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Another case of a single mother who would rather watch her child being abused and murdered rather than leave her evil boyfriend.

  • Jeremiah Valencia who was found dead in January was forced to live in a dog kennel without food before he was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, authorities say
  • His body was discovered buried in a plastic roadside storage bin
  • Police believe Valencia was punched several times in the face and stomach by his mother’s boyfriend, Thomas Ferguson, before he died in November 
  • Ferguson, Valencia’s mother Tracy Pena and Ferguson’s son Jordan Nunez were arrested and charged with the teen’s murder and are being held without bond 


( Daily Mail ) A teenage boy who was found buried in a grave on the side of the road near his home in New Mexico had been raped  and burned before being beaten to death.

The body of 13-year-old Jeremiah Valencia was discovered in January buried along New Mexico State Road 503 near Nambe, two months after he was allegedly beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, Thomas Ferguson.

But new details have come to light that suggest the teenager was actually  sexually assaulted and burned. The child was also forced to live in dog kennel which was used to hold him as he was being abused, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department said.

Family members have told deputies that Ferguson kept Jeremiah inside the kennel as punishment, often making him sleep there and forcing him to wear adult diapers.

New court documents suggest Jeremiah’s body had lacerations consistent with sexual assault and that portions of his body ‘had possibly been burned.’

Police believe Valencia was fatally beaten by his mother's boyfriend, Thomas Ferguson, around Thanksgiving at their Nambe, New Mexico home. He had been forced to live in a kennel


Detectives obtained permission from a judge to search for evidence which corroborated the findings. An autopsy found Jeremiah was buried in a diaper.

Ferguson, 42; the boy’s mother Tracy Pena, 35; and Ferguson’s 19-year-old son Jordan Nunez were arrested at the start of February and charged with abuse of a child resulting in death, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy to commit tampering with evidence.

They are being held without bond.

Blood ‘not visible to the naked eye’ was discovered inside Ferguson’s bedroom, as well as Jeremiah’s bedroom, when police used a special light to search his room.

Meanwhile, his sister told investigators that Nuñez and Ferguson washed Jeremiah’s body in the tub ‘to clean the blood off him’ before placing him in his bedroom, where Peña has said she found him dead, wrapped in a blanket.


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Ferguson's son, Jordan Nunez (center) was also arrested in connection to Valencia's death. Mugshots of Ferguson (left), Nunez and Pena (right) released by the Santa Fe County Sherif


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  • Though “Sally Smith” had initiated an evening of “sadomasochistic” sex with an incapacitated Doe that left him bruised, bleeding and in “extreme pain” in his genitalia, Smith was the one to file the first complaint, according to the suit.

Forced into BDSM while incapacitated?


College Fix Jorin Burkhart – DePaul University

Dartmouth expelled a male student after he accused a female student of sexually assaulting him and threatening to accuse him of rape if he didn’t keep having sex with her, according to a lawsuit against the college filed earlier this month.

“John Doe” alleges the Ivy League school violated Title IX by assigning an administrator to his case who “held the belief that men are inherently violent” and that accusing women “are to be believed, even if a jury has found their story to lack credibility.”

Though “Sally Smith” had initiated an evening of “sadomasochistic” sex with an incapacitated Doe that left him bruised, bleeding and in “extreme pain” in his genitalia, Smith was the one to file the first complaint, according to the suit.

Doe alleges his expulsion was completely contrary to numerous pieces of evidence, which actually pointed to Smith as the aggressor.

Dartmouth committed negligence and breach of contract and “fair dealing” in the investigation, he said, asking a federal judge in New Hampshire to force the school to expunge his record, reinstate him and award him damages.



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Somali Immigrant Tries to Rape Woman in Labor in Delivery Room

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The Daily Caller :

A Somali immigrant allegedly tried to rape a woman while she was in labor at a hospital in Rome, according to a Tuesday report.

Alì Abdella, 38, has been accused of sexual violence and theft by attempting to rape an unidentified woman, 43, while she was in labor at the Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome, reported Italian outlet Il Libero Quotidianno. Abdella allegedly stole and donned a green hospital uniform, entered the woman’s hospital room, and began groping her thigh and masturbating in front of her, reported La Stampa.

The woman began screaming, alerting hospital staff who called the police, according to pupia.tv. Abdella, who has been living in Italy for the past five years and has a history of crime, was arrested Dec. 31 by the Epozione police department.


Jury takes 28 minutes to acquit student Paul Heyward Robinson accused of rape – long after college expelled him for it

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  • Defense attorneys said the police investigator acknowledged never reviewing a medical exam of the victim or interviewing key witnesses before arresting him.
( The College Fix ) A student expelled by the College of Charleston in 2014 for rape has been vindicated by the criminal justice system, though his life has already been ruined beyond repair.

The Post and Courier reports that a jury took just 28 minutes to acquit Paul Heyward Robinson of sexually assaulting a fellow student who claimed she passed out and woke in the middle of the assault.

