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( Milo ) A Tilted Kilt restaurant has fired back at a woman who claims they denied her a job interview based solely on her weight.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Sarah Brady was an “experienced bartender looking for a job” when she applied to the restaurant.

The outlet states that the restaurant subsequently invited her in for an interview.

“Brady said she’s also well aware of the image used in Tilted Kilt advertising – a buxom young woman in a tight top,” reports The Chronicle. “But as someone who has performed burlesque, she said she wanted to talk with company representatives about other ways she might dress on the job.”

“I thought about how I could be within their image without necessarily being in the costume they wanted,” she reportedly said. “But they didn’t even give me a chance to talk about anything.”

Indeed, reports The Chronicle, Brady was ultimately denied an interview after arriving at the scheduled meeting place, with representatives telling her, “thank you for applying but we’ve filled all the positions with more qualified candidates.”

Brady apparently took that to mean she had been rejected because of her weight, as Yahoo reports.

Tilted Kilt, however, responded by stating, “our hiring and employment practices are in full compliance with all laws. Kilt Girls are the cornerstone of our brand. We specifically cast for entertainers, not just servers. When hiring, we seek entertainer-servers who not only fit the costume, but exemplify and personality and skill set that is friendly, courteous and customer oriented. Our decisions are based on these qualifications and we hire the most qualified applicants for these positions.”


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