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Hacker Kim Dotcom told Rush Limbaugh Wikileaks source DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered by hired killers. Another Clinton body bag? Kim DotCom, admitted on Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks. It’s reported that DNC, esp. John Podesta, are in complete panic after Kim Dotcom promise to expose evidence regarding Seth Rich involvement with Wikileaks.


Kim Dotcom update! Major information tomorrow at .


Rush Limbaugh: This story is now starting to get legs that Seth Rich was murdered. It was a contract hire killing because he was leaking to Wikileaks. He was the one. The only colluding and rigging here folks is the Democrat primary election… There is a massive lawsuit against the DNC by Bernie supporters, for him getting shafted… Kim DotCom, the noted hacker, has now come forward and said he was working with Seth Rich to get the documents to Wikileaks. That link is at The Drudge Report today… Back in March Kim DotCom tweeted me. He said, “Dear Rush Limbaugh one day I will tell you on your show what really happened. It will be a very entertaining hour 😎.”




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Rush Limbaugh on the liberal media’s sabotage against President Trump: A Trump bombshell, a Trump blockbuster, Trump breaking news at five to 5:30.

Rush Limbaugh: Make book: At 5:30 every day there’s now a new bombshell. It’s at 5:30, just in time for the evening news, but too late for the Trump team to mount any kind of defense before the evening news. There’s gonna be one today at 5:30. No idea what it is. But that’s the formula now: A Trump bombshell, a Trump blockbuster, Trump breaking news at five to 5:30.

Limbaugh to Pence: ‘What Is the Point of Voting Republican If the Democrats Are Going to Continue to Win?’…GOP WIMPS NEED BACKBONE!

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Great question by El Rushbo to low self-esteem GOP who tend to crumble whenever bullied by their nasty Democrat comrades: ‘What Is the Point of Voting Republican If the Democrats Are Going to Continue to Win?

Limbaugh asked the vice president what the “point” was of voting for Republicans if they were going to continue to give Democrats victories.


Partial transcript as follows:

LIMBAUGH: We welcome back to the program the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence. Welcome back, sir. Great to have you here with us today.

PENCE: Rush Limbaugh, it is an honor to be with you always. Thanks for having me on.

LIMBAUGH: If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican? What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95% of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?

PENCE: Well, look, respectfully, Rush, I actually think this was, as the president said a little a while ago, I think this was actually a clear win for the American people. Look, you’ve had Washington, D.C., that has been, you know, paralyzed by gridlock and partisan infighting for many years, and in this new president you have someone who was able to bring people together and make a $21 billion increase in defense spending at a time of great challenge for America’s interests around the world. And that’s a — you know, he spoke about that today, surrounded by a lot of great members of the United States Air Force. And it was also a piece for years, Democrats in Washington insisted that any increase in defense spending would be matched with an increase in domestic spending.

So you gotta grow government at home if you’re gonna, you know, invest in our national defense. This ended that. I mean, in a very real sense this was a game-changer because we’re just back to putting the safety, security, and the national defense of the American people first, and I think it sends, having just traveled around the Asian-Pacific representing the president over the last couple of weeks, I think this sends a decisive message to the world that under President Trump’s leadership we’re gonna make the strongest military in history even stronger.

LIMBAUGH: If I’m the Democrats, $21 billion, 15 billion for defense that was not originally authorized, that’s a small price to pay for continuing to fund refugee resettlement, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund sanctuary cities, continuing to fund the EPA, and not build the wall. The Democrats clearly think this is a big win, and they’re confident they can block Trump’s agenda after this spending bill for the rest of Trump’s term. There isn’t anything of the president’s agenda in this budget, and people are beginning to ask, when’s that gonna happen? If you’re gonna shut it down in September, why not now?

PENCE: Yeah.

LIMBAUGH: If you complain about 60 votes today, why not go budget reconciliation for 51 votes and smoke ’em?

