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Next to Britain and European Union, Canada is the other western country being neutered by Islam. The left is vehement when it comes to no religion in school. Then comes Islam and the left couldn’t wait to switch from burning their bra into putting a burqa, turn schools into mosques and teach children how to pray to the Muslim  allah. What a mental retard.



( Milo ) A Canadian public school is facing criticism after allegedly turning its computer lab into a “mini mosque” and denying entry to non-Muslim students.

Rebel Media reporter David Menzies says he attended a meeting hosted by a parental advocacy group concerned about the school’s decision.

At that meeting, Menzies met a mother who immigrated to Canada “so she and her family could enjoy” freedoms, only to those freedoms trampled upon.

“Last week when I was having a chat with one of the fellow parents in my community, she mentioned to me that their daughter’s class was stopped outside the computer lab,” she said.

“They couldn’t get to the computer lab. The reason was that prayer was going on inside the computer lab and they had to wait for a half hour.”

The woman went on to claim that her own daughter is being discriminated against because she doesn’t “dress up” like Muslim students.

Disturbingly, the woman also claimed that her daughter approached her last month and asked, “mom, why do you pray to God when God doesn’t love you?”

When pressed for an explanation, the woman’s daughter reportedly stated, “well, God loves only Muslims” and cited a friend whose mother had communicated that message.

The woman goes on to ask if this behavior is “in accordance with Canadian values” or if “we are just turning a blind eye to Islamification of our Canadian values.”

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  • Obsessive-compulsive President: Bizarre clip of Trump repeatedly rearranging items prompts jokey speculation that the self-confessed germophobe may have OCD

( Daily Mail ) A short video of President Donald Trump sorting items on a White House table has gone viral on Twitter.

The video, which has attracted more than 10,000 retweets, shows Trump rearranging items in a frantic manner in a series of edited clips.

It has prompted a substantial number of people on Twitter to joke that the Commander-in-chief suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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A short video of President Donald Trump sorting items on a White House table has gone viral on Twitter


The selection of clips shows the President fiddling with items on the White House table




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A downcast Malia Obama spotted going to work days after reportedly accosting while intoxicated a Gateway Pundit reporter inside a 21+ Soho club in New York. The 18-year-old is wearing a mini dress with matching black booties as she headed into the Weinstein & Co. offices in Manhattan.   – Click for story > DRUNK MALIA OBAMA, 18, ATTACKS REPORTER LUCIAN WINTRICH AT A NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE CLUB ‘THE PARLOR’…WILD CHILD!



( Daily Mail ) Temperatures hovered in the 40s on Tuesday, but that didn’t stop Malia Obama from getting in the spring spirit by wearing a dress to work.

The former first daughter wore a mini dress with matching black booties as she headed into the Weinstein & Co. offices in Manhattan.

The 18-year-old aspiring filmmaker kept the cold at bay with a maroon anorak with a faux-fur lined hood.

READ MORE: Someone’s ready for spring! Malia Obama bares her legs in mini dress as she braves the New York cold to head into work





Obama is reportedly working in the development department, reading and pitching scripts 


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Three storm chasers killed in car crash near Lubbock

  • Kelley Gene Williamson, 55, and Randall Delane Yarnall, 57, killed in a car crash while following a Texas tornado.


( Daily Mail ) Three storm chasers following a tornado on Tuesday were killed after they crashed into each other 70 miles east of Lubbock.

Kelley Gene Williamson, 55, sped through a stop sign and hit the Jeep at 3.30pm. He was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the SUV according to KPRC .

Randall Delane Yarnall, 57, his passenger, was also killed in the car crash while driving north on Farm Road 1081.

The two hailed from Cassville, Missouri and were both presenters for the Weather Channel.

They also featured on the TV show Storm Wranglers.


READ MORE: Three storm chasers – including two Weather Channel contractors – are killed after their two cars collide at high speed at an intersection while they were following a tornado in Texas


Police identified Kelley Gene Williamson, Randall Delane Yarnall and Corbin Lee Jaeger as the victims of the car crash 


PEDOPHILE HAVEN TRIBE.NET UNCOVERED BY REDDIT: from infant rape to incestual child rape

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Pedophile Social Network? Hosts Community of Sexual Predators After Children

  • One of the posters shares a story about how he raped a 6-month-old infant but wished he could have killed the child. Other users chime in, declaring their enjoyment of the story. One poster shares his Skype name and Wickr, a messaging app similar to Kik.
  • the poster also claims that he has had an ongoing relationship with a boy and has since asked the boy to rape children younger than him.



