STUDY: Conservatives Control the Purse Strings in America – Purchasing 60% of All Products and Services

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  •  57% of the purchasing power in the US is by Republican or conservative households.  This is nearly 3 out of 5 household dollars are spent by conservative households.  If you take away California and New York the results would be even more lopsided.
  • 36 of the 39 poorest districts in America were Democratic districts.


( The Gateway Pundit by Joe Hoft ) Our study shows that conservatives in the US control the purchasing power of nearly 60% of all household purchases in the country.  

We performed an analysis to determine whether conservatives or liberals account for more of the purchases of products and services in the US.  To determine this we obtained various sources of data.

We first obtained the most recent information we could find regarding purchasing power per US household per state. This data was readily available from 2015.  Next we obtained the number of households per state which was available from the US Census Bureau along with population.  Finally, we obtained the number of representatives per party in the House of Representative for the same time period (2015).  We used the US House of Representatives as it is a good estimate of the level of conservative versus liberal households in a state.

By multiplying the purchasing power per household by the number of representatives per party per state we derived the purchasing power equivalent for each party.


Our results show that 57% of the purchasing power in the US is by Republican or conservative households.  This is nearly 3 out of 5 household dollars are spent by conservative households.  If you take away California and New York the results would be even more lopsided.

The results of our study are not shocking.  In May of 2014 we performed an analysis of Congressional Districts at that time.  The outcome of that study showed similar results.  We collected the 2012 US census data housed at the government census site.  We also obtained a list of Congressional Representatives and their party affiliation from the US Congressional website for the 113th Congress voted into office starting in 2012.

What we found from the US Census data was that Democrats were the party of the super rich with 14 of the top 20 richest districts in America being Democratic districts at that time.

But what was also found was that 36 of the 39 poorest districts in America were Democratic districts.

(Note that the data used at that time did not include the US territories of Guam, Samoa, Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico which are also represented by Democrats and are also very poor districts.)

The working class districts were represented by Republicans by almost a two-to-one ratio.

If you excluded the 20 richest districts and the bottom 39 poorest districts there were 225 Republican working class districts and only 152 Democrat working class districts.  Republicans overwhelmingly represented the middle class districts by almost a two-to-one ratio. 

The middle class has the purchasing power in the US and the middle class predominantly votes Republican. 

US corporations take note because conservatives are the people who buy your products and services. 


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WOW! US Unemployment Claims in April at Lowest Level since 1988,  lowest level in 28 years. Only 1.9 million Americans received  unemployment insurance benefits at the end of April.

Another thing:  Averaging over the past four weeks, total unemployment benefit claims are running at the lowest rate since 1974, despite the workforce being 75 percent bigger.


The Washington Examiner reported:

The end of April saw the fewer workers getting unemployment benefits than anytime in the last 28 years, the Department of Labor reported Thursday in a sign of the labor market’s increasing health.

Just 1.9 million people received unemployment insurance benefits at the end of the month, the fewest since 1988. Benefits are available for up to 26 weeks in most states.

Even more engouraging: Averaging over the past four weeks, total unemployment benefit claims are running at the lowest rate since 1974, despite the workforce being 75 percent bigger.

Thursday’s report also showed new jobless claims dropping to 236,000 in the first week of May, an extremely low level.



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Why the media and Democrats hate Donald Trump? Because he’s succeeding where Barack Obama failed – the economy! Trump revving up the economy is the most hated sight, the most disgusting, the most unacceptable, the most heinous, the most scary, as far as liberal media and the Democrats are concerned. To create an ugly narrative, the media latched on to fake Russia news because the last thing they want is to cover the good economic news under Trump’s new administration.

Since Trump took office, nothing but great news on jobs, economy and stock market. Except for retail market, real estate, construction, manufacturing and other sectors are enjoying a new surge, with some in historic proportion – and that’s what makes the liberal media and the Democrats puke 24/7.


Under Obama, manufacturing industry suffered like a crippled, wounded dog. With Trump, it’s different and the optimism is soaring high ( Link : Trump: Manufacturing ‘Optimism’ Hits ’20-Year Record High’ | The … )

Eric Bolling of Fox News gave Trump an ‘A’ for economy. The liberal media? silent as crickets.

…making America better is what he is doing.  Jobs which were planned for deportation are staying put and criminal illegals who were planning on staying put are being deported.  The economy is roaring back to life.  Consumer confidence this week topped the 16 year high not seen since before 9-11.  Home prices spiked to a 31 month high as well.  And get this, yesterday [March 31] ended the first Quarter.  Want a report card for Trump’s first Quarter, just open up your 401k statement.  That will put a new smile on your whole family’s face.

