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President Donald Trump tweeted an edited video clip of himself hitting Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23, but the CNN logo was slapped over McMahon's face.



WHY WE TOLERATE TRUMP BEATING THE PRESS? Because after Reagan, the Republican Party got nothing but nicey-nicey wimps at the White House and Congress who got body-slammed over and over by the left and the liberal media.

While the frustrated America people screamed at them to fight back, they were so scared of the media backlash that they decide to sit on the corner of Washington D.C., apologize for daring to talk back or explaining themselves, stay quiet or whimper quietly, hoping the media and the left would leave them alone – which never happened and worked at all.

Now with President Trump, he’s like the  ‘thug’ who come to the rescue. He’s like an explosion of energy, going after and hitting back at every enemy who goes after him. He is a refreshing sight to watch. And all his loyal fans are cheering and supporting him at the same time.

We may not like his brute manners or the way he speaks ( non-polished just like us )but we like his toughness.

We like his beating up the press and outing them as fake news and making them admit they are fake news. that’s like a WOW! accomplishment. We know the left-wing media has only one job – to prop up the left and the Democrat Party.

We like winning. But to win, we have to fight. And Trump is fighting, and he’s winning – against the left and against the media – and that’s what we all want to see right now. He may be a thug but he is the right thug.


On Sunday, Trump tweeted ‘#FraudNewsCNN #FNN’ with an edited video clip of himself ‘beating up CNN.’

The video appeared to be a modified version of a 2007 appearance by Trump at WWE WrestleMania 23 promotion, in which Trump ‘takes down’ WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. In Sunday’s video, McMahon’s head has been replaced with the CNN logo.

After Trump appears to beat on the CNN effigy, a logo, ‘FNN Fraud News Network’ appears at the bottom of the screen in script similar to that of CNN.






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