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Another Barack Obama picture with no wedding ring. Hmmm.

A viral selfie of former President Obama, a young mother and her six-month old baby girl at Anchorage International Airport is making the internet rounds today. The viral question: where’s the wedding ring? I say, where’s Michelle? Is their Fake Marriage over?

Yahoo reports:

An Alaska mother is cherishing cellphone photos she snapped of her wide-eyed 6-month-old baby in the arms of former President Barack Obama.

Jolene Jackinsky was at Anchorage International Airport on Monday looking for an airline when she ended up in a waiting area for private flights where a man she thought looked like Obama was sitting.

“As I got closer, I thought: Oh my God, it is Obama,” she recalled Friday from Newhalen, a small Alaska village where she’s vacationing.

Obama then walked up to her and asked “Who is this pretty girl?”

They chatted about how fast children grow while Obama carried baby Giselle. Jackinsky took a few photos of a smiling Obama carrying Giselle, who was wearing a straw hat with a white ribbon.

Obama told them he was headed home from a vacation, Jackinsky said.


Obama Pontificates on Global Stage: ‘I Believe Deeply that the Liberal International Order…Is the Only Choice’

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  • Obama: “I believe deeply that the liberal international the only choice”


Breitbart by Penny Starr3 Jul 2017

On Monday, Obama spoke at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul and met with President Moon Jae-in — just days after the leader met with President Donald Trump at the White House.

“President Moon Jae-in renewed his resolve to pursue sanctions and dialogue to tackle North Korea’s nuclear program during a meeting with former U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday, saying now is the ‘last chance’ for the regime to return to the negotiating table,” the Korea Herald reported.

“During the 40-minute talk, Moon shared the results of his recent summit with his incumbent U.S. counterpart Donald Trump, asking for Obama’s advice on ways to advance the relationship,” the Korea Herald reported.

“President Trump and I agreed to continue to apply sanctions and pressure to resolve the North’s nuclear and missile issues, while pursuing dialogue in parallel,” Moon said, according to his press secretary Yoon Young-chan.

… At the conference, where Obama met with his “old friend,” former President Lee Myung-bak, the former president took a jab at Trump over his decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris climate change agreement and expressed his belief in an “international order.”

“In Paris, we came together around the most ambitious agreement in history to fight climate change — an agreement that, even with the temporary absence of American leadership, will still give our children a fighting chance,” Obama said.

….Obama said. “I believe deeply that the liberal international order; order based not just on military power or national affiliations, but on principles — the rule of law, human rights and individual freedoms — is the only choice.”

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  • Trump White House has 377 employees, Barack Obama had 487
  • Melania Trump has 5 staffers, Michelle Obama had 24
  • Michelle Obama had 24 “assistants, advisors, schedulers, directors, deputies, advance aides, associates, social and press secretaries and other helpers.”
  • White House budget is projected to save American taxpayers $22 million over the next four years


High-maintenance Michelle Obama had 24 White House staffers.

Melania Trump only has 5.

Forbes reports that the Trump administration’s annual report – released to Congress on Friday – covers 377 White House employees and projects a $5.1 million in payroll cuts for the financial year of 2015.Overall will save taxpayers $22 million over the next four years.

Meanwhile, Obama administration’s payroll had 110 more payees, according to government watchdog group

Forbes states, “savings come from President Trump’s refusal to take a salary as well as big reductions in other areas including the absence of czars, expensive ‘fellowships,’ and spending on FLOTUS staff.”

“Our review of the Trump White House payroll confirms five staffers dedicated to First Lady Melania Trump,” Forbes states, adding that Michelle Obama had 24, including “assistants, advisors, schedulers, directors, deputies, advance aides, associates, social and press secretaries and other helpers.”

Forbes lists Melania Trump’s staff as containing a chief of staff, director of communications, social secretary, deputy chief of staff of operations and deputy director of advance.

Of the “fellowship” positions, Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston describes such positions as “shady” and reports that said employees were “responsible for such special programs as Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative and others.”

“Some of these ‘fellowship’ candidates in Obama’s administration made up to $158,000 annually,” Huston continues.

Such positions appear to have been eliminated in the Trump administration’s budget.


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Barack Obama warns of “ an aggressive kind of nationalism” – how about aggressive and dangerous kind of ‘religionism’ like radical Islam? Obama also praises Islamic Indonesia for its ‘tolerance and its Constitution.’