Subscribers to a conspiracy channel on Reddit have discovered evidence of a “pedo heaven” on, a social networking site that recently went offline in early March, according to their Twitter. However, before tribe went offline, conspiracists on Reddit snapped screenshots of their users’ disturbing conversations about things like infant rape and incestual child rape. It also appears that child pornography was disseminated on the forum. Users were active as recently as last month. The following information was provided by hankthedockworker and Loud_Volume.


READ MORE: Pedophile Social Network? Hosts Community of Sexual Predators After Children

Other link: This needs more visibility. Tribe.Net is harboring Pedophiles & they are openly talking about it & what they have done. NSFW/NSFL by Loud_Volume


  • in first please apologize my bad English, came from Germany, thxs. I like your idea to rape a pregnant girl and be snuff the newborn baby, like to kill young toddlers maybe up to 3 y/o for fun or for the oven-roast meat too, I be a very sadistic guy without limits, be favorite baby-boy for hurtful fantastic games to play…
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  • kidnap a women fuck her hard if she get pregnant, and if the baby is born you have a so private innocent yummy play-toy for nasty sadistic moments, better you kidnap any girls for produce babies and you can more change for your satanic hot passions


Below are screenshots of conversations among these evil perverts:, pizzagate, pedophilia, pizzagate, pedophilia, pizzagate, pedophilia, pizzagate, pedophilia, pizzagate, pedophilia, pizzagate, pedophilia
This is their twitter account:



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A Timber Ridge Middle School teacher in Plainfield, Illinois created a vocabulary assignment for students using anti-Trump statements.


Plainfield Patch report:


PLAINFIELD, IL — A vocabulary quiz given to eighth-graders at a Plainfield School District middle school is drawing fire from some parents who believe it’s an attempt at anti-Trump indoctrination.

On Wednesday, mom Rebecca Gomez posted a Facebook photo of a quiz given to her daughter by a Timber Ridge Middle School teacher.

“This is (unacceptable) to put her views into our children’s head (no) matter what her side is,” she wrote. “I am one unhappy parent!”

District 202 Director of Community Relations Tom Hernandez confirmed that the quiz was created by a Timber Ridge teacher and administered to students.

“We are aware of the quiz,” Hernandez said in an email to Patch on Friday morning. “We are conducting an inquiry and review of the matter and if warranted, will take appropriate disciplinary action.” Hernandez said he could not comment further on the issue since it’s a personnel matter.

A  section of the fill-in-the-blank quiz asked students to choose from vocabulary words to complete a series of statements:

  • There is great (blank) among Americans, especially those who are strong supporter (sic) of President Trump and those who are against him
  • The President of the United States (blank) accused the media of covering up terrorist attacks in European countries.
  • I have (blank) to seek out non-biased news so that I am a well-educated and informed citizen.
  • It was difficult for me to (blank) my feeling when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45th President.
  • After reading about President Trump’s immigration ban, I did not realize how (blank) the law can be.



Trump Quiz Questions Anger Plainfield Parent




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Racist posters deliberately distributed  at Gustavus Adolphus College in order to raise awareness.

“A notice to all white Americans,” the posters read. “It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigrations (sic) and Customs Enforcement.”

According to its twitter profile, the college is a ‘A church-related, residential liberal arts private college firmly rooted in its Swedish and Lutheran heritage.’ I can tell this is a lily white college consumed with white guilt and the only way to assuage those nasty feelings is to create fake racist posters so they can feel good again.



ST. PETER, Minn. – Social justice warriors at Gustavus Adolphus College are claiming responsibility for posters on campus that declare “America is a white nation” and urge students to “report any and all illegal aliens.”

“A notice to all white Americans,” the posters read. “It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigrations (sic) and Customs Enforcement.

“They are criminals. America is a white nation.”

The posters were put up last week in the Beck Academic Hall and the message triggered students to rip them down and throw them in the trash, and to immediately report what they considered racist hate speech to college officials, Campus Reform reports.

Others posted images of the flyers to Facebook.

“Today this sign was posted at the entrance of Beck Academic Hall at Gustavus Adolphus College,” Gustavus alum Michelle Thompson posted. “My cousin, Walker Pearson, discovered, reported, and shared it. Thank you!!!

… One of the students who reported the racist posters received an email from Dean of Students JoNes VanHecke the day after the outrage explaining why it’s “NOT an actual hate/bias incident.”

“Thank you so much for filing an incident report about the racist poster this morning,” VanHecke wrote. “I’m writing to let you know that the poster and the incident was part of a series of education ‘invisible theater’ events taking place this week that have been planned by I Am We Are theater troupe, The Diversity Leadership Council and the Bystander Intervention Committee and is NOT an actual hate/bias incident.


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