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Cookie store suspends teen who paid for a police officer


When Zachary Randolph decided to pay for the brownie a police officer ordered,  a  family got upset, demanded he also pay for theirs and complained he’s ‘racist’ when he did not. They were so upset they threatened to beat him up and also promised to get him fired.


From Daily Mail:

A Texas teenager was suspended from his cookie store job after a customer became upset when he paid for a police officer’s order.

Zachary Randolph, 18, was suspended from his job at a Great American Cookies mall after he bought a police officer a brownie out of his own wages on Sunday.

The teen from Katy, Texas, said upper management put him on temporary leave for a week because another family complained that he didn’t buy their cookies as well.

Randolph said the customers in line who overheard the interaction became upset and threatened to beat him up because he was racist and promised to get him fired.

The incident gained national attention after Randolph’s mother Tami Kurtz Randolph posted about what happened in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

In a post that has since been shared more than 6,000 times, she wrote: ‘Since when does buying a police officer a cookie give anyone else a reason to attack someone.

‘And when did a Corporation want to FIRE someone for being KIND, taking what a customer said or did, regardless of how hateful they are.’

Randolph said he was working a normal shift at his job at the Katy Mills Mall when a police officer who worked at the mall placed an order for a $2.75 cheesecake brownie.

The teenager said he wanted to show his appreciation for the official protecting and serving his community.


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Another customer allegedly complained that Randolph didn't buy his cookies and became threatening. Randolph was written up for the incident (pictured)


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