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Ballot Harvesting


  • Under the law, if a person gets caught taking other people’s completed ballots to the polls for them, he or she could face felony charges.
  • Democrats have argued those efforts are a veiled attempt to strip away minority voting power


Democrats are continuing their legal battle against Arizona’s “ballot harvesting” law, claiming it was passed to dilute minority voting power.

This comes even as a federal judge recently ruled the law was constitutional.

The law, which makes it illegal for absentee voters to allow others to collect their completed absentee ballots and submit them to election officials on the voters’ behalf, was enacted in 2016. Under the law, if a person gets caught taking other people’s completed ballots to the polls for them, he or she could face felony charges.

The Arizona Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee sued the state and Maricopa County over the law. But it was upheld May 8 after U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes ruled the groups failed to show that the Arizona legislature passed the law with the intent of suppressing minority voters.

Democrats have vowed to continue their legal fight.

“I respect the court’s decision but I don’t agree with it and that’s why,” said State Rep. Richard Andrade, D-Glendale about why the ruling was still being challenged. “It’s something that really impacts certain people.”

Andrade said the law disenfranchises those who live in remote areas, working-class families, minorities and those with disabilities because they have a tough time getting to a post office.


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( SacBee) More than 1 million undocumented immigrants have received driver’s licenses, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday.

Assembly Bill 60, authored by then-Assemblyman Luis Alejo in 2013, required California DMV offices to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants as long as they can prove their identity and residence within the state. The law has led to 1,001,000 undocumented immigrants receiving licenses as of March 31 but doesn’t give the licensees carte blanche to drive outside of California or fly across state or federal borders.

“Immigrants are getting tested, licensed and insured and this is making our roads safer for everyone,” said Alejo, now a Monterey County supervisor, in a prepared statement. “Today, we see the law working the way it was intended to and has dramatically improved the lives of a million immigrants and their families.”

Twelve states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. Undocumented immigrants were free to receive driver’s licenses anywhere in the U.S. until 1993, when California became the first state to restrict access and 45 others followed suit.

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is accompanied by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, left, Sen. Bob Casey D-Pa., Gov. Tom Wolf, and former President Bill Clinton, stands on stage at her presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

  • For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about noncitizens registering and voting
  • More than 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone


By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, February 26, 2018

More than 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone, according to testimony submitted Monday in a lawsuit demanding the state come clean about the extent of its problems.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which has identified similar noncitizen voting problems in studies of Virginia and New Jersey, said Pennsylvania officials have admitted noncitizens have been registering and voting in the state “for decades.”

But state officials have stonewalled PILF requests for access to the data that could expose the problem, the group says in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Harrisburg.

“For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about noncitizens registering and voting — that ends today,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said.

He said Pennsylvania had already admitted to a “glitch” dating back to the 1990s that had allowed noncitizens applying to renew driver’s licenses to be offered the chance to register to vote. Mr. Adams said he now wants to find out how bad the problem is overall.

Pennsylvania officials wouldn’t respond to the lawsuit, nor to the 100,000 noncitizen number.

“We’re not going to comment on anything related to litigation,” said Wanda Murren, director of communications and press at the Pennsylvania Department of State.

The 100,000 number cited in the lawsuit comes from testimony given by Philadelphia Commissioner Al Schmidt, who revealed the glitch in the state motor vehicle bureau’s systems that prompted noncitizens to register to vote.

The PILF did manage to obtain some records from county officials and filed some of their findings in the new court case.

One man, Felipe Rojas-Orta, canceled his registration last year, filing a handwritten note saying he was not a citizen. He had, however, registered as a Democrat and voted in three separate elections, including most recently 2016, the year of the presidential race.

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California this spring will begin automatically registering adults who obtain or renew a driver’s license to vote, including potentially large numbers of noncitizens and immigrants illegally living in the state

The only way drivers who say they are legal won’t have their information sent to state voter rolls under the latest implementation of the California Motor Voter Act is if they opt out — which opens the door to the potential of widespread voter fraud, according to critics of the plan.


By Elizabeth Llorente | Fox News                                          



California has since 2015 granted driver’s licenses to immigrants living illegally in the state. And an estimated 1 million of those immigrants are believed to have obtained a license by the end of last year. Under the new system, which begins April 1, anyone who already has a valid license and applies for renewal in person or by mail could potentially be added to the voter registration rolls by claiming they are legal.

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  • Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity  is being handed off to Homeland Security without the stonewalling by Democrats
  • The commission will now more soundly operate without hold-ups in courts, lawsuits, and political battles, a move that Kobach says Democrats brought onto themselves.


In an interview with Breitbart News, Kobach said the news that President Trump is dissolving the voter fraud commission should not be grounds for leftist organizations and Democrats — who sought to stop the investigations into double voting and ballots cast by non-citizens — to celebrate, as the investigations will continue under DHS.

“What’s happening is a tactical shift where the mission of the commission is being handed off to Homeland Security without the stonewalling by Democrats,” Kobach told Breitbart News.

“I’ll be working closely with the White House and DHS to ensure the investigations continue,” Kobach continued.

Kobach, who served as vice chairman of the voter fraud commission, blasted organizations like the ACLU and NAACP, along with Democrats in Congress and on the commission who attempted to halt the panel in its tracks.

“They have absolutely no interest in stopping voter fraud,” Kobach said. “It’s truly extraordinary that one party in our system has made clear that they don’t care.”

“Some people on the Left were getting uncomfortable about how much we were finding out,” Kobach continued.


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U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel

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(Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court in Washington on Tuesday upheld a lower court’s decision to allow President Donald Trump’s commission investigating voter fraud to request data on voter rolls from U.S. states.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) watchdog group, which filed the lawsuit, did not have legal standing to seek to force the presidential commission to review privacy concerns before collecting individuals’ voter data.

EPIC had argued that under federal law, the commission was required to conduct a privacy-impact assessment before gathering personal data. But the three-judge appeals court panel ruled unanimously that the privacy law at issue was intended to protect individuals, not groups like EPIC.

“EPIC is not a voter,” Judge Karen Henderson wrote in the ruling.


Washington-based U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly first denied EPIC’s injunction request in July, in part because the collection of data by the commission was not technically an action by a government agency so was not bound by laws that govern what such entities can do.



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Voter Fraud: the most reliable way for Democrats to win elections.

During Doug Jones victory party on December 12, a group of excited, young Democrats from other parts of the country brag about voting for Jones in Alabama:

“We Came From Different Parts All Over The World & Got Our Boy Elected!”

Another guy admit to voting more than once:

“I came back & voted a couple more times.”