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Michael Moore: “I could just tell on the streets that there’s NO enthusiasm for her whatsoever”


It’s no secret Hillary Clinton’s rallies have the enthusiasm of a sick alligator. Their pathetic rallies even have to hand out homemade signs to her supporters, practice before she arrives their chants and has a campaign staff who gives people a signal when to cheer.

The Clintons, the DNC and the media are very much aware of this enthusiasm gap and they need to fix it.

Hillary Clinton cannot fix her enthusiasm gap problem but with the help of her comrades in the media and polling companies, they know they have the polls to at least save them. By rigging the polls, they can cure the enthusiasm gap. And that’s exactly what they did.  ( RIGGED POLLS! SCARED HILLARY RIGGING POLLS BY OVERSAMPLES- WIKILEAKS EXPOSE ANOTHER HILLARY CLINTON’S DIRTY TRICK! )


Trump beats Hillary very badly when it comes to social media ‘enthusiasm gap.’ Compared to Trump’s hundreds of thousands to millions of youtube views, Hillary gets a consistent few hundreds. Same with facebook, Trump has hundreds of thousands to millions of views while Hillary from few hundreds to 10,000 or slightly more. The rallies are even more glaring. While Trump has at least 10,000 crowd plus overflow in his rallies, Hillary has few hundreds and very rare a few thousands. Are we missing something on this ‘Hillary is ahead in the polls’ propaganda?  Sounds rigged to me.

Notice how the media refuses to talk about the very glaring enthusiasm gap – completely ignores Hillary’s pathetic number at every rally in comparison to Trump’s roaring, energized crowds and overflowing number.


The Clinton camp needs the always obedient liberal media – the Democrat Party’s 24/7 shameless lap dog but also conveniently used as attack dog against Trump. ( CONFIDENTIAL MEMO: BARRAGE WITH HIGH-FREQUENCY RIGGED POLLS AND HAVE LIBERAL MEDIA DECLARE ELECTION IS OVER AND HILLARY CLINTON AS THE WINNER )


This is so funny and so true 🙂 Trump’s supporters ( like me ) would watch Hillary’s rally on facebook in order to barrage it with not-s0-nice comments.


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