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The president gives a thumbs up to the camera as Melania smiles while walking behind him at Youngstown's Covelli Center


  • Trump: “YUGE rally in Youngstown, Ohio at 7 PM. Team Trump taking their message directly to the people. This administration is listening and cares!”
  • To protester: “He’s a young one, he’s going home to Mommy, he’s in trouble … and I’ll bet his mommy probably voted for us, right?”


Liberal heads breaking and exploding today! After a 40,000-crowd from Boy Scouts event last night, President Trump returns to the people of Youngstown, Ohio today for another big rally, celebrating Obamacare vote, slamming the media and the usual interruption from protesters.


Photos of Trump supporters and protesters:




One MAGA-fan of the president's decked out his SUV in American flags and every Trump-themed sticker or sign he could find ahead of Tuesday's rally



John Lawrence wears a shirt celebrating Trump's inauguration earlier this year while dancing and waiting for the president to arrive in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday night





Trump's visit to the town was not all smooth sailing, as he was also met by protesters in Youngstown. Pictured is one of the people rallying against the president



Shortly after starting his speech, Trump turned to the crowd to watch as a protester was taken away during the event



A protester is tackled by Trump supporters as a police officer removes him from the rally in Youngstown, Ohio



Protesters are seen chanting ahead of Trump's visit to Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday night for a campaign-style event




A young protester is seen being dragged away by a police officer and another agent while Trump was speaking in Youngstown









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