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Germany is running out of houses for their Muslim migrants in Hamburg – the country’s second largest city – and their only known solution is to confiscate commercial and residential buildings, renovate them ( District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties ) and then rent them out to migrants.


Gatestone Institute reports:

Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage — one that has been acutely exacerbated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than two million migrants into the country in recent years.

City officials have been seizing commercial properties and converting them into migrant shelters since late 2015, when Merkel opened German borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Now, however, the city is expropriating residential property units owned by private citizens.

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities recently confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. The units, which are owned by a private landlord, are in need of repair and have been vacant since 2012. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

The expropriation is authorized by the Hamburg Housing Protection Act (Hamburger Wohnraumschutzgesetz), a 1982 law that was updated by the city’s Socialist government in May 2013 to enable the city to seize any residential property unit that has been vacant for more than four months.

The forced lease, the first of its kind in Germany, is said to be aimed at pressuring the owners of other vacant residences in the city to make them available for rent. Of the 700,000 rental units in Hamburg, somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 (less than one percent) are believed to be vacant, according an estimate by the Hamburg Senate.




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  • By day, the city appears a charming place. German students on bicycles whizz past the 19th-century Gothic cathedral as tourists enjoy the open-air cafes and spring flowers. Yet it has the highest crime rate in this part of Germany, and by night many women dare not walk or drive alone.



( Daily Mail ) Soon after 11pm, a BMW police car with lights flashing races through a pretty park in the university city of Freiburg at the edge of Germany’s Black Forest.

Out jump four officers with torches who chase five young men stumbling under the trees, swigging vodka and shouting loudly in Arabic.

I watch as one aggressive drunk is handcuffed before being frogmarched to an ambulance and taken to hospital. The others show their identity papers and are then thrown out into a side street, where they lunge at a small woman wheeling her suitcase from the railway station nearby.

The blonde, in her 20s, neatly side-steps them and walks away to safety. This time.

It’s the end of another long evening in Freiburg, which has proudly supported German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open her country’s door to migrants from all over the globe.

A sign on a lamp-post near the Freiburg park proclaims: ‘Refugees welcome. Bring your families.’ Meanwhile, city officials tell locals to do their bit by becoming foster parents and giving their spare bedrooms to the never-ending stream of arrivals.

By day, the city appears a charming place. German students on bicycles whizz past the 19th-century Gothic cathedral as tourists enjoy the open-air cafes and spring flowers. Yet it has the highest crime rate in this part of Germany, and by night many women dare not walk or drive alone.

They go to local clubs in large groups to protect themselves from being groped, or worse, by the huge numbers of foreign men settling here.

It was in the same park that Hussein Khavari, an Afghan asylum seeker, spent much of his time drinking vodka and smoking dope. He apparently set off from near here before raping and throttling to death 19-year-old German medical student Maria Ladenburger last October.

She was cycling home at 3am from a party at her university when she was ambushed. In a crime that shocked Germany, her body was dumped by the Driesam River, on the outskirts of the Black Forest, and discovered next morning by a jogger.


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Medical student Maria Ladenburger was raped and throttled by an Afghan migrant



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Crime has increased even when compared to that committed during the influx of migrants under Angela Merkel's 'open door' policy


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no problem with her suicidal but feel good ‘open border left-wing policy’ even as she witnesses the Muslim invasion creating a huge spike of migrant crime in Germany. In 2016, crimes committed by migrants rose by more than 50 per cent. The number of suspected crimes by refugees, asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants rose to 174,438 in 2016 — an increase of 52.7 per cent, according to the interior ministry. In the meantime, the neutered Germans watch helplessly not only the invasion but inevitable death of their Aryan county.


Transcript from Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, Tuesday:



Tucker Carlson: Germany Is Attempting To Atone For Its Past By Purposefully Allowing Refugees To Hurt Them


TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Time for tonight’s reality check. In the past five years, Germany has taken in a staggering number of migrants for company to the back country its size. From 2014 to 2016, asylum applicants rose from 172,000 to 441,000, all the way up to 722,000. Now, who would’ve thought that all those migrants are having a big effect on the crime rate? Well if you thought it, give yourself a gold star.  According to the interior ministry of Germany from 2014 to 16, the number of migrant criminal suspects have tripled to more than 174,000. Is there a lesson here or should we all just pretend it’s not happening?


