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Oscars disastrous night started when a stage prop crashed down during rehearsals, then two teenage girls were arrested outside Dolby Theater for hitting a Trump supporter protesting against Hollywood hypocrites, then the Best Picture fiasco calling ‘La la land’ as winner instead of ‘Moonlight,’ then today Nielsen reporting disastrous ratings for the Academy.  Are the Russians responsible for the terrible events at the Oscars? What do you think Democrats?


According to Nielsen, the early numbers indicate that the Oscars gained a 21.4 rating amongst metered market households. 34 million people were estimated to have watched the awards show in 2016 with a rating of 23.4, meaning this year’s ratings are 9 percent lower. – Hollywood Reporter


FROM Rush Limbaugh: Did the Russians Hack the Oscars?

So did the Russians hack the Oscars? Should there be an investigation in the House? Something so ridiculous, so unacceptable, so un-Hollywood-like.

Hollywood could not have scripted a more ironic ending. After lecturing us all night on who should be president, after telling us all night how to run the country, after lecturing their number one fan base, middle America, which is where the vast majority of people are, after impugning them, making fun of them and laughing at ’em by making fun of the things they believe, these geniuses couldn’t even get their big moment done right, and that’s the award for the best movie of the year.

I wonder, will there be any recounts? Will any heads roll at Pricewaterhouse whatever the new name of that firm is? I mean, you had a Latino woman and an Irish male representing — well, this is how the left looks at things. They look at gender. They look at ethnicity to make sure that you’re covering all your politically correct bases. At any rate, ratings were down. And here’s what supposedly happened.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are out there, and it’s their job to announce the winner of the Best Picture. And Warren Beatty had the envelope that announced Emma Stone as Best Actress. Now, nobody knows why that happened yet. At least if they do I haven’t run into it. So Warren Beatty goes out there with an incorrect ballot, and so he opens the ballot, and he doesn’t know what to do with it.




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