So ignore the elite media who are busy buzzing the hive for controversy.  They really don’t matter and there is isn’t one.  Give the man a chance. He’s doing great.  What really matters to American families is the economy, and on that he gets an ‘A’.”





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On the hunt: Job hunting is a sign that people feel comfortable about the range of opportunities available on the job market - an indication that the economy is growing

  • More Americans are quitting jobs now than any time since February 2001
  • January’s quit rate was 3.2 million, compared to 2.9 million the previous year
  • Quit rate dropped massively from 2007-2010 as the economic crisis led to layoffs
  • There are other signs that the US is growing economically this year
  • CEO and small business expectations are both up according to surveys
  • And more people aged 25-54 are working now than any time since 2011 


( Daily Mail ) More Americans are ditching their jobs than at any point since 2001, according to new statistics from the Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS).

In January 2017, 3.2 million people in the US gave their bosses the boot – up from 2.9 million in January 2016, and the highest since February 2001.

That’s the latest in a seven-year-long-climb from the grim lows of mid-2009, and a sign of a confident economy, Yahoo News reported.

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Trump is creating REAL economic boom! Under Obama, unemployment rate went down because people stopped looking for jobs that’s why 94 million Americans were out of labor force despite of decrease of unemployment rate every year. With Trump, unemployment will go down because jobs are growing from every sector and Americans would be employed.

Click links below for details:


Trump has the golden touch in first full month in office: Construction boom fuels jobs growth, unemployment is down and wages are up 

Job growth strong in Feb; Wages Up…
Record Number of Americans Employed…
Manufacturing TRIPLED Growth in Gov’t Jobs…
Construction largest gain in 10 years…
WIRE: Better by Almost Any Measure…
Debt Decreases $60B Since Inauguration…
Trump team promotes his first 50 days…







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Obama mocked Trump last June on his promise of bringing back jobs, ‘What magic wand do you have?’ Hey Obama, looks like Trump has a magic wand because jobs are booming left and right. As what Trump tweeted after ADP jobs report:

‘Great news. We are only just beginning. Together, we are going to ! ‘

Trump’s first full month in office brings massive employment boom as U.S. companies added whopping 298,000 new jobs in February 

  • U.S. companies added a whopping 298,000 new jobs in February, beating economists’ expectations by more than 100,000.
  • January’s new-jobs numbers were also revised upward on Wednesday from 246,000 to 261,000.

US private jobs see biggest surge in 6 years: payroll firm ADP

  • Total private payrolls increased an eye-popping 298,000 in the month, beating the consensus forecast for a 180,000 rise, and outpacing the strong 261,000 increase in January, which was revised up from the initial figure.
  • It was the biggest increase in private employment since April 2011.
  • But the highlight of the data was the goods-producing industries which posted the biggest increase in the history of the report, going back to April 2002. The sector added 106,000 workers last month, while services firms increased 193,000.
  • ADP reported a gain of 32,000 manufacturing jobs, taking the sector to its highest level since January 2009.


U.S. private payrolls surge on gains in construction, manufacturing

  • The ADP National Employment Report showed on Wednesday that private payrolls grew by 298,000 jobs last month, the largest increase since December 2015. The gain was well above economists’ expectations for a 190,000 increase.
  • Construction payrolls jumped by 66,000 jobs last month, the sector’s second largest gain since the ADP series started 15 years ago. The surge likely reflected unseasonably mild weather that kept crews at building sites.


FLASHBACK! In June 2016, Obama mocked Trump about the Carrier Corp jobs in Indiana.

“When somebody says like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exectly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh-uh no answer to it. He just says. “I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.










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The Philadelphia Fed reported on Thursday that manufacturing index in February soars to 33-year-high under Trump – Best numbers since 1983 and Reagan.

Charles Payne reported the news today on FOX Business Channel:

Charles Payne: I will say there is a lot of evidence building that the American renaissance in manufacturing has begun. Now you and I are both nerds so I was extremely excited when the empire fed came out for manufacturing in New York. That was on Wednesday. Yesterday, the Philly Fed report was mind-boggling. Neil, I went through all the data and I had to go back to 1983 for a higher number. It is mind-boggling! This is not symptoms. These are manufacturers and their orders are coming in HUGE!