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Rush Limbaugh: Psychologist: Women Don’t Want Pajama Boys

Headline: “Clinical Psychologist: Women ‘Hate’ Harmless Men.” You know, every so often, folks, these stories cross our proverbial desk here. Every six months or so you get a story about male-female relationships of the day and how they’ve changed, you know, what men look for in women today versus 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and vice versa. And we have another one today from a clinical psychologist claiming — his name is Jordan Peterson is the clinical psychologist, professor of psychology University of Toronto. He’s a popular speaker, it says here. And it starts by saying: “Many modern men have been propagandized to believe that modern women want nice, sensitive, empathetic guys who make them feel safe.”


Pajama boys. They want skinny, look like they rarely eat, young, youthful, no acne pimples or zits kind of guys that are totally deferential to women’s issues and traits. In other words, they understand that women are feminists and that women are — whatever. And this guy’s point is that those men women actually hate. They might look like they like them, but they don’t actually, when you get down to making a choice, that’s not who women want to choose.

And if women do, it’s because they are the alpha in the relationship.

“Many modern men have been propagandized to believe that modern women want nice, sensitive, empathetic guys who make them feel safe. And then they are perplexed and frustrated when they eventually find themselves dumped, divorced, or relegated to the friend-zone for perpetuity. According to Jordan Peterson such results are not surprising. When he spoke to a gathering of people earlier this year, his thoughts on what women really want in a man supported a stereotype that still has popular cachet: that women are attracted to –” Well, I can’t use the word here. It’s a bodily orifice. I’ll say butt holes.

This is something actually that has never changed. I’m telling you, it has never changed. This is not new. Whatever this guy’s earth-shattering research is, this isn’t new. I simply ask you to remember your high school days. How many of what you thought were the classy women were fascinated by the ne’er-do-wells, the bikers, the near-gang members, the renegades, the longhaired, greasy-haired, leather-jacket, telling everybody to go to hell kind of guy. It always perplexed a lot of guys my age. They thought women wanted sophisticated, clean cut, polite. That went to hell out with feminism, but even before that happened, do you remember those days, Snerdley? Brian, was that your High School? It was. It was.

“It’s been really interesting for me to watch the response… of young Caucasian males to hip-hop. You know, there’s an aggressiveness about hip-hop that’s really attractive to young Caucasian males. And there’s something absurd about the spectacle of the young Caucasian males taking on the persona of inner-city black gang members.”You know how you can recognize this? They run around trying to talk like Eminem. What up, yo? It’s just part of the persona. “Women don’t even like harmless men; they hate them. They like to claw them apart. What women want are dangerous men who are civilized.” We’re not talking about guys that are not civilized; don’t misunderstand. We’re not talking about people that don’t know how to use a knife and fork. Dangerous, risk-taking guys who are civilized and do not mind

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