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LOL! Democrats FAKE Russian scandal against Jeff Sessions backfires. Trump calling for investigation on Nancy Pelosi’s meeting with Russians and Chuck Schumer’s cozy dinner with  Russian President Vladimir Putin. Democrats will continue to use fake Russian news because after Trump had Gen. Flynn resign, they believe Trump would do the same thing with Sessions. Trump learned his lesson, turn the fake Russian scandals into useless weapon and Democrats will drop it fast and move to their next one.

( Milo ) In an apparent troll, President Donald Trump has demanded investigations be launched into Senator Charles Schumer and Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi following evidence disproving their claims of having no ties to Russia.

Trump’s demand – issued via Twitter – has sparked a flurry of social media activity, from fans and critics alike.

The President first tweeted the following photograph this afternoon of Senator Schumer with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sessions has been a vocal critic of Jeff Sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador to the US. 

Trump followed that tweet with another showing Nancy Pelosi seated across the table from Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Pelosi had previously insisted she never met with the man.


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