Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio while performing, her attorney says

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( CNBC)  Stormy Daniels, the porn star who has made headlines for an alleged affair with Donald Trump, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, according to her attorney.

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who has made headlines for an alleged affair with Donald Trump, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, according to her attorney.

Michael Avenatti, who has represented Daniels, delivered the message in a Twitter post in the earlier hours of Thursday ET. In that tweet, the attorney made claims of political motivations, and said “it reeks of desperation.”

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CNN’s Martin Savage interviewed a diverse group of Democratic voters from Ohio on Wednesday who all praised President Donald Trump for the things he has done during his first year in office.

The group of Democratic voters, who had all crossed over to vote for Trump during the 2016 election, agreed in their assessments of the president and on the importance of his key agenda goals, like ending illegal immigration.

When asked how they thought he was performing, the group replied, “Fantastic,” “Phenomenal,” “Better than I ever would have dreamt,” and “He’s doing wonderful, he’s staying on task.”


The panel did not agree with the media and the Democrats’ portrayal of Trump being a racist, as they also said he does not get a fair shake from the media.

One of the members of the panel, student Justis Harrison, a minority, said she met Trump and she did not think there was any reason to even suspect that he was a racist.

“He was just the nicest person and if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word,” Harrison said.


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DEM OHIO SUPREME COURT JUDGE BILL O’NEILL WHO BEDDED 50 ATTRACTIVE FEMALES: ” I’m so disappointed by national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.”

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Bill O'Neill

  • Judge Bill O’Neill: “I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.”


( Daily Caller ) An Ohio Supreme Court justice admitted Friday to having 50 sexual escapades with “attractive females” over the past few decades in an attempt to circumvent any opposition research.

Judge Bill O’Neill, who previously announced he is running for Ohio governor as a Democrat, made the statement in a Facebook post to save his “opponents some research time” in light of a climate where sexual harassment is being cracked down on. O’Neill admitted that he had a fling with former Ohio Sen. Robert Taft’s secretary in the hayloft of the barn decades ago.

“In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females. It ranged from a gorgeous personal secretary to Senator Bob Taft (Senior) who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn in Gallipolis and ended with a drop dead gorgeous red head who was a senior advisor to Peter Lewis at Progressive Insurance in Cleveland,” O’Neill wrote in his Facebook post.


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  • A  counter protester had thrown a rock at the vehicle, causing the driver to swivel around and ram into people and cars in its way, before driving off with someone’s shoe attached to its bumper.
  • The ‘pro-white’ rally was organized to protest Charlottesville’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee


( Daily Mail ) At least one person is dead after a driver intentionally plowed into a group of anti-fascist protesters hitting up to 26 people in Charlottesville, Virginia, after violent clashes erupted between white nationalists and activists on Saturday.

Video shows the Dodge Charger accelerating into the crowd throwing bodies into the air as people scream before reversing at high speed – sending 19 people to the hospital for their injuries and leaving one dead.

It came after violent clashes erupted as hundreds of white supremacists including armed militias marched into Charlottesville sparking violent confrontations with the counter-protesters. Police cleared the scene with tear gas but the violence continued.

Local police reported there were multiple injures and three vehicles were involved in the crash. Pictured: The two vehicles that were rammed into by a Dodge Charger
…..There were several hundred protesters marching in a long line when the car drove into a group of them and police said the crash happened near the intersection of Fourth and Water streets.

Matt Korbon, a 22-year-old University of Virginia student, said counter-protesters were marching when ‘suddenly there was just this tire screeching sound.’

The silver sedan smashed into another car, then backed up, plowing through ‘a sea of people.’

People scattered, running for safety in different directions, he said.

Witness Nic McCarthy told C-VILLE Weekly: ‘There was someone in a dark vehicle that sped, very quickly, down this road and rammed into the crowd.

‘People… He backed up and he went back in again.’

McCarthy added: ‘There was a girl that was caught and she was trying to get up and it ran over her again. I hope the cops catch these terrorists.’

….Police were in position at Emancipation Park and downtown Charlottesville by 6am as they prepared for the rally.

Between 4,000 and 6,000 people from groups including white nationalists, neo-Confederates and alt-right activists were expected to protest at the park, which had recently been renamed from Lee Park.

Right-wing blogger Jason Kessler planned what he called a ‘pro-white’ rally to protest Charlottesville’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Supporters and counter-protesters screamed, chanted, threw punches, hurled water bottles and unleashed chemical sprays on each other. Men dressed in militia uniforms were carrying shields and openly carrying guns.

The protest hadn’t yet begun when two people were seriously injured and protesters reportedly deployed pepper spray, according to state police.

Read more: One dead as car mows down anti-fascists at white nationalist rally: Driver ‘intentionally’ accelerates into crowd and leaves 19 hurt after riot cops use tear gas to break up violent clashes in Charlottesville


People were heard screaming and crying in the aftermath of the smash, as blood was splattered on a car's windshield and victims were desperately calling out for medical help



Rescue personnel help an injured woman after a car ran into a large group of counter protesters. There were several hundred people marching in a long line when the car drove into a group of them



The alleged driver of the car was apprehended and is currently in police custody. He was arrested a few blocks away from the bloody scene. The suspect's name has not yet been released. Pictured: The car that allegedly ran into several people



The White House was silent for hours about the clashes except for a solitary tweet from First Lady Melania Trump. The president has received previous criticism for being slow to condemn acts of hate done in his name


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The president gives a thumbs up to the camera as Melania smiles while walking behind him at Youngstown's Covelli Center


  • Trump: “YUGE rally in Youngstown, Ohio at 7 PM. Team Trump taking their message directly to the people. This administration is listening and cares!”
  • To protester: “He’s a young one, he’s going home to Mommy, he’s in trouble … and I’ll bet his mommy probably voted for us, right?”


