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 WOMAN travelling in business class from Sydney to Brisbane on a Qantas flight last Friday was greeted with an amusing sight when her meal arrived.

The passenger, who spoke to on condition of anonymity, had opted for the dumpling option for her afternoon snack.

When her meal arrived she drank in the sight of six charming looking dumplings, accompanied by a side of something charred and limp and decidedly phallic.

“I asked the server what it was … and he told me that it was a root vegetable,” she explained.

“I asked him to pass me my phone so I could take a photo … I never take photos of food but this was too funny to pass up.

“He blushed and was very apologetic, I don’t think he had ever seen anything quite like it … the lady next to me was cracking up.”

The woman left the blackened rod untouched, but ate the dumplings and declared they were “delicious”.

When she posted the image on her Facebook page it was greeted with more than 50 comments and 100 likes.




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