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OAHU (INTELLIHUB) — It’s been confirmed that an NBC News crew gained access to a highly-secure bunker facility in which the Jan. 13 “ballistic missile threat” alert message was sent from, just hours before the message was broadcast, reportedly in error.

“Hours before the false alarm sounded with warning of an inbound missile we had exclusive access to the bunker where it was sent from,” an NBC News spokesman blatantly admitted in a Jan. 15 report which aired on the Nightly News titled “Nerves Rattled After Missile False Alarm in Hawaii.”

“Let me take you to where the show starts,” Hawaii Emergency Management spokesman David Hafner told the crew before the alert was issued using a rather odd choice of words. “This is where the call comes in that notifies us of a ballistic missile launch.”

Hafner said that his agency would receive a call from from Pacific Command if a threat were imminent and that’s when Hawaii Emergency Management Agency would then “decide whether or not to activate the siren.”

When the reporter asked where the encrypted secure phone was that receives the call, Hafner showed him and even picked up the receiver for a few seconds which opened up the line — something that should have never been done. What if Pacific Command was trying to get through at that very moment and they couldn’t because the line was open? This is complete and total negligence at best.


Read more: https://www.intellihub.com/confirmed-nbc-news-crew-spotted-inside-bunker-that-sent-hawaii-missile-alert-just-hours-before/



Police Knew That Hawaii Missile Attack Report was False Within Five Minutes After Alert

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According to 911 recordings obtained by Mercury News, police dispatchers had realized that the missile warning was a false alarm only minutes after the warnings flashed across cell phones.

The warning hit cellphones at 8:07 AM on Saturday, January 13, but dispatchers were aware that the report was a false alarm by 8:12, the paper reported. Despite that, officials didn’t rescind the warning until 8:45.

“Somebody should get fired,” one police officer is heard saying dourly on the recordings.

Only minutes after the alert went out, one Island police officer was heard letting out a “wheww” in relief as he learned that the whole thing was untrue.

“They’re really scared,” the officer added of people he was meeting.

“They probably made an error in their testing,” the dispatcher responded on the recordings. “And we’ll just have to relay this to everybody.”


Several other dispatchers and officers reiterated that the report was a false one, but one supervisor advised to continue evacuations until official channels reported back that the alert was an accidental release.

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Hawaii sends out 'false alarm' missile threat



( Daily Mail ) Panic spread through the state of Hawaii on Saturday morning when residents received a phone alert for an ‘inbound ballistic missile threat’ that was accidentally sent out by Civil Defense but which was not corrected for the best part of an hour.

Scores of confused residents tweeted screenshots of the warnings after receiving the alert at 8.07 local time.


A similar message flashed up on local television networks and brought live sports games to a halt.

It was caused by an employee at Civil Defense who ‘pushed the wrong buttons’ during a shift handover.

The mistake was corrected by government agencies on Twitter 12 minutes later but it took 37 minutes for another phone alert to be issued confirming to residents that it was a false alarm. Some say they never received a second phone alert at all.

By the time it was issued, terrified residents and tourists including basketball legend Magic Johnson flocked to shelters and into their garages in fear of a nuclear attack.

When it became clear that it was a false alarm, their panic turned to fury


Read more: ‘The whole state was terrified’: Panic in Hawaii as Civil Defense issues alert for ‘inbound ballistic missile threat’ which told residents to ‘urgently seek shelter’ – then takes 37 MINUTES to say it was a false alarm


This was the alert which was issued among residents at 8.08am, sparking hysteria and panic



Residents of Hawaii are furiously asking why it took officials a whole 37 minutes to correct a missile threat warning that was sent out on Saturday morning, sparking panic across the state 



The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted this out, 12 minutes after the threat was issued to confirm the error. This post was made at 8.20am local time, 1.20pm EST


Residents were furious about the 37 minute delay which meant that 'anyone who doesn't sit on Twitter' was unaware that it was a false alarm for the best part of an hour 



Hawaii is within the range of the latest intercontinental ballistic missiles that North Korea has been testing. It, along with Alaska, are the most vulnerable states to a threat 



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Trumps touch down in Hawaii before Asia trip


( Daily Mail ) President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump laid a wreath and threw hibiscus flowers into the sea on Friday at a Hawaii memorial for US soldiers who died at Pearl Harbor nearly 80 years ago.

Embarking on his first official tour of Asia, Trump said he eagerly anticipated a visit to Pearl Harbor, where thousands of service members paid the ultimate sacrifice.

