OBSESSED! Russia is the Democrats pathetic obsession and lame weapon against Trump administration…FAIL :(

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Russia Is All the Democrats Have to Distract from Trump’s Speech


RUSH LIMBAUGH: Okay, now, let me deal with the Russians interfering with our elections. This is a laugh, it’s an absolute joke, and I’m telling you that everybody in Washington that’s acting offended and outraged and shocked by this ought to be ashamed. The prime minister of Israel is a man by the name of Bibi Netanyahu. He is hated and despised by much of the American Democrat Party — and Barack Hussein Obama, specifically, resented him. They have elections in Israel, and when Bibi Netanyahu was most recently up for reelection, the Obama presidency, the Obama administration, the Obama campaign sent campaign advisers, consultants, and advertising makers to Israel to interfere in the Israeli election by helping the opponent of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Do you hear anybody running around squealing and whining about the Americans interfering with the Israeli elections? You don’t, do you? It was widely reported. Folks, I’m not making this up. The Clinton campaign — James Carville and George Stephanopoulos — were routinely deployed to campaign for the candidates that Bill Clinton did not want to win in Central American countries, in certain European Union countries. “Yeah, Rush, yeah, but that was wide out in the open.” It’s interference! It’s interfering in the election!

In some places, the Russian interference is welcomed– like on the college campus — and in other places, when it’s politically convenient, it’s opposed. But in terms of the Russians, what this story is really about… Please do not lose sight of this.

The only reason any of this is happening is because the Democrats lost the election and can’t get over it. That — coupled with Trump’s sincere, serious, and successful efforts to unravel much of the poison that they have infected this country with for the last number of decades — has got them fit to be tied. They are enraged. And so all they have is to try to convince people that Trump’s election is fraudulent. And, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve warned you: You’re going to get maybe frustrated with me.

But this is why I have not let go of this issue, because it’s all they have to try to stop and prevent Trump from succeeding, which is what you wanted him to do. You voted for Trump, and you knew exactly why. There’s no mystery to Donald Trump. He told you exactly what his agenda was five, 10 times a day. He told everybody who would listen! Most transparent candidate in my lifetime. He gets to town and he starts working on it, trying to implement as much of the agenda as he can. They’re scared to death!


And again, I just want to remind you that as recently as December, Barack Obama himself said there was no evidence that Russia tampered with votes in the election. He tamped it down. He pooh-poohed the whole thing. Now, the New York Times. The New York Times has a story today which is trying to piggyback on a Washington Post story about Jeff Sessions. Essentially, what the New York Times is saying is that the Obama administration was so concerned about what they saw in terms of contact between Trump people and the Russians, and what they saw — the things they saw the Russians trying to do — was so bad that they ordered all of that evidence preserved.


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