Liberal heads breaking and exploding today! After a 40,000-crowd from Boy Scouts event last night, President Trump returns to the people of Youngstown, Ohio today for another big rally, celebrating Obamacare vote, slamming the media and the usual interruption from protesters.


Photos of Trump supporters and protesters:




One MAGA-fan of the president's decked out his SUV in American flags and every Trump-themed sticker or sign he could find ahead of Tuesday's rally



John Lawrence wears a shirt celebrating Trump's inauguration earlier this year while dancing and waiting for the president to arrive in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday night





Trump's visit to the town was not all smooth sailing, as he was also met by protesters in Youngstown. Pictured is one of the people rallying against the president



Shortly after starting his speech, Trump turned to the crowd to watch as a protester was taken away during the event



A protester is tackled by Trump supporters as a police officer removes him from the rally in Youngstown, Ohio



Protesters are seen chanting ahead of Trump's visit to Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday night for a campaign-style event




A young protester is seen being dragged away by a police officer and another agent while Trump was speaking in Youngstown









PRESIDENT TRUMP: ‘In America we don’t worship government. We worship God.’

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Trump takes victory lap on health care vote at Ohio rally


Trump 7/25 Ohio rally: Takes victory lap on Obamacare vote, interrupt by usual protesters, jokes about being on Mount Rushmore at Ohio rally with support from Melania and pregnant daughter-in-law Lara.

  • ‘In America we don’t worship government. We worship God.’
  • ‘We will never be silenced by the media,’
  • And the president pledged to defend America’s borders. (Cue the shouts of ‘Build that wall!’) ‘Don’t even think about it. We will build the wall!’ he insisted to cheers.

From Daily Mail:

Donald Trump took a victory lap Tuesday night in Ohio, hours after being on the winning side of a legislative  squeaker that will restart the national debate over Obamacare.

‘You think that’s easy? That’s not easy,’ the president declared as e congratulated the U.S. Senate for moving ‘to begin debating a bill repealing and replacing the Obamacare disaster!’

‘It’s time for Democrats to stop resisting. That’s their term. “Resist! Resist!”‘ Trump fumed, moments after drawing a giant ‘Boooo!’ at the mention of President Barack Obama’s name.

‘They have to do finally what’s right for the American people, but probably we’ll do it ourselves,’ he said, referring to Republicans in Congress.

‘Today we won 51 to 50 and didn’t get one Democrat vote. Think of it,’ he vented.

Earlier, after a raucous round of ‘CNN sucks!’ cheers brought on by a presidential critique of ‘fake news,’ a more sinister roar floated through a Youngstown arena.

A man holding a pillowcase painted with ‘Trump/Pence Must Go’ shouted at the president from about 20 yards away.

For two full minutes police made their way to the solo demonstrator as fans clawed at his banner. Trump stood silent, watching and furrowing his brow.

At last, with the protester and his banner yanked outside, Trump deadpanned: ‘Where the hell did he come from?”

Another disruption came in the form of a teenager hoisting a Russian flag to Trump’s right.

‘Boy, he’s a young one!’ Trump marveled after cops dragged him off in handcuffs.

‘He’s going back home to mommy! He’s in trouble! And I’ll bet his mommy voted for us, right?’

Trump’s rhetorical knives were out, slicing through the air as he mocked the news media for parsing his every word.

‘Every president on Mt. Rushmore believed in protecting American industry,’ Trump declared at one point.


…’In America we don’t worship government,’ he said in a Reaganesque flourish. ‘We worship God.’

‘We will never be silenced by the media,’ Trump vowed.

And the president pledged to defend America’s borders. (Cue the shouts of ‘Build that wall!’)

‘Don’t even think about it. We will build the wall!’ he insisted to cheers.


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An 8-year-old boy drove himself to McDonald's while his parents were sleeping, police said.


( Fox News ) An 8-year-old Ohio boy wanted a cheeseburger so badly, he got behind the wheel of his dad’s van and took matters into his own hands, police said.

The boy said it was simple: He just watched some YouTube videos on how to drive a car, according to investigators. Before long, they said he chauffeured his sister effortlessly to the McDonald’s half a mile from his East Palestine home while his parents were sleeping.

Witnesses said the 8-year-old obeyed all traffic laws like making sure to stop properly at red lights, waiting for traffic to pass before taking a left turn, and staying within the speed limits, Fox 5 reported.

When the two siblings pulled up to the drive-through window with piggy bank money in tow, the McDonald’s workers were convinced this was all a prank.

“The workers thought that the parents were in the back, but obviously they weren’t,” responding patrolman Jacob Koehler told WFMJ.


When confronted by the police, the boy realized he had done something wrong and told Koehler through tears that he just really wanted a cheeseburger, according to the Weirton Daily Times.

The children did get to eat at McDonald’s while they waited for their grandparents to pick them up. No charges are being filed.


SOURCE:   8-year-old drives younger sister to McDonald’s after craving a burger