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  • “The immense news of the next 30 or 40 years will be the disappearance of the European populations, creating a Muslim majority”


By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in France and the rest of old Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French researcher says.

Charles Gave, an economist, fund manager and political commentator, published his conclusions this month on the webpage of his think tank, Institute des Libertes. He writes of the “disappearance of the European populations” as native populations shrink and Muslims continue to exhibit a robust fertility rate.

Mr. Gave, president of Gavekal Research, acknowledges that his decidedly unpolitically correct view may bring him scorn and possibly censorship. The political left generally protects Islam from criticism. In the U.S., President Obama consistently defended Islam and mocked Christians for their criticism.

The paper, titled “The White Plague,” is dangerous, Mr. Gave said, “for my personal respectability and my chance to be heard in our beautiful democracy.”

The financier draws his conclusion from demographics. He assesses France’s white, or native, birthrate at 1.4 children per woman, compared with a Muslim rate of 3.4 to 4 children. France’s population today is 67 million. Unlike the U.S., France does not conduct a census on ethnic origin, but based on outside polling, some researchers, including Mr. Gave, believe the French population is already 10 percent Muslim, with 6.7 million people.

France’s official birthrate is 1.9 per woman, but Mr. Gave’s calculations put the native rate at 1.4. Overall, the European birthrate is a low 1.6 per woman.

Mr. Gave extrapolates those numbers, a declining white population and a growing Muslim population, and concludes that France will have a Muslim majority by 2057.

“And so, within 40 years at the latest, it is almost certain that the majority of the population will be Muslim in Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Holland,” he writes. “Again, these are not predictions but calculations, and I do not even call for new immigrants.”

The pace could be accelerated given continuing Muslim migration into France and other Western European states, either through regular legal processes or through refugees escaping conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Our summer will be really over the day when demographics will change, simply because we will have become a minority in our own countries and the majority will no longer pay attention to 68-year-old jeremiads, all of whose authors will be retired or dead,” he wrote.

“The immense news of the next 30 or 40 years will thus be the disappearance of the European populations, whose ancestors have created the modern world. And with these populations will disappear the diverse and complementary European nations that have made an immense success of the old continent for at least five centuries.”

Mr. Gave takes an agnostic view on what an Islamic Europe would mean for liberal democracy and free speech.

“I do not say it will be wrong, or it will be good,” he writes. “I am simply saying that this will be very different and that this will necessarily have an influence on the political system.”


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( RT ) Two topless FEMEN activists disrupted a Muslim conference taking place in Pontoise northwest of Paris. Jumping up onto the stage and forcing two imams to leave, they briefly shouted slogans until security dragged them off.

“Nobody makes me submit,” said the message painted on the breasts of the unnamed women.


The video also shows a man kicking one of the activists as she is lying on the floor.

FEMEN was founded in Ukraine in 2008 and is now based in Paris. The organization is known for its extravagant and controversial topless protests. They describe their ideology with three –isms: sextremism (female sexuality against patriarchy), atheism, and feminism.

The group has conducted a number of naked attacks in different countries, including Ukraine, France, Sweden, and even Tunisia.

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Photo published for Muslims appalled by ‘perfect man’ billboard


‘The Perfect Man’ billboard in Indianapolis, Indiana about Prophet Muhammad is angering Muslims. Here’s how the billboard, meant to ‘educate trutophobes’ describes the prophet:

  • Married a 6-yea- old: This is true, that’s why child bride is allowed in Islam. Muhammad’s favorite wife was his 6-year-old bride Aisha and was a daughter of one of his generals .
  • Slave owner and dealer :His first wife – 20 years older than him – was a businesswoman, a wealthy merchant, and he was one of her employee.
  • Rapist : When they conquer villages, killing,  pillaging and rape were he norm.
  • Beheaded 600 Jews in one day: Not just Jews but Christians in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East.
  • 13 wives, 11 at one time : Muhammad started practicing polygamy after his first wife died.
  • Tortured and killed unbelievers: Islam was born by the sword and spread by the sword through his military generals who would even eat the heat of their enemies just to cause terror on the hearts of the people and make them submit to Islam right away.


Whoever is responsible for this billboard claims this is to ‘educate truthophobe.’