Prosecutors are blaming police bungling for the loss, rather than questioning the strength of the evidence:

At Robinson’s three-day trial in late November, defense attorneys said the police investigator acknowledged never reviewing a medical exam of the victim or interviewing key witnesses before arresting him.

“There were aspects of the investigation that were not as thorough as it could have been,” said Assistant Solicitor Drew Evans, who prosecuted the case, “and the detective acknowledged this.”


As with other cases – including a rare male-against-female accusation – Robinson’s lawyers said the accuser reported the sexual encounter as nonconsensual because of social pressure.

The two met for the time first that night – a Valentine’s Day date arranged through a dating app. Now both 31, they were older than the average on-campus undergraduate.

The College of Charleston wasted little time after Robinson was arrested, expelling him after a quickie Title IX trial under the “50 percent and a feather” preponderance standard of evidence. His accuser said she didn’t feel safe with him on campus.

Though Robinson didn’t sue the college, he’s now suing Charleston police for a “shoddy probe,” according to the paper, which continually refers to his accuser as a “victim” despite Robinson’s lightning-fast acquittal.

Another College of Charleston student is taking direct aim at the college’s Title IX disciplinary procedures, however.

The unnamed student’s lawyer, Kristina Supler, told the paper that colleges “went from under-tackling the issue to mismanagement and deprivation of human rights [for accused students]. It’s a situation where students are left to defend themselves with very few avenues.”

Read the article.



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  • Christopher Conway, 22, sexually assaulted his 9-month-old daughter and wrapped a cord around her neck, causing her to die of strangulation.


( AOL) A United States Army combat medic was charged in the rape and strangling death of one of his 9-month-old twin daughters, according to local media reports.

Authorities were called to a home in Clarksville, Tennessee, early on Wednesday morning to assist a family that was administering CPR to an unresponsive baby girl, according to the Leaf Chronicle.

Police spokesperson Jim Knoll said in a statement that the infant was taken to Tennova Health Care where she was pronounced dead with injuries consistent with rape.

Homicide detectives accused Christopher Conway, 22, of sexually assaulting the 9-month-old infant and wrapping a cord around her neck, causing her to die of strangulation.

According to police, Conway admitted to both raping and murdering the child during an interview with detectives.

He was booked into the Montgomery County jail on a $100,000 bond over the rape charge but denied bond on the homicide charge by Judge Ray Grimes, who stated that this could be a death penalty case.

His first court appearance is set to be on Nov. 21 at 1:30 pm.

Conway and his wife Emily, who have been married for three years, welcomed their twin daughters in February 2017.

The surviving twin has been removed from the family’s home and is currently in state custody.


Conway with wife Emily and their girls



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Two more women accuse Jeremy Piven of sexual misconduct




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Louis CK film premiere cancelled ahead of NY Times story


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George Takei is accused of and sexually assaulting a model




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Charlie Sheen sodomized Corey Haim at 13 on set of Lucas

  • Haim battled drug addiction for years and died in 2010 at 38-years-old
  • Other sources came forward to support the claims made by Brascia about Haim’s interaction on set with Sheen- who is now living life with HIV.

( Daily Mail ) Charlie Sheen is being accused of sodomizing a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie ‘Lucas.’

According to the National Enquirer, a now deceased Haim had told others about how he was allegedly raped as a minor by Sheen, who was 19 at the time, while filming the 1986 movie.

Former actor Dominick Brascia claims Haim disclosed to him what happened between he and Sheen. Brascia went on the record about what he says Haim told him before he died in 2010 at 38-years-old.

‘Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed ‘Lucas,’ Brascia, told the Enquirer. ‘He told me they smoked pot and had sex. He said they had anal sex. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested.’

The magazine also says that Haim’s closest friend, Corey Feldman, alluded to the alleged incident in his book, Coreyography: A Memoir.

‘At some point during the filming [of ‘Lucas,’ Haim] explained an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was ”what all guys do,” Feldman wrote.

‘So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers during a lunch break for the cast and crew,’ continued Feldman, ‘and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized.’ Feldman never named Sheen as the man in the incident.

In 2011, according the the Enquirer, when Feldman was asked about Sheen he said: ‘I’m not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen…especially the way he’s affected other people that I know.’ Tellingly, Feldman also said Haim ‘fought for his entire life to recover from those early experiences and to get his life together.’

Other sources came forward to support the claims made by Brascia about Haim’s interaction on set with Sheen- who is now living life with HIV.


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Charlie SheenA now deceased Corey Haim (pictured) allegedly told others about how he was 13-years-old when had sex with Charlie Sheen during the filming of 'Lucas'


Best friends: Haim with Corey Feldman (file). In Feldman's memoir Coreyography (2013) he alleged that Haim was sodomized during the filming of 'Lucas' but never named Sheen


Sheen and Haim circa 1990. Sheen is being accused of raping a 13-year-old Haim while filming 'Lucas' in Chicago