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FOUR deputies failed to enter school building in shooting


( Daily Mail ) A Florida police department has accused local sheriff deputies of failing to confront the mass shooter or enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the attack last week.

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, was branded a ‘coward’ by President Trump after it emerged he waited outside the building during the recent mass shooting that claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers.

Now Coral Springs police officers have revealed that when they responded to the shooting, they found another three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies cowering behind their vehicles, law enforcement sources told CNN.

Not one of the four deputies had entered the school, sources said.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office did not return reporters’ requests for comment.

Surveillance footage, from cameras at the scene, is currently being reviewed which will provide definitive proof of the sheriff’s office response, along with an official report from Coral Springs officers.

But it seems that the Broward deputies’ alleged fail to act is causing friction between the two law enforcement groups.

That growing resentment boiled over on February 15, the day after the fatal shooting, when officers from both Coral Springs and Broward attended the candlelit vigil for victims.

Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum angrily confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, in front of a dozen witnesses, over the claims that Israel’s officers had remained outside the high school while students could have been bleeding out inside, sources said


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