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( CNN ) Here are five poll numbers from this week that should make Democrats a little uneasy about their current situation.

1. Trump is (barely) above water on the economy. A plurality of Americans — 43% — approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday. A close 41% disapprove. Meanwhile, the US economy continues to improve, with 222,000 new jobs in June, and the unemployment rate is hovering near full employment at 4.4 percent.

2. A majority thinks Democrats don’t stand for anything other than being against Trump. Only 37% of Americans say the Democratic Party “stands for something,” while 52% say it just stands against Trump, according to the same ABC News/Washington Post poll. It comes at a time when Democrats are left without a clear figurehead and many,

.3. Midterm numbers show a potential soft spot for Democrats. There’s a lot of time left before the 2018 midterms roll around, but poll questions used to estimate voter turnout aren’t a slam dunk for Democrats at this point.

4. Democrat favorables haven’t budged since the 2016 conventions. Americans’ perceptions of the Democratic Party have remained virtually the same for the last 12 months .

5. Trump supporters aren’t going anywhere. It appears Trump supporters are just as on board as they were during the campaign. His support among Republicans matches the third-highest approval among a president’s own party during a new president’s first six months in more than 60 years, according to Gallup.

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