Restaurant patrons are leaving huge tips for their servers this holiday season

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( Fox News ) Secret Santas across the country are making headlines not just for their serious restaurant tips, but for how that generosity is truly brightening the season for countless families.

On Dec. 17, Trisha Murphy of Ellsworth, Maine, was floored to find a $500 tip on a $38 bill. The single mother of four works up to 60 hours a week at Denny’s in addition to attending nursing school part time, and that morning she had the misfortune of having her car towed, to the tune of a $735 bill, according to CBS News.

Similar stories of holiday cheer have unfolded in recent days in Virginia and Arizona. On Dec. 15, waitress Liz Heron of Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon found a $1,010 tip on a $125 lunch bill. Left by do-gooders who call themselves the “Tip Bombers,” the anonymous crew has a tradition of leaving a major gratuity at a randomly selected restaurant each year

An in Scottsdale, Ariz. staffers at the 5 & Diner were stunned to discover a whopping $2,000 tip on a $17.23 breakfast bill. WSMV reported that the unidentified customer made just one request — “Please split with the whole staff. Merry Christmas!”


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