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Evergreen State College protesters are reportedly roaming campus with baseball bats, according to photos and videos.

Professor Bret Weinstein tweets:

“Credible reports protestors w/ bats roaming campus for 2 days. People hit, won’t report.”

A liberal professor, Weinstein has received calls for his resignation after he refused to leave campus during the anti-white “Day of Absence”, an event the New York Times called “a day of racial segregation.”

Evergreen State practices explicit and institutional racial segregation once a year. Typically nonwhite students and faculty leave campus (to show how valuable they are) and the whites stay on campus (to be indoctrinated in “anti-racism workshops and seminars”), but this year it was reversed, and Weinstein told the director of a campus multicultural office that he was staying put. ( Read link – Evergreen State faculty demand punishment of white professor who refused to leave on anti-white day  )

Students are also upset after their unhinged ‘black power’ video was spread online, demanding it to be taken down. Watch video below.


The College Fix reports an administrator from the college released a memo instructing students to get rid of the bats immediately.

Dear RAD Students,

We are aware of a small group of students coordinating a community patrol of housing and campus. We acknowledge and understand the fear and concerns that are motivating these actions. We also understand that these students are seeking to provide an alternative source of safety from external entities as well as those community members who they distrust.

Community patrols can be a useful tool for helping people to feel safe, however the use of bats or similar instruments is not productive. Some members of this group have been observed carrying batons and/or bats. Carrying bats is causing many to feel unsafe and intimidated. The bats must be put away immediately in order to protect all involved. Non-students participating in this activity are advised to leave campus.




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