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Feminist mom Leah McLaren wants to teach her three-year-old son how to respect women by taking him to ballet lessons.

“If I want my son to respect women, I need to teach him to embrace the ‘girlish,’” writes The Globe and Mail’s Leah McLaren. If your son happens to NOT like pretty flowers because it’s for girls ,  it’s time to give your disrespectful tot a boot camp of ballet lessons, right feminist moms?

Story below:



Feminist Mother Worries 3 Year-Old Son is ‘Too Gendered. Forces Him into Ballet’


( Louder with Crowder ) Choosing your own gender is like one of those “pick your own ending” books, except with a higher chance of suicide. Regardless, gender-fluidity is “all the rage” with the woke left (see University Nixes Homecoming “King” and “Queen” Because Gender is Triggering and “Male” Transgender Wrestler Steamrolls Competition. In Female Division…). But with the “trannies are so hot right now” fad, so is a dangerous, but growing idea: Feminists wanting to push their gender on the chitlins. Like, say, if you son doesn’t warm up to flowers, forcing him to take ballet. Because the kid whose mommy forces him to take ballet is always a hit amongst his classmates.

This womyn sounds like she’s really fun at parties. Here’s how she starts her entire piece, which is tantamount to a war on masculinity:

The other day I was sitting in the park with James, 3, when I picked a dandelion and handed it to him as a present. “No way, Mummy,” he said, pushing away my gift. “Flowers are pretty and I’m a boy.”

And I thought: That’s it. I’m signing him up for ballet.

Firstly, this child is all of three. Mommy dearest picked a dandelion (which I should thank her for, as they are noxious weeds which infest everything in the plant’s slow, but determined march toward lawn domination) then hands the weed to her son as an offering. Little James turns her down, saying it’s girly. Normal people would laugh then toss the weed over our shoulders and swipe right. But this twit decides it’s time for concern. And what better way to beat the boy out of a boy than to sign him up for ballet.

But wait, it gets much worse:

Sure, they’ll destroy the furniture building forts, but at least they won’t fill your house with plastic engagement rings and insist on wearing hideously flammable poly-blend prom dresses for five years straight.

Boys loathe that stuff, and as a feminist mom so do I – so we’re on the same page then, right?

Okay. So I thought a kidlet picking his/her own gender was the it thing to do. But now it’s not? Good on Jimmy for not picking girly stuff, but bad on Jimmy for not picking girly stuff?

When his older brother complained about having to watch Frozen because it was “girlish,” James instantly struck it off his list of favourite movies and now refuses to play Elsa and Anna even when his best nursery school girlfriends insist.

Frozen is girly. It’s about two princesses’ sisterly love for each other. Why would two brothers ever want to role play Elsa and Anna? I thought this idiot woman didn’t want her sons playing prom dress, but she wants them to role play as two fantastical nordic princesses who’s best pal is a talking snowman?

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    larryzb said:
    April 27, 2017 at 3:05 am

    Feminists go too far.


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