INDONESIA ‘TOLERANCE’ IS FAKE NEWS! Indonesia adopts sharia law and when there’s sharia, there’s zero tolerance. The country has increased its crackdown on LGBT communities. Last month, two men in Aceh were publicly flogged for being gay. Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, an ethnic-Chinese Christian, was sentenced in May to two years in prison for blasphemy in a trial that came after mass Islamist-led rallies last year.

JAKARTA (Reuters) – When an angry mob of Islamists threatened to burn down a place hosting a gay and lesbian film festival in Jakarta in 2010, Indonesian police came to protect those staging it.

A volunteer at the festival, Adi, 28, now fears that instead of safeguarding their rights authorities are targeting his community, forcing them to hide their lifestyles or even consider moving abroad.

Indonesia’s Islamists have long sought to criminalize gay sex. The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), the vigilante group that threatened the now defunct Q! film festival in Jakarta, has previously broken up what they said were gay parties and then urged the police to detain the men. But what is sending a new chill through the gay community is that police seem to have taken on the vice patrol role themselves. In May, officers detained 141 men in a raid on the Atlantis sauna, accusing them of involvement in a gay prostitution ring in a part of Jakarta that is also home to many heterosexual “spas”.

A month earlier, police raided a hotel in Indonesia’s second-biggest city of Surabaya over an alleged “sex party” and made the 14 detained men undergo HIV tests before publicly releasing the results, local media reports said.


ABC News reports:

“The spirit of this country has to be one of tolerance. It’s enshrined in Indonesia’s constitution, it’s symbolized by mosques and temples and churches beside each other,” Obama said. “That spirit is one of the defining things about Indonesia. It is one of the most important characteristics to set as an example for other Muslim countries around the world.”


Here’s Obama’s speech on the danger of adopting an “an aggressive kind of nationalism.”

Via The Guardian:

Barack Obama has called on the world to stand up for tolerance, moderation and respect for others – warning that sectarian politics could lead to chaos and violence.

The former US president said some countries had adopted “ “an aggressive kind of nationalism” and “increased resentment of minority groups”, in a speech in Indonesia on Saturday that could be seen as a commentary on the US as well as Indonesia.

But he said that increased prosperity had been accompanied by new global problems, adding that as the world confronts issues ranging from inequality to terrorism, some countries – both developed and less developed – had adopted a more aggressive and isolationist stance.

“If we don’t stand up for tolerance and moderation and respect for others, if we begin to doubt ourselves and all that we have accomplished, then much of the progress that we have made will not continue,” he said.

“What we will see is more and more people arguing against democracy, we will see more and more people who are looking to restrict freedom of the press, and we’ll see more intolerance, more tribal divisions, more ethnic divisions, and religious divisions and more violence.”





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  • Obama “trips are like the lifestyles of the rich and famous,”
  • Every time Obama opens his mouth, the fair question is: Which billionaire’s paradise island did he do it from?
  • Liberal HBO host John Oliver : “I’m a little sick of seeing photos of President Obama on vacation “


( Fox News ) Ex-presidents, understandably and un-controversially, go on vacations immediately after leaving office. But the level of luxury the Obamas enjoy on their vacations is unprecedented for a modern-day president, say travel experts.

Since leaving office in late January, Obama has visited late actor Marlon Brando’s private island; the Four Seasons in Bali — where rooms cost upward of $2,000 per night; a Palm Springs estate; Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island; the exclusive Mid Pacific Country Club in Oahu; the 13th-century Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany; and the Rising Sun, Hollywood studio mogul David Geffen’s private yacht.



“These are some of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world. Many of our clients spend tens of thousands of dollars or more to stay at these resorts, which cater to the most discriminating and demanding guests,” said Kendra Thornton, travel expert and owner of luxury travel agency Royal Travel. “For example, Necker Island has a nightly price tag of $80,000. Anyone who stays at these properties does so because they want the best of the best.”

“These trips are like the lifestyles of the rich and famous,” said Democratic strategist Pat Caddell. The former adviser to ex-President Jimmy Carter believes that President Obama’s vacations are unprecedented, and a far cry from how Carter spent his first few months out of office.


“I think the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, when they see President Obama, whom they instinctively want to defend being the corporatist president, I think it makes the base uneasy,” said Caddell.

Left-wing activists told Fox News they are troubled by what they see as a trend by Obama to distance himself from the base of the party. It’s not just vacations. The president also has enjoyed hefty fees for speeches to prominent Wall Street firms. It’s all part of a trend, they say, of Obama trying to join the fabled 1 percent.


