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The #freemelania video controversy: In the video, Melania seen smiling at Trump during Friday’s inauguration ceremony, but the moment he looks away, the smile disappears into a much more somber scowl – which others labeled as ‘petrified’ look.

Is it real? Others said it’s doctored.

Empress of Noise @NOYZBOT Jan 23 : ‘look at the clapping hands. in the reverse, there’s more acceleration on the pull-away than the clap. tell-tale sign of reverse’


Then  Snopes suggests, using different angle, Trump may have actually been speaking to a fidgeting Barron Trump, not Melania, making her lose her smile after hearing whatever TRump said.


FROM Inquisitr :  #FreeMelania Gets 11,000 People Talking On Facebook As Melania Trump’s Frown And ‘Petrified’ Look Circulates [Video]

 According to Facebook, 11,000 people are currently talking about the hashtag #FreeMelania, with Facebook placing “

Melania Trump petrified” pre-filled in the search engine of the social media website. That’s because a widely circulated video showing Melania smiling as President Trump turned in her direction, but quickly losing Mrs. Trump’s smile when Mr. Trump turned away from Melania has people reading body language.

As reported by Snopes, some people on social media speculated that Mr. Trump may have said something to Melania to turn her smile into a frown. However, Mr. Trump may have actually been speaking to Barron Trump, who the publication said could be seen fidgeting and talking during the ceremony — as witnessed from a different vantage point of a video that appears on Snopes‘ page. The publication speculates that Mr. Trump may have admonished Barron, and such a tactic might have caused Melania to frown.




Free Melania


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