‘Getting ready to land in Hawaii. Looking so much forward to meeting with our great Military/Veterans at Pearl Harbor!’ Trump tweeted aboard Air Force One as he neared the end of a 10-hour flight from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland


Read more: The Trumps pay their respects to the fallen: President and First Lady offer solemn floral tribute at Pearl Harbor shrine before departing on Asia tour overshadowed by North Korea crisis



On Saturday, President Trump will embark on a grueling 12-day tour of Asian countries. His first stop will be Japan, followed by South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines 

On Saturday, President Trump will embark on a grueling 12-day tour of Asian countries. His first stop will be Japan, followed by South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines


US servicemen and women were eager to shake Trump's hand and snap a picture of the president up close on Friday



The First Lady left Washington in a winter jacket in electrifying cobalt blue but changed mid-flight into a sleek white sun dress that bared her arms



President Trump and his wife arrived in Hawaii on Friday as he set out on the longest trip to Asia by an American president in more than a quarter century, looking for help to pressure North Korea to stand down from a nuclear crisis. The Trumps are seen at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii on Friday



Upon landing, the Trumps were both handed traditional leis, the wreath of flowers worn around the necks that are presented upon arriving or leaving Hawaii as a symbol of affection




The Trumps are seen laying a wreath at the USS Arizona Memorial on Friday. The memorial honors the lives of 1,177 sailors and Marines who were killed



There were 37 confirmed pairs or trios of brothers assigned to USS Arizona on December 7, 1941. Of these 77 men, 62 were killed, and 23 sets of brothers died



The president and the first lady throw flowers during their visit to the USS Arizona Memorial on Friday  in Honolulu. Admiral Harris and his wife Bruni Bradley accompanied the Trumps




Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, it was decided that the USS Arizona would remain at the bottom of the harbor as the final resting place for those lost




The president and first lady look down into the water at the wreckage of the USS Arizona



Two US Navy sailors stand beside the wreath laid by President Trump and the first lady at the USS Arizona Memorial



President Trump is welcomed by US Navy Admiral Harry Harris, commander of United States Pacific Command, at its headquarters in Aiea, Hawaii




The first couple appeared fresh after a nearly 10-hour flight from Washington, DC to The Aloha State




Nine-year-old Mikayla Webb, a fourth-grader from a local school, gave the couple lei and received a hug from Melania Trump



President Donald Trump bends to receive a flower lei as First Lady Melania Trump (far right) and Dawn Ige, the wife of Hawaii's governor, David Ige, look on




Before their departure, the first lady stopped to take a selfie with a supporter just moments before she and her husband stepped aboard Marine One




Trump¿s 12-day trip to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, ending on November 14, takes him out of Washington at a time when he has been beset by several issues




Trump left the capital on Friday as the nation was focused on an intensifying federal investigation into Russian meddling in last year¿s election, New York¿s recovery from an attack earlier this week that killed eight people, and debate over a Republican tax-cut plan that if approved by Congress would be Trump¿s first major legislative victory



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  • Fukumoto claimed it was from California, zip code shows it’s from Honolulu


DEBUNKED! Thanks to twitter, especially Thomas Wictor @ThomasWictor , a fake hate letter allegedly sent to State Rep. Beth Fukumoto (D-Hawaii) by ‘Trump supporter’ and sent to Huffington Post been debunked even by liberals. SHAME ON YOU!

Here are some twitter take to Fukumoto’s fake hate mail.

  • ‘look at the stamps. Not voided by the post office = not mailed. Not real. I’m a liberal. Just calling it as I see it’ – Troll Hunter @thedoo2u  
  • The biggest give away is the identifier which shows the same zip as the receipient. –  🇺🇸 Patriot  🇺🇸 @US_Navy_Vet
  • The IMb scanner shows the bar code to be zip: 96813-2477, Mailer: 214522 – by Junowho@Junowhotoo  


From Thomas Wictor @ThomasWictor



  • The stamps haven’t been cancelled. She used at least two from this block. They date from 1975. Collectors’ stamps.
  • This cancellation says “Santa Clara” at the top.
  • Santa Clara is NOT Los Angeles. It’s in the Bay Area.
  • You must APPLY FOR A MAILER IDENTIFIER in order to use the Intelligent Mail barcode.
  • Guess who uses it? Commercial mailers. It’s applied by the sender.
  • Is a guy using a manual typewriter and stamps from 1975 going to have a new commercial mailing identifier to send his hate mail?
  •  Verdict: FAKE. No doubt about it. But good try, Beth! This was fun. Anything else for me to debunk?




From Huffington Post:

HONOLULU ― State Rep. Beth Fukumoto (D-Hawaii) received a letter in the mail after watching the violence unfold at the white supremacy rally in Virginia and seeing President Donald Trump’s mixed reaction to it.


“Dear Bitch,” began the note, mailed last week to the lawmaker’s Honolulu office. “Your poor grand parents got put into a camp in the USA? Boo hoo hoo ― you Japs murdered thousands of servicemen at Pearl Harbor ― did you forget that detail?”


Read more:






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( Milo ) Hawaii has landed at the forefront of a national controversy after blocking President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

According to Newsline, Hawaii’s General Attorney Doug Chin has expressed some very strong views against the order, saying it “discriminates against persons based upon national origins” and “violates our nation’s freedom of religion.”

