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Whoopi Goldberg  to UC-Berkeley rioters: ‘You can protest anybody and anyone can protest you,” but people do not have the right to “destroy other people’s stuff.”

At least she’s not as unhinged co-host Joy Behar.


FROM DAILY CALLER: Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Berkeley Rioters: ‘What The Hell’ [VIDEO]

“You know, I can’t say this strongly enough,” Goldberg exclaimed. “You can protest any speaker you want to. But the minute you get violent…you say you’re protesting because you want to protect people and stuff and then you go and burn people’s stuff? What the hell man?”

“Whoever it is, it all happened in Berkeley and you can protest and say ‘we don’t want this speaker’… don’t go hear him,” she added. ” Because the problem with you saying ‘stop, this person can’t come’, is the person you want to come then will be stopped by somebody else.”

“When you get violent you betray the message of what you were trying to say and you lose your power,” co-host Sara Haines said, attributing the quote to Martin Luther King Jr.

Joy Behar insisted that these were just outside agitators and that “protesters did not do this.”

“Listen outside agitators, you’re not helping,” Goldberg responded. “You’re not helping because you are burning people’s businesses. You are setting people back.”

“What the hell man,” she added. “Protest all you want to. Stop messing with people’s stuff.”

Behar said she questioned whether, Yiannopoulos, “a troll on the internet,” had a right to speak since he had been banned from Twitter.

Goldberg blasted her co-host.

“Everyone has a right to speak,” Goldberg exclaimed. “Joy if you..listen, that is not our thing to control. If they want to invite him that’s fine.”

“You don’t have to go see it,” she added. “But you can not …you can protest outside, but you don’t have the right to destroy other people’s stuff.” 

“You can protest anybody and anyone can protest you,” she continued. “You have the right to do that…that’s what we’re saying, but you do not have the right to destroy.”




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