,” says Valentino, adding that she has a much better idea. “Given there are nine bedrooms, I would think one or two of those could have lent themselves to be a more private and secure office setting versus taking away one of the garage spaces.” – Read more: https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/president-obama-could-be-renovating-wrong-heres-why/



Trump’s DC Hotel Was Supposed To Lose $2 Million In Its First Year, It Made $2 Million In 4 Months.

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  • While the hotel expected to lose $2 million in its first year, it raked in a staggering $2 million in four months
  •  Trump International Hotel in Washington., D.C. is now a hot gathering spot for Trump fans, tourists and conservative groups.


( Daily Caller ) Trump International Hotel in Washington., D.C. was projected to lose money, but it raked in a staggering $2 million in four months, according to a Friday report.

Despite frequent protests outside the hotel and the fact that most luxury hotels do not make substantial profits in their first years, President Donald Trump’s hotel hit an unexpected profit, Axios reported. The hotel, opened in 2016 and reconstructed out of an old post office close to the White House, is now a hot gathering spot for Trump fans, tourists and conservative groups.

While the hotel expected to lose $2 million in its first year, it cashed in almost that same amount in profits. Perhaps one factor that played into this increase was the spike in room rates following the presidential inauguration.

“Even the critics of the Washington property acknowledged that it actually turned out better than maybe expected — one of the better of the Trump properties, if not among the best,” Bjorn Hanson, a professor of tourism and hospitality at New York University, told The Daily Beast.


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  • Left disagree with lack of representation of Islam and Mormonism in the Museum of the Bible ( Why don’t you ask Soros to build that for you? )
  •  Hobby Lobby CEO Steven Green founded the museum and set up the foundation that would fund the $500 million project.


( Daily Caller ) Some people have voiced frustration with the fact that the Museum of the Bible only represents a “Judeo-Christian” perspective and leaves out other religions Friday.

These critics say the Museum of the Bible, within walking distance from the National Mall in Washington, D.C., doesn’t reflect other religious point of views, such as an Islamic one, and also singularly focuses on American Protestantism, reports The New York Times. One professor also critiqued the museum for not telling viewers which areas in the Bible are historically accurate or not.

“There are a number of prominent omissions that make it clear that it’s not a museum of the Bible as one might imagine it from a secular perspective. They don’t do a good job of talking about whether parts of the Bible are historically accurate,”Joel S. Baden, Yale University’s professor of the Hebrew Bible, told the outlet. Baden also disagreed with the lack of representation of Islam and Mormonism in the Museum of the Bible.

The Museum of the Bible, with six floors of religious pieces, opened Saturday to the public. Described as a “must see” museum of 2017 by the Smithsonian Institute, the museum offers viewers the opportunity to see some of the earliest Bibles made in the United States, as well as witnessing an Israeli scribe working on a Torah and parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hobby Lobby CEO Steven Green founded the museum and set up the foundation that would fund the $500 million project.

Museum executive director Tony Zeiss said the museum was trying to educate people about an influential historical text, noting that 100 scholars added their input during the museum’s creation.

“Things are divisive, but we will not get into any of the cultural or social debates if possible. We just want to present the Bible as it is, and let people make up their own minds,” Mr. Zeiss told TheNYT.


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Since October 27, there are 35 SEALED indictments filed in Washingon D.C. federal court – the same court that is hearing the criminal cases concerning former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his aide Rick Gates. The Gates and Manafort cases also began as sealed indictments before they were unsealed by a judge when Gates and Manafort surrendered to the FBI on October 30.


LawNewz.com verified that there are currently 34 cases that have been filed under seal in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia between the dates of October 27th (when Manafort was indicted) and today’s date. While the sealed cases are certainly interesting to note, they may not be tied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation of possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.






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  • D.C. Pharmacist Mike Kim: ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’


STAT News reports:

Mike Kim, the reserved pharmacist-turned-owner of the pharmacy, said he has gotten used to knowing the most sensitive details about some of the most famous people in Washington.

“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said, listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

Kim’s tiny pharmacy — which, at its busiest, sends as many as 100 prescriptions to members in a day — is nestled among Capitol Hill’s stateliest row houses, less than four blocks from the Capitol building itself. Founded in 1867 and named for a previous owner, the pharmacy predates penicillin, the American health insurance system, and even the Lincoln Memorial.