The problem? Hawaii takes in zero refugees from the nations blocked in Trump’s order.

In 2015, Hawaii brought in a whopping seven refugees; one from the Ukraine, one from China and five from Burma – none of which are Middle Eastern countries notorious for exporting extremists.

So, as Steven Crowder puts it, “Hawaii is doing now what leftists worldwide do every day: change and enforce the rules for everyone but themselves.”

“The State of Hawaii will certainly not have any major role when it comes to refugee relocation,” reads the Newsline article. “The state however wants to play a major role in molding the immigration and resettlement policy through the legal process.”

The reality is that Hawaii is restrictive for refugees because of both the high cost of living and its location. In other words, Hawaii is the definition of an elitist state that wants to influence what the rest of the nation does.


SOURCE: Guess How Many Refugees Hawaii Accepts Annually From The Countries Trump Banned






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This sign was posted at Honolulu’s Café 8 ½.


Robert Warner, anti-Trump owner of Café 8 1/2 in Honolulu made bright yellow, handmade sign posted on the restaurant’s front glass door declares: “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

Let’s see the response he’s getting at Yelp for his intolerant, Donkeycrat, Nazi/Taliban style of discrimination.


Dave S. Dave S. Maggie Valley, NC

This place is a dump.
And now they post an anti-Trump sign in the front window. Calling people who voted for him “Nazis”?
How hypocritical can you be? “Tolerant” liberals disagree with your preference for President and so they categorize all Trump voters as Nazis?
I would never eat at a restaurant with owners this ignorant.


Keith L. Keith L. Marathon, FL

It’s a shame they are not nice to Trump supporters and cry like babies that Billary did not win.  I guess they would rather tell u that if u voted for trump u are a Nazi which I don’t think they have any clue what that means however I guess they can have all the free speech they want but no one else can

I will never go there and there are much better places to go and eat

JP O. JP O. Lansdale, PA


When the owner says in an interview with the news, “if we see someone  with a Trump stuff on WE DON’T PUT SOME THING IN THEIR FOOD”

THAT just says it right there.


Admitting openly that you did NOT voted for Trump gives all of us food-for-thought.
– One can presume that you voted for Hillary, and that you also voted for Obama twice.
– which means that you live in an idiot bubble, not cognizant of how clearly liberal policies have failed all of us (and most certainly the poorest).
– And that you cook without rational logic, serving intolerant and emotionally insecure bellyache food.
True Italians along with our wonderful Italian Immigrants of the United States… are totally ashamed of you.


TJ K.  TJ K.Racine, WI

Have been all over the world and have dined at  some of the finest restaurants on the planet, but I can assure you one thing:

I will not waste my time nor my money to go to your restaurant. You would be best served to focus on food and not on insulting millions who expressed their political choice in the voting booth.



Overrated, overpriced and bad attitude to boot. I will not be back.
The anti-Trump signs in the window do nothing for that place’s charm.



Don’t bother coming to this restaurant. Just an establishment apparently rooted in hatred and intolerance in regard to the national election results. This is the type of attitude you would expect to see during the 50s and 60s during the Civil Rights movement, but apparently the owners of this establishment haven’t matured. If I were able to give the restaurant zero stars for this display of immaturity I would, however, one star will have to do.
Avoid this place and spend you hard earned cash elsewhere.


Michael C. Michael C. Red Bank, NJ

What a bunch of bafoons..I’m proud to say I voted for TRUMP!! I hope you’re establishment sinks like a ship..bad business move


Jerry B. Jerry B. Nipomo, CA

You will never see me there. Typical liberal crybaby sore loser rhetoric. My only regret is I can’t give you zero stars.
You have bitten many hands that feed. May you go down in bankruptcy in 2017.



When a business owner takes it in upon himself to openly call people walking by Nazis; should he retain the benefit of a “cleanup process?”

Should the people who may potentially dine here remain unaware of the motivations of the man in the kitchen? And would they still want to give them their business with that knowledge? After you take away any mention of his discriminatory business statement, his Yelp page will remain as it was. Untarnished. So is it right to censor the reviews of the people who took displeasure at the actions of this dining establishment?

People log on or visit Yelp constantly to read, compliment, and/or voice a dissatisfaction for dining locales. But because this was bad enough to make the news he gets a pass? This man took it upon himself to call people Nazis based on the way they may have voted and went on to state that they -Could Not Eat There- based on that.

That is the very definition of discrimination. Other restaurants have been shut down and sued for the same practices. So should people not be made aware of this man’s intent? If someone is brazen enough to write something like that and plaster it out on the front door of their place of business, who knows what he might even do to the food of those he suspected didn’t vote a way he liked?



FOR MORE YELP REVIEWS, CLICK  – https://www.yelp.com/biz/caf%C3%A9-8-1-2-honolulu-3


Robert Warner