VIDEO: IMAM TAWHIDI: “Do not lie to the nation – our books teach the beheading of people. We have a religion of war.”

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The world needs this kind od Muslim, not the radical jihadists! Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi appeared on Australian television to blast the liberal narrative that Islam has nothing to do with extremism.

“How do these young people get radicalized?” asked the Sunrise host.

“For 1400 years we have a religion of war. How did Islam spread from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia all the way to Bosnia? All spread by the sword”

“We need to be very realistic when dealing with this matter,” began Tawhidi, who has frequently come under fire from his fellow Muslims for his pragmatic view of the religion and call for reformation.

In reference to Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, Tawhidi continued, “you have a 22-year-old who gets radicalized over two, three sermons, within a Friday mosque gathering.”

“Now, this age, is an age when someone would expect people to be going out, having fun, but no we have a large number of youth that are being radicalized.”

“This happens because of the books that we have – the Islamic scriptures that we have,” continued Tawhidi. “They push the Muslim youth to believe that if you go out there and you kill the infidel how you will gain paradise.”

Last month, Iman Tawhidi backed controversial Muslim critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s demand that Islamic schools should be closed for security reasons.

Tawhidi is the official Imam of the Islamic Association of Australia. He’d been receiving threats for criticizing Islam, calling for shutting down Muslim schools and allowing only one mosque in Australia. He said he would never have come to Australia if he knew a ‘mosque on every corner’ was being built ( click link – The Daily Mail )




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