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From fake news to fake polls!

They are backkk! Russian hoax is marching back to the grave so the left is switching tactic and bringing back fake polls again to go after President Trump. Fake polls are

Rush Limbaugh below:


Rush Limbaugh:

This misrepresentation… They take and put together a faulty sample that oversamples Democrats. This ABC/Washington Post poll that has Trump’s approval number plummeting? Do you know what the plus Democrat number is? It’s 12%! There was a plus-12% additional Democrats sampled in this poll. Well, hell’s bells! And if you look elsewhere, you find that barely 9% of Trump’s base is having some problems with him. He is having practically no falloff at all, which is frustrating. But here’s the thing about these polls. Look at what polls are doing to Democrats and the left.

They think they’re winning everything because of the polls. Hillary was gonna win in a landslide because of the polls. Trump was barely gonna show up because of the polls. Now there are polls saying that Trump’s popularity is vanishing, and he’s quickly becoming a nonentity. But it is not true! So the media believe their own polls and conduct business accordingly. Their deranged audience, the lunatics on the left, believe the polls. They’re losing everywhere except in the polls, and so they think they’re winning and that everything else is fraudulent.

And it’s a disservice that the pollsters are doing to their own people, and it’s large… I think the polls have a major role in creating some of the discord that exists. Not fully. I mean, there are many elements to this. But if you’re a deranged lunatic leftist and you’re part of the Democrat base — and you’re a victim or you’re offended and you’re constantly angry — and you see poll after poll after poll that shows a majority of American people agree with you, and yet everywhere in real life you’re losing, what would you do?

Read more:ABC News/Washington Post Poll Does It Again, Oversamples Democrats



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