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Trump's birthday hit by obstruction probe and GOP shooting


Donald Trump called time on his birthday plans Wednesday evening when he went to MedStar Washington Hospital Center to visit Congressman Steve Scalise.

The House Majority Whip was critically injured that morning while playing baseball with his GOP colleagues when a deranged gunman opened fire on the group.

That wasn’t the only disruption to Trump’s 71st birthday celebrations.

Shortly before the visit, it emerged that the Russia probe headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller had now widened to include the president, who is now under investigation for obstruction of Justice.

Trump had spent the early part of the evening with kids Eric, Donald Jr and Ivanka, as well as their respective spouses and childen.

All had photos of themselves at the White House on Instagram – though without Trump himself present in the images.

But as darkness fell the president and wife Melania got into a motorcade and took off for MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington.

That’s where Scalise had been taken that morning, after being hit in the hip by a rifle round fired by disgruntled Trump-hater James T Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson, 66, of Illinois, had also managed to injure a Congress staffer and two police officers before being shot dead. All three of the injured parties are expected to make full recoveries.

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Trump tweeted upon leaving the hospital that Scalise was 'in very touch shape - but he is a real fighter'. It was unclear whether Scalise was conscious when Trump visited


Donald Trump's 71st birthday was scuppered by twin dramas on Wednesday. In the evening he visited a DC hospital where Congressman Steve Scalise was in critical condition after a shooting on a GOP baseball game earlier that day



Trump was walked from the hospital by Dr Ira Rabin (left). The president is being investigated for obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller



Earlier in the evening Trump and his kids and grandkids had enjoyed a family gathering. Here Donald Trump Jr poses with his familyIvanka and Jared pose with their children

Earlier in the evening Trump and his kids and grandkids had enjoyed a family gathering. As they celebrated, however, it emerged that Trump was being investigated in the Russia probe

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