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  • Nutty Muslim professor Randa Jarrar: “I’m happy the witch is dead”


Unhinged lib! Randa Jarrar, a professor at Fresno State University, tweeted that Barabara Bush was a “generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words.” She also tweeted, ‘I’m happy the witch is dead’.

On Tuesday night, former first lady Barbara Bush passed away at the age of 92 years old. Instead of showing sympathy, the Muslim nutty professor used twitter for her disgusting rants against the former First Lady.

Jarrar is a Muslim who was born in Chicago in 1978, but was raised in Kuwait and Egypt before returning to the U.S. after the first Gulf War . === Source: ‘I’m happy the witch is dead’: Fresno State professor sparks outrage as she celebrates the death of Barbara Bush – calling her an ‘amazing racist’ who ‘raised a war criminal’


She added: 'Either you are against these pieces of s*** and their genocidal ways or you're part of the problem....I'm happy the witch is dead'



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Nasim Aghdam: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

1. Aghdam Ranted That YouTube Was Filtering Her Videos to ‘Reduce Views,’ Suppress Her Opinions & Discourage Her From Making Videos, Saying ‘There’s No Free Speech in Real World!’

Aghdam also ranted about YouTube on her website. She believed that the company “filtered her channels” to keep her from getting views.

“This video got age restricted after new close-minded YouTube employees, got control of
my Farsi YouTube channel last year 2016 & began filtering my videos to reduce views & suppress & discaurage (sic) me from making videos!” Aghdam wrote on her website.

“There is no free speech in real world & you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system. Videos of targeted users are filtered & merely relegated, so that people can hardly see their videos! There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!” read another blurb on her website.

She also posted on Instagram about her issues with YouTube on March 18.

“All my youtube channels got filtered by youtube so my videos hardly get views and it is called ‘merely relegation.’ This is also happening to many other channels on youtube. This is the peaceful tactic used on the internet to censor and suppress people who speak the truth and are not good for the financial, political … gains of the system and big businesses,” she wrote. “I recently got filtered on instagram too and maybe its related to youtube and youtube staff asked instagram to filter me here too!!?”



3. She Posted Online in Both English & Farsi, the Official Language of Iran, & She Identified as Baha’i


In an article posted under one of Aghdam’s aliases, she revealed that she identified as Baha’i. Using the name Nasime Sabz, Aghdam mentioned her spiritual beliefs and also mentioned that Baha’i followers are “frequently persecuted in Iran.”

Below is a description of Baha’i, by way of the organization’s website.

“The teachings of the Bahá’í Faith inspire individuals and communities as they work to improve their own lives and contribute to the advancement of civilization. Bahá’í beliefs address such essential themes as the oneness of God and religion, the oneness of humanity and freedom from prejudice, the inherent nobility of the human being, the progressive revelation of religious truth, the development of spiritual qualities, the integration of worship and service, the fundamental equality of the sexes, the harmony between religion and science, the centrality of justice to all human endeavors, the importance of education, and the dynamics of the relationships that are to bind together individuals, communities, and institutions as humanity advances towards its collective maturity.”

On one of her websites, she criticized the Middle Eastern practice of animal sacrifices.

“Backyard slaughters are also common among Middle Easterns (sic) & Muslims even Bahai’s who believe in animal sacrifice & think animal blood will bring joy to their lives,” she wrote. “In western countries they do it in their backyards or even bathtubs.”

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Aghdam was a prolific YouTuber who had ranted online against the company's new policies and for 'censoring her videos and not paying her'







Employees are pictured being frisked outside YouTube HQ on Tuesday after shots were fired 




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  • “In his statement, Corey Johnson advised he stabbed the victims because of his Muslim faith,” Brashear wrote in the affidavit, adding that he was reading the Qu’ran beforehand to “give him the courage to carry out his intentions.”


A Florida teenager is accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy and injuring two others in a stabbing attack, which he said was “because of his Muslim faith.”

Local media reports that 17-year-old Corey Johnson will face charges of first-degree murder after officers attended a scene in Palm Beach Gardens on Monday where 13-year-old Jovanni Brand was dead, while mother Elaine Simon and her 13-year-old son Dane Bancroft were also found suffering from stab wounds.

According to local police, Johnson was attending a sleepover at a friend’s house, when around 4 a.m. he decided to carry out the attack while other guests were asleep.

“Johnson advised at 4 a.m. he realized that everyone in the house was asleep,” wrote Officer Jennifer Brashear in a probable cause affidavit. “At that time, Johnson made the decision to kill Elaine, Dane, and Jovanni in their sleep


Read more: Florida Teen Accused of Triple Stabbing ‘Inspired by Muslim Faith’

FEMALE MUSLIM ST. PAUL ARSONIST: “You guys are lucky that l don’t know how to build a bomb”

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  • Tnuza Jamal Hassan: “You guys are lucky that l don’t know how to build a bomb because l would have done that”


The Star Tribune reported:

A former St. Catherine University student charged with setting fires on the college’s St. Paul campus told police she did it because she’d “been reading about the U.S. military destroying schools in Iraq or Afghanistan and she felt that she should do exactly the same thing,” according to a criminal complaint filed Friday.

“You guys are lucky that l don’t know how to build a bomb because l would have done that,” Tnuza Jamal Hassan, 19, of Minneapolis allegedly told investigators after being arrested Wednesday afternoon in a campus dorm lounge…

…A woman who identified herself as Hassan’s older sister — in tears outside Hassan’s first court hearing Friday — declined comment. In addition to the sister, Hassan has a mother in the area, who could not be reached for comment.

Patrick Nwaneri, an attorney retained by Hassan’s family, declined to comment on the charge but said it came as a “big shock” to the family, adding, “They are just at a loss.”

Hassan, appearing in court in a black and white hijab, gave only brief, one-word answers to questions from the judge.

According to the complaint, she told investigators she set six fires on the private Catholic university’s campus, though university and fire officials said there were eight.







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(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released new U.S. Department of State documents showing former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her then-Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin were permitted to remove electronic and physical records under a claim they were “personal” materials and “unclassified, non-record materials,” including files of Clinton’s calls and schedules, which were not to be made public. The documents show the Obama State Department records would not be “released to the general public under FOIA.”

The new records also show that Huma Abedin was allowed to take five boxes of “physical files” out of the State Department that include records described as “Muslim Engagement Documents.”




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  • Two Muslims enter Carmelites convent:  “They prayed in Arabic during Vespers,” says Bishop Gusching. “They presented themselves as divine messengers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell.”
  • Signed “Allahu akbar” in the guestbook

“Islamist intrusion into Verdun Carmel”

translated from “Intrusion islamiste au carmel de Verdun,” L’Est Républicain, November 16, 2017 (thanks to David):

The facts date from last Friday at the time of Vespers. Two men were welcomed for the service and urged the sisters to convert to Islam. No physical violence was perpetrated.

“They came back, a sister welcomed them and she talked with them”. Bishop Gusching, bishop of Verdun, returned on Monday again to the religious community of Verdun, ten sisters strong. The Carmelites are still in shock over what happened to them on Friday, November 10, around 5PM.

At the time of the Vespers service, two individuals about thirty years old, bearded and dressed normally, entered the Carmelite convent of Verdun.

After talking with the sister at the reception, the latter told them that the Office of Vespers would soon begin. “They asked her if they could go to the chapel,” said the bishop. “She said yes”.

Once in the chapel, “they prayed in Arabic during Vespers,” says Bishop Gusching. “They presented themselves as divine messengers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell.”

“Allahu akbar” in the guestbook

In a statement, Guillaume Dupont, prosecutor of the Republic for Verdun, explained that at the end of the Office, one of the two men “would have written the words ‘Allahu akbar’ on the guestbook of the church”.

Of course, we immediately think of the circumstances of the murder of a priest which took place in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray on July 26, 2016. But no physical violence was perpetrated at the against the sisters present. And no connection with Islamist terrorism has been demonstrated.

The two men finally left as they had come “thanking the sister for her welcome,” said the bishop….

According to Abdelkrim Aïtelkaid, Imam of Verdun, “the youngest was converted two or three months ago”. With the other individual, “they came to the mosque” and did not behave normally. “That day, I was not there, but the community stopped them a bit and put them out. I went to see the young man after to explain to him that this is not how we do it.” As for what happened on November 10: “It’s not about doing that. It is not normal. We are not going to violate the sacredness of a place of worship.” In addition “I will soon go see the sisters and the bishop”.



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Drain the State swap. This is how the State department sees our future.

State Department picks hijab-wearing Somali Muslim to represent American youth at UN

Here is yet more evidence that the State Department is a swamp that has yet to be drained, and may never be drained.

Munira Khalif may be a wonderful U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations, even if her statement here is full of the expected platitudes (“empower,” “diversity,” “globalized world,” etc.). But she was clearly chosen for her symbolic value. She is a living, walking symbol of the State Department’s anxiousness to show that the United States is not “Islamophobic.” She is a demonstration of the State Department’s determination to “empower” Muslims and show our “diversity,” so as to refute the jihadist narrative that the U.S. is at war with Islam, which will keep Muslims in the U.S. from becoming “alienated” and joining the jihad.

The whole idea is based on the assumption that Muslims turn to jihad because of the injustices suffered by Muslims at the hand of the U.S., and so if the U.S. is nice to Muslims, the jihad will end. This is based on completely ignoring the teachings about jihad in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and so is doomed to failure, but that doesn’t keep the deep state State Department wonks from trying and trying, again and again.