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El Salvadorian illegal immigrant Victor Antonio Gonzalez-Guttierres, 19, and Edgar Natanal Chicas-Hernandez, 17, were arrested for kidnapping and rape. The victim told police she was grabbed while walking home from school on September 2, taken to an apartment and raped for hours. They told the girl that they were acting on orders from a younger female acquaintance.

From Frederick-News-Post:

Two young men were charged and a third remains at large after a teen girl was kidnapped and raped, according to police and court documents filed last week in Frederick.


“This is very, very rare in my experience,” said Detective Joe Palkovic, an assistant supervisor in the Frederick Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division. “The violence of it and the nature of the crime, the fact that this involves someone laying in wait, kidnapping the victim and then taking her to a separate location to rape her, is very rare.”


And a younger female acquaintance of the teen girl was identified in charging documents as the suspected mastermind of the crime.


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  • Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, 32, raped a 7-year-old girl “thousands of times.”


The Spectrum:

A Cedar City man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 7-year-old female “thousands of times.”

Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, 32, is charged with two first-degree felony counts of rape of a child. He’s also being held on an additional immigration detainer.

During an interview at the Iron County Children’s Justice Center, the alleged victim told investigators in Spanish that Michel-Lara had molested her “many times in the last six months,” according to the probable cause statement filed in the 5th District Court Monday.

She also told investigators he had raped her “thousands of times.

While Michel-Lara admitted to multiple incidents, he allegedly explained in Spanish to investigators that the assaults unintentionally occurred at least two times while he was applying lotion to her skin, the report said.

He also allegedly attempted to explain the rape occurred accidentally when they were “rough housing” and jumping around” following a shower twice.



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Florida police dispatcher and wife accused of child rape


  • Tyler Bush-Conn and his wife Talisha have been arrested for child sex abuse
  • The pair are accused of raping the girl at their home and at hers in 2016
  • The child told her grandmother about the abuse during a visit to her in Alabama


( Daily Mail) A former police dispatcher and his wife have been accused of repeatedly raping a seven-year-old girl and taking photographs of her naked.

Tyler Bush-Conn, 28, and his wife Talisha Bush-Conn, 27, were both arrested in South Daytona, Florida, on Tuesday after the girl reported the abuse to her grandmother.

Police say the abuse took place both at the couple’s home and at the girl’s home where the pair looked after her while her mother was at work.

It began in 2016 and was only revealed when the girl told her grandmother about it while visiting her in Alabama.

The girl made the confession about being caught looking at pornography on her grandmother’s tablet.

When asked why she was looking at the explicit images, she told her that Tyler had touched her ‘with his hands and with his private parts’ and that he sometimes took photographs afterwards.

She later described to police how Tyler would attack her at her home once her mother had left for work, telling her: ‘Let’s do our thing’ once they were alone.

Tyler would tell her once her mother left for work,”let’s do our thing”

In police documents obtained by DailyMail.com, the girl recalled in graphic detail how he forced her to perform oral sex on him ‘until white stuff came out of his penis’.

He told her to ‘chew on it’ as he pushed his genitals into her mouth, she said, recalling how she once threw up because of his force.

The little girl told police she remembered it tasted ‘hairy’.

During other encounters, Tyler anally raped her on other occasions and stuck his finger ‘in  her anus’, the report claimed.


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A schoolgirl, 14, was raped by a Muslim man and then raped AGAIN by another Muslim as she flagged a car down for help in U.K.

UPDATE! A man has been charged with rape after a 14-year-old girl was attacked twice on the same night in Birmingham.

Khurram Rahi, 27, of Rosefield Road, Smethwick, was arrested by police investigating the assault of the girl at Witton station. He is due before Birmingham magistrates on Monday.



Girl, 15, ‘raped in rail station suffers second attack after flagging down man for help’

By The Telegraph, July 27, 2017:

A double manhunt is under way after a 15-year-old girl was raped by two different attackers, including a man she flagged down for help, police said.

Detectives said the teenager was first assaulted in a secluded part of Birmingham’s Witton railway station, near the Aston Villa football ground, some time between 7pm on Tuesday and 2am the following morning.

The victim had walked to the station with her friend, but is said to have been led away by a man who approached her.

Shortly after that attack, the girl walked out of the station and flagged down a passing vehicle to ask for help, police said. However, after getting in the car she was then raped a second time by another man, investigators said.