PENCE: Rush, Rush —


PENCE: Rush, let me be real clear. The number one priority of President Trump is to rebuild our military, to restore the arsenal of democracy. And I gotta tell you, to get Democrats in Washington, D.C., to agree to a $21 billion increase in a short-term budget bill — and, you know, the president’s calling for the largest increase in military spending since the Reagan administration in the upcoming budget, I think is no small — it’s no small accomplishment.

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Why does the left protest and the right doesn’t? The left is a hate group, Ben.

CALLER: Oh-ho. (chuckles)

RUSH: Their propulsion is hate, and they have to have an outlet for the hate. They hate so much. They hate many elements of America. They hate people that don’t think the way they do. It’s not just that they disagree, they hate, and this energy requires action. People on the right, they don’t hate anybody. We want everybody to get along, when you get right down to it. We’re Rodney King types, actually. And the right seeks political victory at the ballot box — and that’s just the way it’s been. It’s a bit cliched to say but the right, conservatives, work. They have jobs.

They don’t have time off to go join protest marches as a career. The left has turned that into a bought-and-paid-for, rent-a-mob type activity. Now, “Where are the George Soroses?” There’s all kinds of conservative donors. The Koch brothers are big donors. There’s all kinds of them. But none of them have actively organized hate groups that run around and protest and try to upset people and get in as close as they can to their lives and the way they live them and make a nuisance of themselves. That’s not how the right has always sought to win elections.

The left, if you get them honest, will admit they know they’re a minority.

They can’t win elections — as this last one demonstrated and many others — without lying and without camouflage and without masks hiding who they really are. So to get their way, they have to bully. They use their hate, bullying people into not opposing them out of fear or what have you. It’s two distinct cultures, two distinct behavioral norms. But I think what’s going to happen is that people like you, young people, are not going to put up with this. I think your age group of conservatism is going to become invested in protest and countering these people, and I would encourage you to do it. I think it’s called for. I think it’s about time. I say, “Get right in their faces and, ‘Screw you!’”

CALLER: And I think doing it… You’re exactly right. They’re coming from the side of hate. I think our purpose has to come from the side of love and truth and knowledge and do it in a way… That’s my objective where we don’t come out there and say… We may say, “Screw you,” from time to time. But I think in general, you show, the contrast with the truth that the right has versus the lies and the hate. I mean, they call us the bigots. They call us the racists.


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  • RUSH LIMBAUGH:  If Milo were a liberal, he could say whatever and then some, and he wouldn’t be addressing CPAC, he would be emceeing the Oscars.”


Liberals are really scared of Milo Yiannopoulos – gay Trump supporter, outspoken, funny and conservative – something unheard of from the right side, crushing the liberal mantra that you cannot be gay and conservative at the same time because the right side are nothing but a bunch of intolerant homophobes. The left and the NeverTrumpers decided that before Milo gets too famous and become mainstream, he has to be destroyed. And they did try, but I believe Milo is not destroyed and he’s definitely going away.



( Washington Examiner ) Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh skewered what he called the double standard of the Left on his nationally syndicated talk radio show on Tuesday.

Limbaugh gave his take on controversial comments by British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, who caused a stir by appearing to defend pedophilia.

A victim of child sex abuse himself, Yiannopoulos faced backlash from both conservatives and liberals, losing his speaking slot at CPAC and resigning under pressure from Breitbart News Network.

“I think CPAC, by inviting Milo, was an attempt to reach out to millennials,” Limbaugh told a caller to his show. “I mean, they know. I know plenty of young people that think Milo is great, love Milo, admire Milo, think he’s courageous doing what he does.”


