10 of Hollywood’s Worst Tippers: Madonna, Sean Penn, Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby…

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  • Madonna-  She has a reputation of being rude to waiters and usually doesn’t leave a tip at all.  One time she left an $18 tip on a $400 bill


While celebrities like Johnny Depp  tipped $4000 on a $4400 bill in a restaurant in Chicago and Julia Roberts reportedly always tips 100%, there are wealthy celebrities who make servers and bartenders cringe for being bad tippers.

Here’s a list of 10 Hollywood starts that are the worst tippers, according to TheRichest.com


Katherine Heigl-  She’s also a lousy customer. She reportedly always complains about her food and sends it back multiple times, not to mention she’s very demanding. FYI: she’s worth $25 million.

Sean Penn-  He ran up a $450 bill at a restaurant in New Orleans, then left without tipping a cent.  He’s worth $100 million.




Britney Spears-  She once threw change at the feet of a valet attendant and said, “There’s your tip.”  She also left a $26 tip on a $500 bill.

And, on a separate occasion she was in a Vegas restaurant,and had a waiter run across the street and get her Starbucks.  She didn’t tip him, or even reimburse him for the coffee.  She’s got an estimated $200 million in the bank, but can’t afford a white mocha?

Kirsten Dunst-  She reportedly left no tip on a $223 bill.

Also, a restaurant once comped her entire meal and she left no tip.  She’s worth $25 million.

Usher-  He’s been known to leave autographed pictures of himself instead of money. Would you want that instead?  He’s worth about $140 million.

Rachael Ray-  Since she is in the food industry, you’d figure that she would be a good tipper.  But she regularly tips less than 10%, and has  said on her TV show, that 7% is good enough.  She’s worth $60 million.

Bill Cosby:  He once left a $3 on a $350 bill.  Less than 1% tip. He’s worth $350 million .

Jeremy Piven-  Was banned from all Nobu Matsuhisa restaurants after he took 12 of his friends to one in 2007.  The place was over booked and he didn’t have a reservation, and STILL got him a table. So what did HE do after him and his buddies ate…He left the Season One DVD set of “Entourage” as a tip, and when he left, he told the manager, quote, “Thanks for nothing.”   He has a net worth of $15 million.

Madonna-  She has a reputation of being rude to waiters and usually doesn’t leave a tip at all.  One time she left an $18 tip on a $400 bill.  That’s 4.5%.  She’s worth $650 million. I guess it makes since…she used to be married to fellow “bad tipper,” Sean Penn. “Birds of a feather…”

Tiger Woods:  While on a vacation with one of his women in Las Vegas, Tiger didn’t leave a tip. . . so the woman that he was with left a tip. Tiger has $500 million in the bank.




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