RUSH LIMBAUGH ON TRUMP: ‘One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I’ve Ever Seen’, ‘ Do not worry about Trump, he’s fine’

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Limbaugh on Trump: ‘This Was One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I Have Ever Seen’



You watch the news, you see the assaults, you see the Drive-Bys. You see it, you expose yourself to it, you know what’s going on. You wonder, “How is the guy holding up?” I mean, you know how you feel, and it isn’t even about you. It’s about Trump. And everything that I have been able to amass, witness, put together, says he’s fine. Not that he’s unaware, don’t misunderstand. He’s not living in a bubble.

RUSH: Rasmussen has a presidential popularity poll out, approval poll. Trump is at 55% in this poll. The only other poll out there that I have seen of his presidential approval number, was, what?


RUSH on Trump: ‘One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I’ve Ever Seen’


Limbaugh said while the media still won’t warm up to Trump, it was what his supporters wanted to see, which was a willingness to tout his achievements and take on some of the claims from the media.

“You know it is hard to say — you get caught up in the moment,” Limbaugh said. “But this was one of the most effective press conferences I have ever seen. The press is going to hate him even more after this. Don’t misunderstand. When I say effective, I’m talking about rallying people who voted for him to stay with him. He made a point — ‘What chaos? You’re reporting chaos. We’re not in chaos. We’re a well-oiled machine. We got one of the smoothest running machines in the history of machines. We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations.’”

“And he rattled off the achievements they’ve had here that the media is not reporting because they’re so focused on whether or not Trump worked with Russia to screw Hillary out of the presidency,” he continued. “And he was reassuring the people he’s on top of everything. Nothing has changed. Everything he campaigned on, he is doing. All he is doing is fulfilling campaign promises. And of course, the Democrats don’t like him. Of course, the media don’t like him. It isn’t going to stop him.”

(h/t Daily Rushbo)




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