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The Atlantic’s very lengthy essay on the failure of the eclipse to occur where a sufficient number of black people reside is entitled “American Blackout.” It clocks in at a remarkable 4,544 words and does not appear to be satire.

Concerning “the Great American Eclipse,” Brooklyn Law School professor Alice Ristroph writes in the rapidly deteriorating magazine, “there live almost no black people” “along most of its path.”

The Atlantic’s longwinded law professor assures readers that “implicit bias of the solar system” is “presumably” not the cause of eclipse’s failure to affect enough black people.

“Still, an eclipse chaser is always tempted to believe that the skies are relaying a message.”

Oregon, where the eclipse will first appear in the continental United States, “is almost entirely white.” “There are very few black Oregonians, and this is not an accident.” It’s totally on purpose in 2017, The Atlantic claims, because the Pacific Northwest state had a “racial exclusion” clause in its original 1857 constitution.

The Atlantic notes that the eclipse will then move toward Wyoming and Idaho, which also have very low populations of black people. (RELATED: Now America’s National Parks Are Racist)

After an extensive discourse criticizing the U.S. Census, The Atlantic tells readers that the eclipse will travel through Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. In this section of its essay, The Atlantic manages to drop the names of Bruce Springsteen, Jesse James, Eminem, Chelsea Manning, Michael Brown and Howard Zinn (a shallow socialist writer panned even by most serious socialists).

“There are too many damn facts,” The Atlantic also complains.


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 Vann R. Newkirk II of The Atlantic to Trump:

  • ‘Eat a d*** n***’
  • ‘ Eat a burlap sack full of d****, n***’
  • I prefer ‘Eat a d*** Donald Trump’ over Happy Holidays


Unhinged!  Vann R. Newkirk II of The Atlantic is suffering from severe Trump derangement syndrome, refused to take his meds so he can fully enjoy every minute of it and goes to twitter to express the derangement inside his brain.

According to his account at The Atlantic, “Vann R. Newkirk II is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers politics and policy.”

Below are examples of his deranged tweets, which he deleted after they were noticed by Trump supporters: