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“One of the most Trump things ever”
As seen on The Five


Jesse Watters said the leader of the free world did “one of the most Trump things ever” while holding a business lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Instead of ordering tempura, sushi or other local delicacies, Trump decided to eat a well-done cheeseburger.

Watters said the president confirmed that the sourcing of the beef was American.

Beside Trump are two bottles which Watters said appear to be ketchup and yellow mustard from Pittsburgh-based Heinz.

Abe wrote on Twitter that he enjoyed holding the “burger [and] business lunch” with President Trump.



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Glamorous: The first lady, 47, donned a bright red, floor-length gown with short sleeves on the occasion, wearing little jewelry for the event, which was hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Akasaka Palace


Gorgeous in red! Melania Trump looks red hot in floor length red gown and red shoes as First Lady and President Trump attended a state banquet dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after meeting the Japanese Emperor and Empress earlier on in the day.



Melania Trump red dress Japan



Official: Melania Trump opted to wear a traditional floor-length gown as she attended a state banquet in Tokyo on Monday night, held to mark her husband's visit to Japan during the couple's 12-day trip around Asia



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BEAUTIFUL! Elementary students sing beautiful song for Melania Trump in Tokyo, Japan.

The gorgeous First Lady was joined by Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe at  Kyobashi Tsukiji Elementary School

CNN reports:

At the sight of the 200 or so uniformed students assembled to greet her in the school’s gymnasium, Trump’s face lit up — she high-fived them, was drowned in hugs and posed for a group photo, where, like the kids, she made a peace sign with her two fingers.
A Japanese calligraphy lesson was next; the fourth-grade classroom erupted in applause as the two first ladies entered, mindfully watching the children draw brush strokes.


As Mrs. Abe and Melania left the elementary school, a band played “Over the Rainbow,” and the youngest students enthusiastically waved little US and Japanese flags.

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Melania Trump spent Tuesday in the company of South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook as the pair took a tour of the presidential palace Blue House while their husbands held talks elsewhere



Melania smiles as she speaks with South Korea children, hoping to encourage more of them to take up sport ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics which will be held in South Korea


Melania sat with K-Pop star Choi Min-ho, a member of South Korean boy band Shinee, as they spoke with to South Korean students


Melania sat with Choi Min-ho, a member of South Korean boy band Shinee, as they spoke with to South Korean students



The US First Lady used the occasion to push her Girls Play 2 initiative which is aimed at guaranteeing equal access to sports facilities and training for both genders



Melania was all smiles as she met the children, signing red white and blue memorabilia for them before giving a speech



Melania was also presented with a book put together by the children during her visit, which will last until tomorrow when she and her husband will fly to Beijing
















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Trump shakes Japan emperor's hand but doesn't bow


President Donald Trump met with Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Monday, sharing a brief handshake eight years after his predecessor became a global laughingstock by bowing deeply before the monarch.

Visiting with the emperor and empress is routine for heads of state visiting Tokyo, and Trump did his part a few hours before a joint press conference with Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, who wields more power than the aging figurehead.

Trump nodded his head slightly, but did not bend at the waist.

An administration official traveling with Trump on his Far East tour told DailyMail.com that bowing is ‘not his style – never has been.’

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Ivanka Trump is in Japan as speaker for World Assembly for Women. She was invited by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and is set to leave one day before her father arrives here Sunday. The First Daughter is seen wearing a pink miniskirt suit. Is the skirt too short? Not if you are in Japan. Short skirt is normal in Japan.



First Daughter Ivanka Trump took the stage at the World Assembly for Women conference alongside Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (left) where she focused on female entrepreneurs during a speech



During her second official trip abroad as White House adviser, the president's eldest daughter also spoke about women participating in the economy. She said said that the world must boost women and minority participation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)





Documenting: She made sure a member of her entourage filmed her glamorous arrival  and later shared the footage with her 3.9 million followers on her Instagram Story



Fine dining: Right after her landing, Ivanka went to enjoy a traditional kaiseki meal, a refined, meticulously prepared multi-course dinner


Mementos: Ivanka shared photos of herself enjoying her meal on Instagram. She can be seen bringing a bowl to her lips and interacting with their hosts


Last hugs: Before leaving, the 36-year-old shared a photo of herself with her three kids, which appears to have been taken the night before while reading a bedtime story


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( Daily Mail ) Rescuers are searching for seven US Sailors thought to be lost at sea or trapped inside a damaged Navy destroyer which collided with a 29,000 ton cargo ship 56 miles off the coast of Japan Saturday.

The guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald suffered severe damage when the container ship ACX Crystal – which is four times the size of the naval vessel – plowed into it at 2.30am local time.

Aerial footage shows the crushed exterior of the 9,000 ton $1.5billion destroyer which is commanded by Commander Bryce Benson, who took over in May.

Japanese coast guard spokesman Yoshihito Nakamura said the rescuers are searching for the seamen who were thought to have been thrown into the sea or possibly trapped inside damaged sections of the destroyer. Two crew berthings and one engineering main space have been flooded.

Three aboard the destroyer were medically evacuated, including the ship’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Benson, who was reportedly in stable condition after being airlifted to the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, the Navy said.

The other two injured were transferred to the hospital for lacerations and bruises, while other injuries were being assessed, it said.

‘It was a was real fight by crew to keep the ship afloat. Our concerns now are with ship mates; seven sailors missing and 2 evacuees. When the news came we were all focused on the safety of or ship and the crew,’ a naval spokesman in Yokosuka told DailyMail.com. ‘We at the base are still reeling from the events.’


Read more: Seven sailors missing feared dead after $1.5bn US Navy destroyer collides with 29,000 ton cargo ship at 2.30am off Japan – crushing sleeping quarters and leaving the crew ‘fighting to keep her afloat’




An injured sailor is carried by U.S. military personnel, left, and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force members upon arriving at the U.S. Naval base in Yokosuka, southwest of Tokyo



The 29,000 ton ACX Crystal is much larger than the 9,000 ton USS FitzgeraldThe cargo ship appears to have hit the destroyer head on




Collision: Heavy damage is pictured on the US Navy missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald after it collided with a cargo ship near Japan early on Saturday morning 


Missing: A US defense official confirmed that there are seven sailors unaccounted and that the destroyer suffered flooding in three compartments



The guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald suffered severe damage when the container ship plowed into it at 2.30am local time




Saudi’s King Salman Arrives In Japan: 10 Aircraft, 500 Limos, 500 Tons Of Luggage, 12,000 Hotel Rooms, 2 Golden Escalators

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The king's visit marks the first from the nation to Japan in almost 50 years

( Daily Mail ) Saudi Arabia‘s King Salman has arrived in Tokyo with his 1,000-strong entourage making the first visit to Japan by a monarch from the nation in nearly five decades.

The 81-year-old king, who was greeted by Japan‘s Crown Prince Naruhito at Haneda airport, will meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday and as he kicks off the Japanese leg of a broader tour of Asia.

Salman, who will visit 83-year-old Emperor Akihito on Tuesday, is travelling in style with his demands ranging from golden elevators to a fleet of hundreds of limousines.

Some 1,200 rooms at Tokyo’s luxury hotels have been booked by the delegation for the three-night stay through Wednesday, according to local media, which has also reported that hundreds of limousines have been brought into the capital to accomodate the visitors.

This follows a lavish nine-day trip to Indonesia where the king ordered for a special toilet to be build in a mosque and a custom seat to be built in the House of Representatives.