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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him; the media formula to destroy Trump everyday is not working

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  •  Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people that voted for him. Obama had the media; Obama had the judiciary; Obama had all kinds of support. At an Obama press conference, typical question, “What enchants you?” I mean, Obama was never challenged seriously by the media. Trump doesn’t have any of that.
  • The media did not make Donald Trump and they can’t control him.”
  • The media have a formula, they have a blueprint for destroying Republican political officials they don’t like. It’s not gonna work on Trump. He doesn’t fit that mold. They’re trying to every day. It’s kind of comical to watch, and my point about the domestic agenda, if he really wants to lead with the domestic, get going on it.
  • People that voted for Donald Trump, people that support Donald Trump really, really believe that they were gonna lose the country if Hillary Clinton won.
  • You have the first African-American president; you have everybody falling all over themselves to acknowledge that, to reward that. Obama was gonna get everything he wanted in the first year because, if anybody opposed it, they were gonna be accused of being a racist, or bigot, or who knows what.


Rush on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

WALLACE: Love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh is the king of conservative talk radio. Twenty million people listen to him each week on close to 600 stations across the country. He’s also written a new children’s book called Rush Revere and the Presidency. And Rush Limbaugh joins us now live from his EIB studio in Florida. Rush, welcome back to Fox News Sunday. Always good to have you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, Chris. It’s great to be here.

WALLACE: You say that what’s happening to Donald Trump right now is that the left-wing courts, the left-wing media, the left-wing bureaucracy are trying to, in your words, “sabotage” his presidency. Sabotage?

RUSH: Well, actually, yes, and it is driven by two things, actually. The first thing that’s going on, Chris, is in my view, it is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country. It’s absurd. There is no evidence. Zilch. zero. nada. The New York Times has run two stories that are basically propaganda on this, one in October and one this past week. And, both stories clearly say no evidence. Nobody they’ve talked to has any evidence whatsoever to suggest it. The second thing I think that’s important for people to remember: People that voted for Donald Trump, people that support Donald Trump really, really believe that they were gonna lose the country if Hillary Clinton won.

This is not an idle thought; it’s not an exaggeration. They really believe that the country as founded was up for grabs. It was over if Hillary had won, if the Democrats had another four or eight years to do what they do with the judiciary and so forth. So those two things. And I think if you try to understand both of those — not you personally. But people have a much greater ability to understand Trump and his supporters if you can intellectually understand those two premises.


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RUSH LIMBAUGH ON TRUMP: ‘One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I’ve Ever Seen’, ‘ Do not worry about Trump, he’s fine’

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Limbaugh on Trump: ‘This Was One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I Have Ever Seen’



You watch the news, you see the assaults, you see the Drive-Bys. You see it, you expose yourself to it, you know what’s going on. You wonder, “How is the guy holding up?” I mean, you know how you feel, and it isn’t even about you. It’s about Trump. And everything that I have been able to amass, witness, put together, says he’s fine. Not that he’s unaware, don’t misunderstand. He’s not living in a bubble.

RUSH: Rasmussen has a presidential popularity poll out, approval poll. Trump is at 55% in this poll. The only other poll out there that I have seen of his presidential approval number, was, what?


RUSH on Trump: ‘One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I’ve Ever Seen’


Limbaugh said while the media still won’t warm up to Trump, it was what his supporters wanted to see, which was a willingness to tout his achievements and take on some of the claims from the media.

“You know it is hard to say — you get caught up in the moment,” Limbaugh said. “But this was one of the most effective press conferences I have ever seen. The press is going to hate him even more after this. Don’t misunderstand. When I say effective, I’m talking about rallying people who voted for him to stay with him. He made a point — ‘What chaos? You’re reporting chaos. We’re not in chaos. We’re a well-oiled machine. We got one of the smoothest running machines in the history of machines. We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations.’”

“And he rattled off the achievements they’ve had here that the media is not reporting because they’re so focused on whether or not Trump worked with Russia to screw Hillary out of the presidency,” he continued. “And he was reassuring the people he’s on top of everything. Nothing has changed. Everything he campaigned on, he is doing. All he is doing is fulfilling campaign promises. And of course, the Democrats don’t like him. Of course, the media don’t like him. It isn’t going to stop him.”

(h/t Daily Rushbo)