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  •  Trump dossier author Christopher Steele appears for court-ordered deposition which took place for took four hours and was held in a private office.
  • There were more than a dozen people in the room: Mr. Gubarev’s two U.S. attorneys and his two British attorneys; two BuzzFeed attorneys and their two local counsel; Mr. Steele and his legal team; two representatives from the government, to make sure no state secrets came out; a court master; and a stenographer and a videographer.


By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Monday, June 18, 2018

Anti-Trump dossier writer Christopher Steele on Monday underwent his first adversarial questioning since his unverified charges were posted by BuzzFeed in January 2017.

Mr. Steele, a former British spy, has so far evaded requests by U.S. congressional committees to appear as a witness.

He is being sued for libel by Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech entrepreneur, who Mr. Steele said in his dossier was responsible for hacking Democratic Party computers and infecting them with spyware and pornography.

A British master ruled in March that Gubarev, who is also suing BuzzFeed, was entitled to question Mr. Steele within certain parameters.

The session happened Monday in London.


“I can confirm that the deposition took place today as scheduled, that Mr. Steele appeared, was professional and congenial and that we are satisfied with the results of the deposition,” Val Gurvits, a Gubarev attorney, told The Washington Times in an email. “I cannot, however, give you any details regarding Mr. Steele’s testimony because his entire testimony was designated as confidential by his legal team.”

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  • Putin oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, had a business dispute with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort
  • Deripaska has relationship with dossier author Christopher Steele
  •  A confirmed link between Deripaska and Jonathan Winer, Obama State Department official, involved in passing anti-Trump claims to Steele during the period that the dossier was compiled
  • In 2005, Deripaska hired the Alston & Bird law firm to lobby on his behalf
  • Winer at the time was a partner at Alston & Bird. He was the individual who filed the forms to represent Deripaska, Reuters reported at the time.
  • Jonathan Winer: “In 2013, I returned to the State Department at the request of Secretary of State John F. Kerry”
  • In the Post piece, Winer related that while he was at the State Department, he repeatedly passed Russia-related documents from Steele to State officials, including to Victoria Nuland, a career diplomat who worked under the Clintons and served as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs under Kerry. “Over the next two years, I shared more than 100 of Steele’s reports with the Russia experts at the State Department, who continued to find them useful,” he wrote.



The detail, being brought to light herein, may raise immediate questions about the origins of the dossier. The oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, had a reported business dispute with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, is closely tied to Putin and has long been viewed as pushing Russian national interests.

Already, there have been questions about Deripaska’s possible relationship with dossier author Christopher Steele amid reports that the billionaire may have served as a source for the dossier itself.

Also, recently leaked text messages show extensive communication between a Russia-connected lawyer and Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The attorney, Adam Waldman, was a paid lobbyist for Deripaska.  The messages show Warner attempted to arrange a meeting with Steele through Waldman.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley recently sent a letter to an attorney believed to be working for Deripaska asking whether the lawyer had hired Steele’s private firm, Orbis Business Intelligence Limited, to do work on behalf of Deripaska. A recent New Yorker article profiling Steele also raised the possibility that Deripaska was one of Steele’s private clients.

At a hearing last month, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) asked FBI Director Christopher Wray whether there was information that Steele was working with Deripaska when he compiled the dossier. Wray responded that he could not answer the question at a public hearing.


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Russia tie runs through Kerry’s State Dept.


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Christopher Steele - Sergei Skripal - Police


The Russian double agent poisoned along with his daughter in Salisbury, England last weekend is linked to former British Spy Christopher Steele, reports The Telegraph.


Zerohedge via The Telegraph UK reports:

Col Sergei Skripal – who is currently in intensive care after he and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a suspected nerve agent – was recruited by MI6 while working at the British embassy in Estonia, according to Russian intelligence services.

When Russia discovered that Skripal had allegedly been paid $100,000 by MI6 to expose undercover Russian intelligence agents in 2006 – the same year Russian double-agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. In 2010, however, Skripal was one of four prisoners released by Moscow in exchange for 10 US spies – after which he moved to the UK and befriended an employee of Christopher Steele.

The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier. –Telegraph




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  • In September, 2016 dossier Christopher Steele briefed John Kerry’s colleague/aide Jonathan Winer on the dossier at a Washington Hotel.
  • Winer later shared it with Jon Finer, then chief of staff Kerry.
  • Jonathan Winer: “Over the next two years, I shared more than 100 of Steele’s reports with the Russia experts at the State Department, who continued to find them useful.”
  • Information uncovered by the Senate Judiciary Committee and revealed in its criminal referral of Steele to the Department of Justice that several Clinton allies were also connected to the State Department and the dossier.
  • Sidney Blumenthal, a close confidant of Hillary Clinton, and Cody Shearer, a former journalist who went on to work for the Clintons, appeared to be feeding Steele information.


Sara Carter reports:

The House Select Committee on Intelligence is now investigating former Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s possible role into the unverified dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign, this reporter has learned. The dossier, assembled by a former British spy, laid the foundation for the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia and was the essential piece of evidence used by the FBI to get a warrant to spy on a former volunteer for the Trump campaign.

