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African-Americans in Georgia: The Democratic Party needs you to make a short trip to Alabama on December 12 and vote against the right-wing Republican Senate candidate and child molester Roy Moore If you need transportation, we have buses available. Call 202 863-8000

Voter fraud! The Democrat Party is giving free bus rides for black voters from Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee to go to Alabama and vote against GOP candidate Roy Moore on December 12. The phone number listed in the title to the thread in r/Georgia is the phone number for the D.C. office of the DNC ( Democratic National Committee 430 South Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003. Main phone number: 202863-8000. ).





Video shows nurses LAUGHING as 89-year-old World War 2 veteran dies in Georgia nursing home

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Georgia nurses laugh as WW2 veteran dies in video


( Daily Mail ) This is the chilling moment a group of nurses laughed as a World War II veteran died in a Georgia care home.

The nurses were meant to be fixing an oxygen mask onto 89-year-old James Dempsey after he called for help saying he couldn’t breathe.

But a surveillance camera captured them laughing as the breathing machine failed, and Dempsey fell unconscious, and records show they waited an hour to call 911.

One of the nurses is seen laughing so hard she is doubled over Dempsey’s deathbed.

Initially, Dempsey’s family in Woodstock, Georgia, thought he had died of natural causes in Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2014.

However, his son Tim had promised they would install a hidden camera when he first moved in there as he feared mistreatment.

Weeks after Dempsey’s death, Tim reviewed the footage – and what he saw sparked a three-year legal battle.

Despite watching the video in court in 2015, the nurses kept their licenses until now that local television station WXIA-TV/11Alive persuaded the court to release the footage to the public.


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Gasping for air: At first, Dempsey is seen calling for help and gasping for air - unanswered from 4.35am to 4.42am on February 27, 2014

Shawnetta D. Reece: gym teacher arrested over sex with 15-year-old boy strikes again, sexually assaulted an 18 years old

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Middle school PE teacher arrested for sex with student


A Georgia gym teacher who is facing charges for allegedly molesting a 15-year-old boy has been charged again over a second student who police say she assaulted two years ago.

Shawnetta D. Reece, 40, was first arrested in August over her relationship with a 15-year-old who police say she molested in 2013.

The woman was working as a gym teacher at Union County Middle School at the time and the boy was moving from the eighth grade into the ninth grade.

…In August, the bureau announced her arrest over her relationship with the 15-year-old boy.

At the time, they said she had been ‘sexually involved’ with the child.

‘The student was moving from the 8th grade into the 9th grade during this time.

‘As a result of the investigation, Reece has been arrested for child molestation and sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority,’ the bureau said.

There was no information on whether Reece was granted bail following her second arrest on Friday night.


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A woman bathes in produce section of Kroger Supermarket in Stone Mountain, Georgia slap two men and police were called.

This video was taken on September 3, 2017.

The description on the video’s YouTube page says:

Emmanuel Gabriel Scott is feeling confused at Kroger (965 N Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain, GA).

“I just witnessed a woman slap two random people in store for no apparent reason. When approached by the Loss Prevention department, she immediately started to scream “rape and abuse.” When the police were called, she ran to jump in the fresh produce and began to bathe.”







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BAXLEY, Ga. – Police are hoping surveillance video that captured a violent attack will help them find the people responsible.

Video obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter beaten by two customers. It happened Thursday afternoon in Baxley, Georgia.

The victims told police the suspects were unhappy with their order. The verbal argument turned violent when one of the suspects began punching the restaurant owner repeatedly.

When the victim’s teenage daughter came out of the car to break up the fight, the male suspect punched her in the face.

Baxley police have issued warrants for the suspects, Nathaniel Smith and Latasha Smith, according to our ABC affiliate in Savannah WJCL. The pair could be charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

The suspects drove away from the restaurant in a cream or tan Cadillac Escalade with tag number REU8495. Officials say they headed north on Highway 144.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Baxley Police Department at 912-367-8305 or the 911 call center at 912-367-8111




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Democrat heads are exploding as Donald Trump Jr. mocks Democrats on twitter after Democrat Jon Ossoff defeat by GOP Karen Handel in Georgia special election. Ossoff spent more than $30 million and has nine times as many donors from California as from Georgia plus the usual celebrity endorsement.


Donald Trump Jr. on twitter:

  • Congratulations dems that’s the most expensive participation medal ev… um since November.
  • After dems spent more $ than any Cong race in history it should be. 9 to 1 $ from California vs GA if I recall correctly.
  • Polls were wrong, again. No surprise. We deliver results, the Dems raise $ from the coasts while not even living where they want to serve.
  • “I look forward to hearing about the Democrat’s moral victory for the next 2-3 weeks.”
  • “Dems now 0-4 in all their “referendum” special elections,but hey there’s a bright side.. they tell me they’re 4-4 in moral victories. #maga”
  • “Hey Media, instead of saying Democrats LOST say Republicans WON! Trump agenda is popular… #TellTheTruth #maga”
  • The democrats could not have put more into this race. They spent the most $ EVER and LOST. Maybe they will start working with POTUS?


The race in Georgia’s 6th district is the most expensive House race in US history.

More than $50 million was spent on the race to replace Rep. Tom Price in the US House.





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Looks like a funeral at CNN after GOP Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff Tuesday night.

Sour anchor Don Lemon also complained why Karen Handel’s victory is ‘breaking news’

CNN’s Lemon: A Republican Winning in Georgia ‘Shouldn’t Be Breaking News’

“What’s interesting is that, breaking news, a Republican wins in Georgia, it shouldn’t be breaking news”