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( Daily Wire ) Just a day after his hilarious and well-deserved humiliation at the hands of an epic Reddit Q&A, CNN’s own Chris Cillizza — he of the adorable blue-framed eyeglasses — has been made a public fool of again, revealed as unethical again, this time by his very own colleagues at the last-place CNN — which has also been exposed again as a leader of all things fake news.

As we all now know, on Tuesday night, straight through to Wednesday, the American media went on another one of their Fake News Witch Hunts against Donald Trump, this one about a sinister “secret meeting” between the American President and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Desperate to keep their flailing Russian conspiracy theory afloat, the media took a usual-usual G20 dinner conversation, one that took place literally in front of the whole world, a dinner the media all knew about, and turned it into a series of frenzied fake headlines.

Because he is awesome, Trump used his Twitter feed to expose and mock this fake news

At CNN Cillizza blasted Trump as a liar with two claims: 1) “No media outlet reported anything about a ‘secret dinner'” and 2) “no one is suggesting that the media was unaware that the dinner was taking place.”

In the meantime, at this very same CNN, on this very same day, Brooke Baldwin is calling the dinner “secret” and openly asking “Why didn’t we know about this?”

But wait, there’s more!

[CNN anchor Kate] Bolduan on Wednesday called it a “secret and second sitdown between the president and Russian president Vladimir Putin. Why wasn’t the meeting revealed?”


Read more: CNN Claims No One Called Trump-Putin Meeting ‘Secret.’ CNN’s Own Transcripts Prove That’s a Lie.



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