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  • the panels generated 1.06 kWh, enough to barely power a single microwave.


Idaho-based Solar Roadways create panels that can barely power ONE microwave oven – even after six years of development – and now the company is going to build an expensive solar road in Idaho for $4.3 million. They produce less power than the old solar panels, or plasma tv, or microwave and we are supposed to be amazed. Last month, the solar boondoggle got a visit from the fire department after a smoldering electrical box was detected. Picture below:

2017-03-16 11_09_36-Brendan MaC on Twitter_ _@thunderf00t @eevblog Yep I was right. https___t.co_13S


Andrew Follett at The Daily Caller reported:

An expensive solar road project in Idaho can’t even power a microwave most days, according to the project’s energy data.

The Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways project generated an average of 0.62 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day since it began publicly posting power data in late March. To put that in perspective, the average microwave or blow drier consumes about 1 kWh per day.

On March 29th, the solar road panels generated 0.26 kWh, or less electricity than a single plasma television consumes. On March 31st, the panels generated 1.06 kWh, enough to barely power a single microwave. The panels have been under-performing their expectations due to design flaws, but even if they had worked perfectly they’d have only powered a single water fountain and the lights in a nearby restroom.

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways has been in development for 6.5 years and received a total of $4.3 million in funding to generate 90 cents worth of electricity.






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