“This was a horrifying ordeal for this young girl and we have specially trained officers supporting her”Det Ch Insp Tony Fitzpatrick, British Transport Police



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Illegal immigrant freed by sanctuary law charged with rape


An illegal immigrant with a long history of deportations to Mexico, and who was released by local jail officials in defiance of a federal immigration hold, is now accused of raping one woman and assaulting another in a sickening crime spree.

Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, is charged with 13 counts – including burglary, kidnapping, sodomy and sex abuse – in the knife-point attacks on two women in Portland on Monday.

Six months ago, on December 7, jail officials in Portland had Martinez in custody when they received a request from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, asking the jail to notify ICE before his release.

Yet the local officials released him the next day in defiance of the federal immigration detainer, an agency spokeswoman told the Oregonian.

Oregon has a state law forbidding local law enforcement from using any resources to enforce federal immigration law.


The criminal spree on Monday began around 7pm, when a suspect broke through an open window into a 65-year-old woman’s home, on NE Halsey street in the Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood.

Martinez is seen at his Wednesday arraignment. Jail officials in Portland were forced to deny an ICE detainer against Martinez in December, because of Oregon's 'sanctuary state' law


The suspect, who police say was Martinez, used scarves and socks from her closet to bind and gag the woman before sexually assaulting her, according to court documents reported by Fox12.

Martinez slammed the elderly woman’s head into the wooden floor, punched her, and stole her phone, credit cars, and car, speeding away in it, according to police.

The woman was able to get to a neighbor’s home and call 911.

Just hours later, police say Martinez had made his way to a parking garage, where he crouched in a dark corner until he spotted a woman.

He approached the woman saying he wanted to ‘talk’, but then produced a knife and forced the woman to walk towards her car, according to police.

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Sweden went from zero rape to rape capital of the world. But for fear of being called racist, the government refuse to blame the Muslim refugees and pretend the rape crisis develop  magically out of nowhere.

A recent study in Sweden found that 92% of all rapes were committed by migrants and refugees.

And 43% of rapes in Sweden – nearly 50% – are child rapes.

10 News reported:

Rapes in Sweden has been soaring since the country started to take in large numbers of Muslim migrants and refugees. According to statistics, 92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group.

The top-10 list of rapists’ national background shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi background, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo. Migrants and refugees from Afghanistan are 79 times more likely to commit rape than Swedes.

The same pattern is seen all over Western Europe, and in many places, it has an impact on demographics in public spaces…

New data from Sweden’s national bureau for statistics, BRÅ, shoes that 3,430 rapes were reported during the first six months of 2017, up 14 percent compared to the previous half-year. In all, 9,680 sexual crimes were committed from January to June.

BRÅ’s report also shows, that not only women, but also children, should be aware of the increased danger of rape and other sexual crimes.

According to BRÅ, 43 percent of rape victims are children.






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Jayson Newlun, 26, was charged with statutory sodomy after being allegedly caught in the act by the 1-year-old's parents who had left the baby in his care. The baby's father attacked him with a dresser drawer, his injuries clearly shown in his mugshot (pictured) 


  • Jayson Newlun: Family friend is charged with raping one-year-old girl he was babysitting after the youngster’s father found him in the act and then beat him black and blue with a dresser drawer

( Daily Mail ) A Missouri man has been charged with statutory sodomy of a one-year-old girl he was babysitting after the child’s parents allegedly caught him in the act.

The girl’s father then went into a rage and hit him repeatedly with a dresser drawer.

Jayson Newlun, 26, was babysitting the one-year-old while her parents took a trip to the store. When the girl’s mother forgot her WIC food assistance folder at home, they returned to retrieve it.

Went they got home, the child’s mother noticed Newlun was not on the couch anymore – and her daughter’s bedroom door was open.


The mother walked in and allegedly saw Newlun take an inappropriate photo of her child before touching the little girl’s genitals while inappropriately touching himself.

Court documents state Newlun screamed before he was tackled by the girl’s father.

The father reportedly hit Newlun with a dresser drawer and punched him several times.

Family members told police they had only been gone for five or ten minutes.

Probable cause documents in this case show that Newlun was a family friend of the child’s parents. Newlun stayed at the family’s home the night of June 29th.

According to KMBC News the mother saw what was happening, and ran to get her husband. That’s when Newlun got beat-up by the girl’s father. His injuries are clear in his Clay County Jail mugshot.

A neighbor had to step in to stop the father from continuing to attack Newlun.


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