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Chelsea Clinton arrives to Hollywood and Broadway stars perform for Hillary fundraiser

Celebrities dictate trends in fashion, culture ( trashy, etc. ) and everything that is supposedly ‘cool’ in America. Most celebrities are hard-core Democrats and these rich and famous script-reading ‘intellectual’ elites have successfully created a ‘cool’ label to the Democrat Party. They are the main reason why Democrat Party is perceived by entertainment-hungry, low-information American voters as ‘cool’ – until you dig in deeper and you find nothing but a lot of donkey poop version of their s0-called’coolness.’

It was scary during the time of liberal hack COMEDIAN Jon Stewart when you talk to young people and found out that they don’t watch news at all because they get their ‘latest news’ from him and other liberal late night comedy shows. That’s crazy! Then they get to watch famous celebrities advocating every Democrat Party cause while mocking or blaming GOP for blah blah blah, and see how these celebrities throw concerts, fundraising events, rallies and use awards night shows showing their support for Democrats  Party,  it’s no wonder the Democrat Party is seen as sophisticated and cool compared to their D.C. stuck, ‘boring’ counterpart the Republican Party.

But you can’t save the low-information voters because they are not going to leave their cozy entertainment couch in order to seek truth and find real news because in their mind they believe politics is not fun, it’s boring, it’s too hard to grasp and too complicated to process. Their pursuit of happiness is the latest celeb gossip, next episode of Kardashians and listening to Beyoncé’s song. That’s not hard!



Wikileaks reveals how the Democrat Party ‘ drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.’ And the left are able to accomplish this by dumbing down of America thanks to their Democrat-controlled public schools and colleges, liberal media and their propaganda networks, and of course elite Hollywood- the main source of trashy, gutter American culture while these millionaire celebs live in their guard-gated, pristine mansions away from the filth they spread to American public.


FROM:    Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America

Fashion, entertainment, spectacle, voyeurism – we’re directed towards trivia, towards the inconsequential, towards unquestioning and blatant consumerism. This results in intellectual complacency. People accept without questioning, believe without weighing the choices, join the pack because in a culture where convenience rules, real individualism is too hard work. Thinking takes too much time: it gets in the way of the immediacy of the online experience.

Reality TV and pop culture presented in magazines and online sites claim to provide useful information about the importance of The Housewives of [you name the city] that can somehow enrich our lives. After all, how else can one explain the insipid and pointless stories that tout divorces, cheating and weight gain?


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