For more than a month, the committee has been in its second phase of investigations focused on former Obama State Department officials and their role in either transmitting information or using information provided by former British spy and investigator Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by embattled research firm Fusion GPS, also under several congressional and Senate investigations. […]

Jonathan Winer, a long-time colleague of Kerry and who served as the former envoy for Libya during his tenure at the Department, wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post on Feb. 8, defending his relationship with Steele and his role in the infamous dossier.

…in September, 2016 Steele briefed Winer on the dossier at a Washington Hotel, according to an expose recently published in The New Yorker. Winer prepared his summary and shared it with former Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and Jon Finer, who was then chief of staff Kerry. Kerry was then briefed by Finer several days later, according to the report.

In February, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, sent a dozen letters, containing ten questions, to former high-ranking Obama administration officials demanding full disclosure of their knowledge of the unverified dossier. Committee officials are in the process of determining how many senior officials within the Obama administration, like Kerry, were aware of the dossier.



Dossier author Christopher Steele Claimed DNC ‘Hack’ Involved Russian Agents ‘Within the Democratic Party’

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The New Yorker reports:

On July 26, 2016, after WikiLeaks disseminated the D.N.C. e-mails, Steele filed yet another memo, this time claiming that the Kremlin was “behind” the hacking, which was part of a Russian cyber war against Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Many of the details seemed far-fetched: Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” as well as Russian émigrés in the U.S. and “associated offensive cyber operators.”


SEAN HANNITY: The Senate releases ‘Memo 2.0,’ and it should scare you

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  • While working on a second dossier for Clinton opposition research firm Fusion GPS, Steele was being fed information directly from the Obama State Department and from Clinton allies as well as his usual, sketchy Russian sources.


By Sean Hannity | Fox News                                          

Hot on the heels of the House memo exposing deep state corruption comes an equally explosive document from the Senate that shows the story behind the phony dossier is even worse than you thought.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have released a heavily redacted, yet very revealing copy of their criminal referral against ex-British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the dubious dossier we now know was parlayed into a FISA warrant by Trump-hating operatives at the Justice Department.


Grassley and Graham tell us that, while working on a second dossier for Clinton opposition research firm Fusion GPS, Steele was being fed information directly from the Obama State Department and from Clinton allies as well as his usual, sketchy Russian sources. That’s right, teams Clinton and Obama were working with a foreign spy to undermine then-candidate Donald Trump.

” … Mr. Steele’s memorandum states that his company received this report from (redacted), U.S. State Department, and that the report was the second in the series, and that the report was information that came from a foreign sub source who is in touch with a contact of (redacted), a friend of the Clintons who passed it to (redacted).”

The Grassley-Graham memo goes on to say “it’s troubling enough that the Clinton campaign funded Mr. Steele’s work, but [worse] that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele’s allegations. It raises huge additional concerns about his credibility.”

So, in addition to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paying $12 million for a phony, fake-news Russian propaganda dossier to influence the election, we now learn that her associates and the Obama State Department teamed up with Russian sources to funnel allegations to Steele for a second dossier.

The senators are also accusing Christopher Steele of lying either to the FBI or to the British courts.

“There is substantial evidence suggesting that Mr. Steele materially misled the FBI about a key aspect of his dossier efforts, one which bears on his credibility,” they wrote.

This Grassley-Graham memo also details how Steele was using his first phony dossier to brief several mainstream media outlets, you know, the folks who bring you fake news, in the summer and the fall of 2016. British court records show Steele acknowledged he peddled his memo to The New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo News, The New Yorker, and, of course, CNN.

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Steele, Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr


  • Bogus dossier author Christopher Steele was “desperate” to see Trump defeated in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Steele told then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose own wife worked at Fusion GPS while it crafted the dossier, met with Steele, who told Ohr he was “desperate” to see Trump defeated 
  • Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS.


The memo reads:

The [Trump campaign advisor] Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. [Clinton campaign law firm] Perkins Coie was aware of Steele’s initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington D.C. in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed. (Emphasis in original).

In the article, Isikoff makes repeated reference to “a well-placed Western intelligence source” and “intelligence reports” being received by “U.S. officials.” We now know that the well-placed Western intelligence source was, in fact, Steele himself. The intelligence reports being received were, in fact, the dossier itself, passed on to American intelligence agencies by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

The dossier, which then-FBI Director James Comey called “salacious and unverified,” was steadily discredited for months before the FBI and DOJ are alleged in the House Intelligence Committee memo to have made their initial FISA warrant application for Page.

Elsewhere in the House Intelligence Committee memo, it is alleged that then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose own wife worked at Fusion GPS while it crafted the dossier, met with Steele, who told Ohr he was “desperate” to see Trump defeated in the 2016 presidential election. The FBI and DOJ also concealed this fact.

In October 2016, when the application for a FISA warrant for Page was submitted, Isikoff’s article, therefore, would have appeared as less politically biased alternative source for the information in the dossier DOJ and the FBI knew was politically compromised. The House Intelligence Committee memo strongly suggests this was the motivation in showing the FISC judges the piece from Yahoo! News.

Page sued Yahoo’s parent company “Oath, Inc.” over Isikoff’s article in September 2017, alleging defamation. Oath is itself a subsidiary of Verizon and also owns the similarly left-leaning HuffPo, which Steele also included in his lawsuit for publishing an article similar to Isikoff’s.

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Yahoo! News Article on Dossier Cited by FBI — Based on Steele’s Own Leaks!