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( Milo ) Professional wrestler Dan “Progressive Liberal” Richards has taken the internet by storm with his epic schtick featuring, as his name would suggest, A-level mockery of liberals.

According to The Daily Mail, Richards’ real name is Daniel Harnsberger. The outlet describes him as “a 36-year-old real estate broker who puts people in headlocks in his spare time” as part of Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountain Wrestling league.

Deadspin, which profiled Harnsberger earlier this week, states that he came up with the Progressive Liberal character in 2015, when President Donald Trump was a few months into his campaign for the Presidency.

Taking advantage of the political storm of the time, Harnsberger – who, according to Deadspin, claims to legitimately lean hard left, although that may be his character talking – began donning outfits with Hillary Clinton’s face and phrases like “Not My President” and showing up to matches to serve as a “heel.”



“This might be the first case when a character became a villain by espousing liberal dogma,” writes Travis M. Andrews of The Washington Post.

“And it seems to be working – he’s caught the attention of Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, even the right-wing Breitbart.”

Indeed, in Breitbart’s coverage of Progressive Liberal, the outlet states, “his moves include smugness, condescension, and whining, none of which do him much good in the ring but they all do wonders for his heel persona.”

“You people need to be reprogrammed,” Progressive Liberal says in one Appalachian Mountain Wrestling clip. “You continually vote against your own interests. You put people in Congress, in the White House, that aren’t gonna help you. They’re not gonna bring your jobs back.”

According to The Daily Mail, Progressive Liberal also once told a crowd that if then-candidate Trump won the election, he would want him to build a wall not around Mexico but around Appalachia, “so none of you people can infiltrate the population.”


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Harnsberger’s work as the Progressive Liberal can be found on his Facebook page and on Appalachian Mountain Wrestling’s YouTube


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