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Texas mom charged in deaths of two kids found in hot car


Another single mom who wants to get rid of her young children? Looks like that’s what Cynthia Marie Randolph just did.


Report from Daily Mail:

A mother has been charged in the deaths of her two young children, after she allegedly left them in a hot car as punishment while she smoked pot and took a nap.

Cynthia Marie Randolph, 25, was charged Friday with two counts of first-degree injury to a child causing serious bodily injury in Weathorford, Texas after her kids were found dead May 26.

Police said Randolph was trying to teach her two-year-old daughter Juliet a lesson for not coming out of the car when she was the called, when Juliet and her 16-month-old brother Cavanaugh died.

Randolph put the children inside the car and then went inside the house and smoked marijuana before taking a nap for two to three hours, thinking the children would leave the car on their own when they were ready, according to police.

When the mother found the children in distress inside the car, she broke the window of the car to make the incident look like an accident, police said.

Randolph’s story changed several times, investigators said. Initially, she told police that she was doing chores in the house when the children ‘took off’.


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