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This sign was posted at Honolulu’s Café 8 ½.


Robert Warner, anti-Trump owner of Café 8 1/2 in Honolulu made bright yellow, handmade sign posted on the restaurant’s front glass door declares: “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

Let’s see the response he’s getting at Yelp for his intolerant, Donkeycrat, Nazi/Taliban style of discrimination.


Dave S. Dave S. Maggie Valley, NC

This place is a dump.
And now they post an anti-Trump sign in the front window. Calling people who voted for him “Nazis”?
How hypocritical can you be? “Tolerant” liberals disagree with your preference for President and so they categorize all Trump voters as Nazis?
I would never eat at a restaurant with owners this ignorant.


Keith L. Keith L. Marathon, FL

It’s a shame they are not nice to Trump supporters and cry like babies that Billary did not win.  I guess they would rather tell u that if u voted for trump u are a Nazi which I don’t think they have any clue what that means however I guess they can have all the free speech they want but no one else can

I will never go there and there are much better places to go and eat

JP O. JP O. Lansdale, PA


When the owner says in an interview with the news, “if we see someone  with a Trump stuff on WE DON’T PUT SOME THING IN THEIR FOOD”

THAT just says it right there.


Admitting openly that you did NOT voted for Trump gives all of us food-for-thought.
– One can presume that you voted for Hillary, and that you also voted for Obama twice.
– which means that you live in an idiot bubble, not cognizant of how clearly liberal policies have failed all of us (and most certainly the poorest).
– And that you cook without rational logic, serving intolerant and emotionally insecure bellyache food.
True Italians along with our wonderful Italian Immigrants of the United States… are totally ashamed of you.


TJ K.  TJ K.Racine, WI

Have been all over the world and have dined at  some of the finest restaurants on the planet, but I can assure you one thing:

I will not waste my time nor my money to go to your restaurant. You would be best served to focus on food and not on insulting millions who expressed their political choice in the voting booth.



Overrated, overpriced and bad attitude to boot. I will not be back.
The anti-Trump signs in the window do nothing for that place’s charm.



Don’t bother coming to this restaurant. Just an establishment apparently rooted in hatred and intolerance in regard to the national election results. This is the type of attitude you would expect to see during the 50s and 60s during the Civil Rights movement, but apparently the owners of this establishment haven’t matured. If I were able to give the restaurant zero stars for this display of immaturity I would, however, one star will have to do.
Avoid this place and spend you hard earned cash elsewhere.


Michael C. Michael C. Red Bank, NJ

What a bunch of bafoons..I’m proud to say I voted for TRUMP!! I hope you’re establishment sinks like a ship..bad business move


Jerry B. Jerry B. Nipomo, CA

You will never see me there. Typical liberal crybaby sore loser rhetoric. My only regret is I can’t give you zero stars.
You have bitten many hands that feed. May you go down in bankruptcy in 2017.



When a business owner takes it in upon himself to openly call people walking by Nazis; should he retain the benefit of a “cleanup process?”

Should the people who may potentially dine here remain unaware of the motivations of the man in the kitchen? And would they still want to give them their business with that knowledge? After you take away any mention of his discriminatory business statement, his Yelp page will remain as it was. Untarnished. So is it right to censor the reviews of the people who took displeasure at the actions of this dining establishment?

People log on or visit Yelp constantly to read, compliment, and/or voice a dissatisfaction for dining locales. But because this was bad enough to make the news he gets a pass? This man took it upon himself to call people Nazis based on the way they may have voted and went on to state that they -Could Not Eat There- based on that.

That is the very definition of discrimination. Other restaurants have been shut down and sued for the same practices. So should people not be made aware of this man’s intent? If someone is brazen enough to write something like that and plaster it out on the front door of their place of business, who knows what he might even do to the food of those he suspected didn’t vote a way he liked?





Robert Warner





    imagicman said:
    December 29, 2016 at 2:50 am

    what complete and utter ignorant fools these owners just like all liberals/fascists are. nazi is the combination of 2 german words that mean national socialist. naziism is a left wing philosophy and intolerant just like all left wingers are. and we know who the fascist socialists in america are, don’t we? here’s a clue, it’s called the socialist democrat party of america.


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