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Evelyn Farkas, former Assistant Defense Secretary under the Obama administration and advisor to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign , admitted that the Obama administration was trying to collect as much intelligence as possible on the Trump administration. During an MSNBC interview, this is what she said:

“I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people on the Hill. It was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people: “Get as much information as you can. Get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration.” Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left.


Rush Limbaugh discusses Evelyn Farkas on his show today:






Obama Aide Admits Surveillance of Trump

RUSH: I sat on this story for two days. You know, I’m slapping myself here. What’s her name — Evelyn Farkas, is that her name? Evelyn Farkas. She went on MSNBC. She was in the Obama administration. What this woman did was unwittingly out the entire Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump transition team, Trump campaign. She went on TV and basically admitted it and explained how she was behind it, how she was involved in it.

You might, “Say how did this happen?” It’s not hard to figure this out. Where did she do it? MSNBC. Who’s at MSNBC? Like-minded fellow leftist travelers. She feels at home. She doesn’t have the presence of mind to realize that she’s blowing a whistle on something. She’s just confirming things among friends. Who can blame her for thinking MSNBC has an audience?


[Transcript Cont.] Let’s move on here to Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama administration official. She has let the cat out of the bag. And if anybody needs to be called to testify, it’s Evelyn Farkas. In case you haven’t heard by now, Ms. Evelyn Farkas — you gotta be real careful on radio pronouncing that name, and I’m just exercising extreme caution here. Evelyn Farkas is an Obama Pentagon Russian expert who told Mika Brzezinski on PMSNBC a couple of days ago that the Regime, the Obama Regime was indeed collecting intelligence on the Trump campaign!

And, she said, that they were unmasking the Trump people and leaking that info to the media. And that her only concern was that the administration and the Hill, Capitol Hill, would not be able to protect the sources and methods from the Trump people if the Trump people found out. She admitted all of this! She may have outed herself as the source for all of this that ran on CNN and in the New York Times, and it’s clear why she did it.

She is a tunnel visioned ideologue. And she went on MSNBC where she’s surrounded in her mind by like-minded people who have done the same thing had they been her and who are willing and waiting to applaud her for doing it. She forgot that MSNBC has an audience, and who could blame her for that? It’s widely known that MSNBC does not have an audience, so she, for all intents and purposes, thought she was at a bar with some of her friends at, like, 6:30, seven o’clock in the morning and that nobody was listening, and she was talking to a bunch of like-minded fellow travelers.


She also said that’s why it was so important for the intelligence to be widely distributed, as it was. She left the Obama administration, left the Pentagon, in September 2015. So let me tell you what that means. Contrary to it meaning that she was out of the loop, it means that this intel collection against the Trump campaign had to be going on from the very earliest days. Remember, Trump’s trip down the escalator was in June of 2015 — or was it July? June 15th, yeah. That trip down the escalator, June of 2015.

And Evelyn Farkas said that the intelligence collection, the surveillance against the Trump campaign, since she left in September of 2015, and she knew about it and it had to be going on in the summer of 2015, which in and of itself is quite amazing, it’s earth-shattering, it’s blockbuster, given that scarcely anyone gave Trump a chance of getting the nomination.

Remember, this is the period of time, you know, Trump’s June the 16th announcement, that’s where everybody was laughing themselves silly thinking he couldn’t possibly be serious. He’s just come out here and basically called every Mexican a rapist and said he doesn’t respect McCain ’cause he doesn’t like military people that get captured, doesn’t respect, all that. This is back in the day when people thought Trump was gonna implode and crater with every public appearance. And that went on for the two months. They were not taking Trump seriously. That’s what’s amazing about this. They were still surviving the guy and his campaign, according to Evelyn Farkas.



Now, Comey told us the Russians only wanted to see Hillary get defeated. That’s another thing. How’s that intel? But last week at that vaunted Capitol Hill hearing for the House Intelligence Committee, Comey admitted, oh, yeah, uh, yeah, the Russians wanted Hillary defeated. So why weren’t the Russians colluding with Jeb? I mean, everybody back then thought Jeb was gonna be the nominee. Is that not true?

Why would anybody be colluding with Trump? Nobody thought Trump was gonna win. Probably Trump didn’t think he was gonna win. Although he says he did. But June, July, August 2015, folks, we’re coming up on a year and a half ago now. And at that time everybody thought it was gonna be Jeb. Jeb! With the exclamation point. Everybody thought it was gonna be Jeb. Am I right about that? And there was some attention being paid to Ted Cruz. But not Trump.

So why weren’t the Russians trying to engineer some deal with Jeb? Why wasn’t there any intel on that? Why weren’t the Russians trying to strike a deal with Cruz? Why isn’t there any intel on that? Why haven’t there been any leaks about that? ‘Cause nobody in 2015 thought that it was gonna be the Trumpster.

Let’s listen to Evelyn Farkas. We have the audio sound bites here from March — yeah, but I don’t know that that’s right. I thought this was much more recent than that. Look, we’ll just say “recently” and then — she was on Squawk Box today. So here’s the first bite. It says March 2nd. It was on MSNBC Morning Joe, and they were discussing allegations that the Obama administration was conducting surveillance of the Trump transition team. This is, again, Evelyn Farkas.

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