…..The left-wing media is also worried about Obama’s luxury vacations.

“I’ll tell you who should kick back a little less,” said HBO host John Oliver in an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night Monday. “This might be controversial – I’m a little sick of seeing photos of President Obama on vacation with Richard Branson. Just tone it down with the kite-surfing pictures. I’m glad he’s having a nice time – America is on fire.”

…“I think every time Obama opens his mouth, the fair question is: Which billionaire’s paradise island did he do it from? When is he going to do anything to help people other than enrich himself?” Caddell said. “How can he possibly be doing things? How do you do things from Marlon Brando’s island? It’s in stark contrast to Carter.”

“Obama has a right to do whatever he wants,” Caddell said. “But these trips really are a little bit rich.”

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Considered a "place of special significance" by the Italian government, Phillips had to abide by various laws while renovating the property.




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Barack Obama Plans Return to Campaign Trail to Save Democrats


Untouchable Obama is never blamed for anything by the Democrat Party – not even the fact that the Democrats suffered huge losses at every level during his West Wing tenure.

The grand total: a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

And this fall, the Democrat candidates want the curse of Obama to hit the campaign trail with them, because you never know, his Obama magic may show up again.

From Breitbart:

Obama is expected to campaign for Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a rare decision for a former president. The decision shows that Democrats appear helpless without Obama, hoping that he will help them recapture the magic.

Northam has tried to nationalize the race by positioning himself as an anti-Trump Democrat.

“I’ve been listening carefully to Donald Trump, and I think he’s a narcissistic maniac,” Northam said in his campaign ads during the primaries.


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American student Otto Warmbier, 22, has died days after he was released from captivity in North Korea. He was surrounded by family members at the time of his death, hospital officials said.

While Otto’s father, Fred Warmbier, thanked President Trump for bringing back their son, he slammed former president Barack Obama for their handling of the situation where they were told to keep quiet about his captivity.

Otto’s father noted he was never granted a face to face interview with former President Obama.

Warmbier’s father spoke at a press conference:


FRED WARMBIER: When Otto was first taken, we were advised by the past administration to take a low profile while they worked to obtain his release. We did so without result. Earlier this year, Cindy and I decided the time for strategic patience was over.

We made a few media appearances and traveled to Washington to meet with [Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Korea and Japan] Ambassador Joe Yun at the State Department.

It is my understanding that Ambassador Yun and his team, at the direction of the president aggressively pursued resolution of the situation.

They have our thanks for bringing him home.



When a reporter asked Otto’s father if he felt President Obama could have done more he was quick to reaffirm that notion saying:

“I think the results speak for themselves. We’ve been to Washington, D.C. over a dozen times. We met everyone in the past administration from John Kerry to the Swedish ambassador, Sternloff, who lives in Pyongyang. He came in town, we met his aide when he came in town. We’ve met our senators, our congressmen. We’ve worked with Governor Richardson,” he said, referring to former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who also served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Those were our efforts. We relied on this false premise that they would treat Otto fairly and would let him go. Otto was held as a war criminal.

They termed his confinement as a war criminal. We did what we could. We tried to stay low. We were advised that it was important that you don’t upset the North Koreans. We followed that logic. There came a time that that doesn’t seem to have any impact. So we went public with an interview on Tucker Carlson’s show, and then did a couple of written pieces, and then very quickly we have Otto home.”


Fred Warmbier thanked both President Trump and Ohio Senator Rob Portman for helping them get their son back to the United States. He talked over the phone with the President and said the President was primarily focused on how the family was doing.


“It was a really nice conversation. It was kind, and it was, ‘Are you taking care of yourself?’ and ‘We worked hard, and I’m sorry this is the outcome.’ He told me a little bit about Secretary Tillerson and Joe Yun, and they teamed up and made things happen. He was very candid. It was a nice conversation. To be honest with you, I had avoided conversations with him, because to what end?” he added.

President Trump also slammed North Korea’s “brutal regime” Monday after Otto Warmbier’s death:

 “Lot of bad things happened,” Trump said during a White House meeting with technology CEOs, “but at least we got him home to be with his parents.”

“It’s a brutal regime,” Trump went on, “and we’ll be able to handle it.”

Warmbier had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea after officials there said he took a propaganda banner from a hotel in early 2016. His tour group was leaving when authorities detained Warmbier. He was released by the communist regime in a coma last week.