TWO MEN INSIDE BAR DURING LONDON ATTACK: “F**KING MUSLIM C**TS”; “Shut up! You f**king idiot. It’s not Muslims.”

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Video of two London men inside a bar arguing over Islamophobe accusation as patrons  were told by cops to hide behind chairs and under tables during terror attack:

  • One guy: “FUCKING MUSLIM C**TS.”
  • Politically correct guy: “Shut up mate,” responds a man close to the camera. “You fucking idiot. It’s not Muslims.”


Hey liberals, protecting your country is not racist, it’s common sense – unless liberalism has destroyed your common sense and you now have difficulty recognizing it. That’s more likely, right libs?



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CNN busted staging a fake anti-ISIS protest by Muslims following London terror attacks last Saturday.  A photo above of CNN crew staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS Will Lose”.

Katie Hopkins of Daily Mail gave a warning:  “Please watch. You are being deceived…Same group. Multiple locations. Any more screen shots? Spot the pink trousers. Were this group for hire?

Be outraged at a highly manipulated Muslim protest. But please go on to question the agenda of the editors masterminding this duplicity.

The same crowd was used for the following AP post – note the man with green around his neck in both pictures.


They got their idea from the Democrat Party here in US where they bus and pay protesters for whatever latest liberal outrage they could think of.








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More than 100 Muslims take over street of New York protesting outside Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’.

Organizer Linda Sarsour gave speech accusing Trump of the following:

  • hatred – Islam is the only religion that promotes killing of infidels and those who leave their faith, so who’s really hateful here!
  • decisiveness – you can’t be wishy-washy when you’re dealing with decisive jihadists
  • xenophobia – Americans don’t distrust foreigners, only the ones with long rap sheet of worldwide terrorism, jihad, violence, beheadings, killing of homosexuals, etc.
  • racism – it’s not racism, it’s common sense!
  • homophobia – LOL! homosexuality is punishable by death in Islam and Muslim countries have no qualms throwing gays off buildings, hanging them from cranes in public or just any kind of public execution.

“Together we are fighting against hatred, decisiveness, xenophobia, racism, homophobia” Sarsour said emphatically, ” we’re saying that no matter what we are going to stand together.”

Muslims playing the victim while refusing to condemn their own violence! Christians can’t even build churches in Muslim countries ( a sign of inferior, insecure religion ) and yet ungrateful Muslims in the land of infidels act like they are being oppressed.









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The alleged attack happened on an afternoon train travelling from Campsie to Bankstown 


A group of Muslim gang attacked a 30-year-old Greek Orthodox Christian wearing a crucifix and his girlfriend on a Sidney train on April 4 who yelling ‘F*** Jesus!” and praised “Allah”.  Five transit police witnessed the attack but did not intervene, according to an April 8 report in the Daily Telegraph:


30-year-old Greek Orthodox Christian, Mike, discovered too late the risks of wearing a large cross outside his clothing while travelling on the train from Campsie to Bankstown with his girlfriend.

He says he was minding his own business talking on his mobile phone, when four young men of Middle Eastern appearance allegedly violently ripped the crucifix off his neck, and stomped on it while swearing “F*** Jesus” and referring to “Allah”.

He says they punched him and kicked him in his face, back and shoulders during the attack which began about 3pm, just after the train left Belmore station.

When his girlfriend tried to defend him, two Arabic-speaking women also allegedly hit and kicked her.

The crucifix, which his mother had given him, was bent, and the silver chain broken in two places.

“I was born in Australia of Greek heritage,” says Mike. “I’ve always worn my cross. For him to rip it off and step on it has to be a religious crime… It’s not on to feel unsafe in your own country.”

He says the men also destroyed his Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Mike has a doctor’s report cataloguing his injuries, which include abrasions and bruises on his face, left shoulder, and upper and lower back.

He claims that five uniformed railway “Transport Officers” watched the attack and did nothing to help him, although police were waiting for the train when it reached Bankstown station.

Two police officers took the names of three alleged assailants and a statement from Mike, photographed his injuries, told him they would review CCTV footage from the train and that he should expect a letter in a month, which may require his attendance at court.


Read Complete article with photos at the Daily Telegraph.