CARLSON: So, Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. It’s the economic engine of Europe, dominates Europe, economically. What would they do this? 

JIM HANSON: It’s the Euro-crats. It’s that, you know, PC mentality that says we want to make the world a better place. I share that, you know, I share that. I want to help people who are in trouble. That doesn’t mean you should uproot them, let them move and bring all of them to a country where they don’t have the ability to fit in. I mean, you’ve got right now 50% of German women saying they’re scared to go out at night alone. That’s a problem. Even the 50% rise in crime stats is an artificially low number they because the police are being told to minimize the number of crimes they report as immigrant related. You know, the Euro-crats don’t want the results of their insane policies exposed. It’s a bad situation.

CARLSON: That’s, what you’re describing there is masochism. You’re describing a country that wants to hurt itself.

HANSON: Or that feels guilty. You know, there’s a concept of liberal guilt where they want to wear that hair shirt, they want to make things better because they feel bad about what they have. And . I think Angela Merkel is a perfect example of that and the ruling class in Germany wants to make up for bad things in their past.


HANSON: Wants to do the right thing because they’re good liberals and progressives. And in this case, what they think is the right thing is an awful thing. And for them, for France, for the Scandinavian countries, they always want to hold out as an example of how to have a social democracy. It doesn’t work.



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A refugee with machete drags, then rape a German woman from her tent as boyfriend was forced to watch the crime.


The Daily Mail reported:


A refugee from Ghana has been arrested for dragging a young woman from her tent and raping her while she was on a camping holiday with her boyfriend.

The young couple were on a camping trip in the Siegaue Nature Reserve, north of the former German capital of Bonn, when they were approached by a machete-wielding man at about 12.30am on Sunday last week.

The boyfriend was forced to watch as the attacker violated his 23-year-old lover.

The boyfriend, 26, who had also been threatened by the man, contacted police and medical responders took her to hospital.

A photofit picture of the attacker led to his arrest on Saturday and DNA testing confirmed his guilt, according to police.

He tried to flee when police moved in to arrest him, flinging a rucksack at one officer.





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( Breitbart  by Charlie Spiering )  President Donald Trump reacted to questions about his claims that the Obama administration had “wiretapped” Trump Tower.

After a German reporter asked if Trump regretted his tweets, he replied, “Very seldom.”

“As far as wiretapping, I guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps,” Trump said as some of the media and the president’s staff laughed. Merkel looked at the president and then shuffled her note cards while looking at her podium.


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  • In a government report published last month by the German newspaper Rheinische Post, experts recommended an annual intake of up to 300,000 migrants a year for the next 40 years, to counter lower German birth rates.
  • According to these official estimates, Germany will have to take in 12 million migrants to keep the current size of the German population — 82 million — stable through 2060.
  • As they embark on a bizarre social engineering project on a continental scale, members of Germany’s political class evidently do not see the need to consult even their own electorates. Instead, they apparently believe in creating irreversible facts on the ground, and giving voting rights to migrants permanently residing in Germany.





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9 Iraqis gang rape German woman, trial starts this week

By David Frankenhuis

( Gatestone Europe ) In Austria, this Tuesday a court case will start against 9 Iraqi men for drugging, kidnapping, and gang raping a female tourist from Germany nearly 14 months ago in the capital of Vienna. The attack, during New Year’s Eve of 2015, was aimed at Julia S., a 29-year-old teacher who had come to visit her friend Mechthild H., 28, who lived in the Austrian city. Together, they were going to celebrate the New Year.

The women headed into town for drinks and, after becoming slightly tipsy, decided to visit a restaurant because they “felt cold,” Julia tells Kronen Zeitung. She was soon joined at her table in the diner by a group of men that started serving her vodka. Via the drinks, the later victim was possibly drugged.

Mechthild then lost track of her friend in the restaurant, where Julia had been carried away by four of the men to an apartment inhabited by two of them plus some female relatives. There, 5 more men were waiting. After Julia had been stripped of her clothes the gang rape took place, lasting for over two hours. According to the charges, some of the Iraqi migrants violated Julia more than once.