Trump’s Geographic Landslide

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TRUMP GEOGRAPHICAL LANDSLIDE! America voted for Trump – except for bi-coastal Democrat states, sanctuary cities and the usual Democrat-run big cities.


Donald Trump won the presidency, but Hillary won the Popular Vote by a margin of 206,379 or so.

That fact caused Simon Rosenberg, a veteran Democratic strategist and the president of the NDN think tank to moan about a Democratic Party in Crisis.

“We are the only democracy in the developed world where if you win more votes you don’t control the government and the legislature. There is not a wholesale rejection of the Democratic party and the Democratic brand, that’s not what happened last night despite the fact we now have less power than we’ve had since 1928.”

Let’s investigate Rosenberg’s complaint another way.

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One thought on “Trump’s Geographic Landslide

    Sher Scott said:
    November 23, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    How many of those other supposed democracies are socialist? Socialism will never work due to the imbalance of non-producers to producers.


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